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A War On Two Fronts

Dagestani Resistance leader Israpil Nabiyev has been captured by the Russians and parts of his terrorist cell and security detail is wiped out “They would not kill every last soul-that would take more time and effort than they wanted to expend” (Clancy, 18). Former president Jack Ryan is running for another term, against current President Ed Kealty. However, Ed Kealty’s best economic supporter, Paul Laska has lost patience with him, knowing that he will probably fail the election. Laska decides to take matters in his own hands, and starts an investigation on Jack Ryan Sr.’s friend John Clark, saying that he murdered someone in cold blood and must be brought to justice. On the darker side of things, in the world of white and black, Jack Ryan Sr.’s son, Jack Ryan jr, an agent in “The Campus” is on a mission in Paris. In the results of their successful, highly illegal, and off-the-books operation on arresting Saif Rahman Yasin a.k.a the Emir, a terrorist head in charge of the Umayyad Revolutionary Council (URC) and thousands of deaths in America and other western countries. Members Jack Ryan jr, John Clark, Domingo Chavez, Dominic Caruso and and Sam Driscoll go on that trip trying to capture URC member Rokki to lead to higher targets. However in the process of trying to save the DCRI (french police who were also eavesdropping on Rokki) the entire URC are wiped out, including URC high member al Qahtani, except Rokki who escapes, and several stunned DRCI members. After some more digging, it also turns out that Pakistan General Rehan is planning a coop and overthrow the nation, and that he was meant to be dead in a drone strike, after recruiting the head of a rocket company, he begins the coop. However ex-M16 agent Nigel Embling is contacted by Major Al Darkur, hoping to stop the corrupt General, and save Pakistan, in a way. “They are loyal to the concept of no getting blown to bits by a roadside bomb.” (Clancy, 153)

Though seem completely unrelated, these events are actually tied together, The Campus was founded by Ryan Sr. during his first presidency as a off-the-books CIA, able to bring justice without the restrictions of laws, they are the ones who brought down the Emir, who is now in a high security prison and being defend by Laska’s law foundation. “In 2000 he formed the progressive constitution initiative” (Clark 176) Meanwhile, the rouge general is still keen on recruiting for his cause, and manages to get the head of the Russian Rocket Facility to join, making him believe that this was what he was meant to be when he grows up, for he was lied to about his race when he was adopted.

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Polymer Journal #4

When trying to mass-produce our final polymer, the big issue was that it wouldn’t stick to itself properly, and properties were very different from the original, sags a lot, but is still alike compared to the original. We managed it to have similar properties with prototype #1 by repeatedly adding on different materials so that it can contain the correct properties. For example, we put more PVA so that it can stick better to itself and other objects. The reason for the failure of the increased is most likely due to an unbalanced amount of chemicals, or other unforeseen things going on when the chemicals volume are increased.


A huge fail was in the designing process was the creation of the polymers. We all did separate experiments for a higher chance of success, and in the end my experiment was the most successful. The initial idea was to first make boogers, then add in different chemicals at different amounts to balance out any useless properties or add useful properties. After several different experiments, the first experiment was found to be the most successful. The final product would require more polymers then the original amount, so the solution for this was too double all ingredients. Mass-producing was split in two, because after the first attempt at making a bigger portion of polymer, it was found to be completely useless, for it contains the incorrect properties. So there was one where mass-production was based off many little amounts, and one was making a big amount in one go, but adding more properties until it is the desired polymer. In theory, if all successful attempts were made while in little doses, then the highest success will be made from that in many amounts, and then combined together. If mass-producing with the same ratio doesn’t work, then we can no longer use the same ratio, and different amounts of chemicals must be added for it to work properly.


In the trial and error type of designing, we managed to figure out which type of chemicals or combination of chemical work best, and which do not. After that we learned PVA doesn’t work very well, and increased amounts of guar gum can ruin the polymer by making it too easy to break. I also learned that without a plan, things could get out of hand very easily. For example, while we were filming, there was no plan, and in result the time spent unwisely. Next time we filmed there was a script, and in result we managed to be much more efficient, and the conflict was quickly resolved.


There can be several things learned during presentation day, for one thing, always check the final product personally. I didn’t check the infomercial personally beforehand, so the resulting video wasn’t what I had in mind, though still great, it could’ve been greater. It is important to check all aspects of the rubric before grading or making. I’m saying this because during the grading phase I graded incorrectly, and had to redo most of it. Making is also important, if you check it off the rubric, not only do you manage to get many done on the spot, but you also can skip a lot of issues in the future.

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Soul Money Solution

The American market system is rigged, but a group of mini-geniuses are up trying to solve this issue, and formed a new exchange called the IEX. Firms called the HFT rig the market systems, and big Wall Street firms know this, and go on off the books deals with them. They create dark pools, and then sell the information in dark pools to HFT firms. IEX is made public, but however there are still many complications, mainly based off human nature. Many investors and outsiders are getting cold feet with this exchange, or prefer the old exchanges and getting preyed on by the HFT’s. Things aren’t going too well for IEX, nor is it good for investors, but still great for bankers and HFT. However, the white lies and gray zones quickly clear out, for Goldman Sachs have decided, the economy system must change and they were going to start it, by routing all of their orders to IEX, for the last 10 minutes the stock exchanges were open. “ ‘We’re at fifteen million!’ someone yelled, ten minutes into the surge… ‘F***ing Goldman Sachs!’” (Lewis, 240) The high volume of trades means that more data can be made, and more data can attract more customers/investors/banks. The effect will stack upon itself and attract more and more people, until it is a very popular exchange and is used on a daily basis by the many people around the world. “The backbone of the market is investors coming together to trade.” (Lewis, 243) But before that happened, several very interesting events have happened, the main one being the story behind Sergey Aleynikov.

Sergey was arrested by the FBI, accused of stealing code important to Goldman Sachs source code, important in HFT trading and able to earn millions of dollars in a year. The reality of it however, was that Sergey actually didn’t steal precious code, he kept code that was open source in which he modified and used on Goldman Sachs, and decided to keep as a reminder of his old job after he quit. “To me, the technology really is more interesting than the strats” (Lewis, 250) Brad and a group of unnamed people who have actual experience in the fields of coding, banking, and Wall Street style business, decides to set up a second unofficial trial for Sergey. The trial is meant to be a fair trial and set up the case correctly and clarify any questions or misjudged concerns. After some poking and probing around Sergey and his unjust case, they realize not only is he completely innocent, but also that after his initial arrest, he has come to a sort of calm with the world. Before the arrest he had everything to lose, a wife he didn’t really care about and three kids that he did care about. After his initial arrest his family left him, he managed to re-establish the paramount relationship with his children.



Below is what Sergeys profile on Facebook might’ve looked like, even with his socially awkward personality

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Cracking the Money Code Citations

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Polymer Journal #3


I created 5 total prototypes, in which 2 are actually close to what would be a successful prototype for our final product. We’ll go through each prototype one by one.


Prototype #1 (white) boogers adaption:

The first prototype (most successful) is made by combining boogers with other chemicals to give it heightened properties, but still retaining the old properties. The booger was more or less perfect to our liking, when dropped it bounced about ¼ of the height dropped, which will be able to maintain the shock resistance and absorbent. One way to think of this is; if you shoved a basketball off a desk vs. if you shoved a glass box off a desk. When stretched at a fast or decent speed, it’ll stretch out and then start to rip quickly, but if stretched slowly it’ll turn into a thin sheet. It can stick to itself very well, and only sticks to the hand a little bit and then detaches. The prototype had a good stick to itself and other objects, a good bounce, but it still stuck to the hand a bit too well.


Prototype #4 (Pinky baby oil) boogers adaption super sticky

The 4th prototype is also another prototype that worked very well; it follows the same concept of the 1st prototype, but has modified amounts of chemicals and baby oil so that the prototype will hopefully be more shock resilient, stick to itself rather then other objects more. The results were interesting to say at the least. The prototype had a good stick to itself, but it was like wet flour, it would start expanding very well, it also had a unusual stick, sticking to surfaces too well if they clung on too long. The prototype could stick very well, and had a alright bounce (though weaker than prototype #1) but the issue is that it would have very strong “sag” properties, meaning that if stretched out, it would slowly sink and bow down to gravities will.



Prototype #5 (blue Kevlar) boogers adaption, incorrect amounts of materials

This prototype was an attempt to recreate the prototypes with the correct amount of materials. However everything went wrong, the polymer could hardly stick to itself, or anything else. It was also very hard to try stretching it, for it was also slippery. It would also break very easily, but when looking at it, it would have many layers, like different layers of rock, which would explain the hard properties.


The best polymer to use for our product would be prototype #1, for it contains the best properties used for our product, stick to itself, a comfortable grip and shock proof. This may not be perfect, but compared to all the other prototypes, this one works best and its down side can’t affect the people using the cups too much. If the cup were to drop, then it the polymer would normally bounce really high, but since it’s stretched out around the cup, it works more like a shield. The polymer is sticky enough to stick itself and have people hold onto it without it slipping off. Our original hypothesis was that if we added one chemical that would increase and decrease certain properties, then introduce another chemical it would overrule the negative impact. However as it turns out, that wasn’t exactly the case, when introducing chemicals some of the properties would combine, or some wouldn’t erase each other. For example, when we added guar gum, the elastic property would stay, making it harder to stretch and slippery. The final polymer with strong bonds might be able to be further developed into some sort of protective gel, though any stick related objects might not end up to well with it.


Our final design will consists of

-15ml of Laundry Starch

-0.5 cm of glue

-1.2g of guar gum

-10ml of borax (used to soak)

-3g of cornstarch

First pour the laundry starch into the glue and start mixing

When dry enough start kneading the polymer with your hands

After kneading for about 1 minute, sprinkle guar gum over it and continue kneading

Pour borax over the polymer, soak for 5 seconds

Pour out the cornstarch on a table

Using the polymer, dab the cornstarch on the table until none is left.

Continue to knead for 1 minute.

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Polymer Journal #2

  • You organize and present data from tests of the different basic polymers (oobleck, gloop, etc.)
  • You explain which specific polymer characteristics from the different samples will work best for your design problem.
  • You describe a plan for how you will combine the best features of certain polymers to develop your prototypes.
  • You describe a method to test the effectiveness of prototypes.



Oobleck: More force put onto it, more force is returned (If you punch it it’ll feel hard, if you touch it it’ll be soft) Odorless (hard like substance, easily turns into jelly)


Super Slime: Slimy, slowpoke: pokes through after slime stretches and then breaks. Quick poke: breaks faster (Slimy)


Gloop: Super bouncy, elastic, not slimy, breaks easily, attaches with itself, pokes through will break, stretches far (bouncy strong substance that stretches well)


Boogers: soft, elastic, stretches ok, less slimy, sticks to itself, after sticking to another surface for long enough will stick to new surface (sticky, semi-slimy substance) when stretches turns cold


Boogers as the base, add on Borax, PVA solution and glue, solid cornstarch, liquid starch guar gum. The reason for these materials is relatively simple, the polymer my group wants to create must have certain properties, which are: heat resistant’s, shock absorbent and able to adapt (aka stretch) so it fits the persons grip. Boogers have a slight response in temperature, when pulled; it becomes cooler, which could help with the grip and heat. Borax, PVA solution + glue, solid cornstarch, guar gum all contain properties that can help contribute to the polymer, though borax and PVA contradict each other a bit.


The way we’re going to combine the polymers are actually very simple, which is to start from scratch, develop the base polymer but also add in the other chemicals so that certain properties can overrule others, assuming the polymer and chemical combines effectively. The experimental polymer that I’ll be making will be made out of Boogers, PVA solution and glue, Borax, Solid Cornstarch, and Guar gum.


The tests will be relatively simple, three things needs to be tested,

  1. Shock absorbent
  2. Heat resistant
  3. Stretchable, but strong


The tests will be a drop test, a heating test, and a stretch test.


The drop test: will determine the bounce properties of the polymer, and the return force it gives. We can also attach it to plastic cups to test how it works. Poke test is also important; for it can tell us how much force it can repel until it breaks.


Heat resistant test: can be tried by exposing it too sunlight, then comparing the temperature from before and after exposure.

Exposure to the surrounding air same concept.

High temperature lights: Record with loggerpro, expose polymer to intense light for 5 minute and see results.


Stretch test: Slowly stretch the polymer, record max length before snapping

Second test: quickly stretch the polymer and feel how it reacts to a quick force.


IMG_01080-weu-d2-84f892378c139820e57cd7d120a39757untitled-infographic (2)

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The Scramble For Speed

Americas Economy has many loopholes, and the loopholes have been used by HFT, so the whole system is gamed. But a certain group of bankers from the Royal Bank of Canada have set up a group that will be analyzing and solving the problem, which they have. The second part however is the hardest. Though the problem has been identified, the solution is still hastily thought of, but the consequence is already known. Brad must quit RBC to begin his quest on a exchange that has no loop-holes, and is the first system that is scam free and trader friendly. Through his mini-adventure, several more interesting people are met, or more understood. Most people at RBC were willing to quit their high paid salaries to try and help out with Brad and his still incomplete idea. “Brad had wanted to know, if he left RBC to create a new stock exchange, who might leave with him.” (Lewis, 152) Later on he meets several people who have won the Microsoft College Puzzle Challenge, and later they become the Puzzle Masters, the guardian and enforcer of the new system which later is called the IEX. During the final phases of construction of the IEX, many of the investors started getting cold feet, along with many other businessmen and cooperations bad mouthing and spreading rumors on the exchange and its employees. “They’re gonna be pissed” (Lewis, 190)

The story is non-fiction, and since its a scam based story, there are many other very familiar stories that can be used to compare with this. I would like to compare this scandal with one from a video game tournament, in Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO). In one of the tournaments, at NA ESports, team iBuyPower(iBP) played against NetCodeGuides (NCG) a all star American team against a relatively new team. NCG are the underdogs, and the map they played on was one that iBP didn’t play in months, and iBP ended up losing by 16-4. However, it’s not the mere fact that iBP lost to NCG, it’s the fact that it was a fixed game. The people who placed bets on NGC and knew about the fixed game before hand, yielded about 10,000$ worth of items. There were multiple parties involved, and many witnesses have said that they have been approached (online) about placing their bets, and then told that iBP were going to throw the game. Multiple times have match fixing happened in major tournaments, but none really have been caught, or have been an event as big as this.

Both events contains a scam earning one party plenty of money from an official group. The part that I want to connect is part of the “solution”. The solution to special money laundry technique is quite unique and complex. Create a exchange from scratch that can tackle the issue of HFT folks from scamming innocents, and yet still facilitate trade as if nothing ever happened. An exchange that is trade friendly and scam negative. On the Esports side, the party that tried solving the scamming issue was mainly form Valve, the same company that have developed the game and sponsored the tournament. The problem however, was the fact that it is not very effective. Their solution towards he 10,000$ scam? An not so dire consequence of being banned from all valve sponsored events, and some permanently banned accounts. If this was compared to a real life event, where someone won 10,000$ from bets by bribing an pro to lose to a underdog, then not only will the entire system be thrown into temporary chaos, but those responsible in the felony will be apprehended, tried and given a punishment of several years in a cold dark cell.

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Polymer Journal #1

The goal for the polymer we’re going to make is to make holding cups without handles easier, more convenient and more useful.

Polymer has to be able to be:

  1. Flexible, able to meet the needs of the consumer hand, or adapt so it fits as a grip
  2. Strong shock absorbent properties, that way in the event that the cup drops the polymer can soak all or most of the damage
  3. Sticks to itself, that way we can use it well and it wont slowly break apart over and over
  4. Have heat resistance, that way you wont burn yourself while using the grip.


Target audience is all people who use cups, and perhaps finds them clumsy or hard to use in some way. Target age should be a younger audience, like teens and young adults.


Polymer must be able to stick with itself, and yet still be able to form some sort of grip that can satisfy the consumer, and fit their hand more or less perfectly. It also needs to be able to bond with itself very well/can absorb shock very well, so in the event that people drop their cups they can pick it up, knowing it didn’t break into tiny little pieces. The polymer must not be too hard or sturdy, otherwise it might not be too comfortable to use, but also must be able to withstand shock. It also should have properties that allow it to not conduct heat very well, so when holding a cup of hot water with the grip, you wont burn yourself.

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The Freedom of the Moon

The Freedom of the Moon by Robert Frost

I’ve tried the new moon tilted in the air
Above a hazy tree-and-farmhouse cluster
As you might try a jewel in your hair.
I’ve tried it fine with little breadth of luster,
Alone, or in one ornament combining
With one first-water start almost shining.

I put it shining anywhere I please.
By walking slowly on some evening later,
I’ve pulled it from a crate of crooked trees,
And brought it over glossy water, greater,
And dropped it in, and seen the image wallow,
The color run, all sorts of wonder follow.

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Greatest Rip Off In History

Wallstreet, home to America’s biggest investment banks; Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America and many more. But that is not the issue, the issue is the entire American Market is plagued by a unknown predator, ripping them off, and that’s not it, they’re not just earning millions and billions of dollars, but everyone else is losing all of their money. This was a problem completely unknown to everyone that is until Brad Katsuyama, a man at the Royal Bank of Canada accidentally stumbles upon the fact that everyone in the American investment system, is being ripped off. Soon a group is organized and headed by Brad, and they set off trying to solve this issue. “He wanted to go out and explain, to anybody with money to invest in the United States stock markets, that they were now the prey.” (Lewis, 54) They Manage to get a mini inside source, who goes by the name of Ronan Ryan, with their new member they figure out that the HFT (high frequency traders) are the ones who are most likely behind the scenes pulling the strings. Only question is how to stop them or another way to have them stops profiting off the innocent. They do accomplish that, building a machine that is meant to defend the banks against the HFT, but there still is issue with it

The man I’m going to focus on is the man who is responsible in the discovery and solution of the HFT heist. Brad Katsuyama. A Chinese Canadian who’s doing his best to solve the money scandal. In the following memes, it shows different part of his personality, which was portrayed by his actions in several scenarios.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 10.26.00 PM

First example is when he came to Wallstreet in behalf of the RBC “expansion.” Before the expansion he never even laid his eyes on Wallstreet. Of course the moment he got there it was all but pleasant, the company policies worked differently and hires weirdly. Not to mention everyone is assessed and “graded” in a more special and unpleasant format. ” ‘To me, Toronto is like a foreign country.’ said Frommer later. ‘The people there are not the same culture as us…’ ” (Lewis, 28) “It looked like we were in a Vegas hotel lobby bar. There were these girls walking around half-naked, selling cigars.” (Lewis,29)

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 10.24.29 PM

Second example is when they actually found out that the American market system is flawed, and that the people who realized this fact took advantage of it. However, only the “how” was figured out but not any else. The discovery, however was pure accident, and was stumbled upon while Brad was fumbling with his technology, and trying to figure out why it was so much worse here than Canada.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 10.25.22 PM

After the discovery and the semi-succesful launch of “Thor”, many companies tried to hire away and bribe the people in Brads “counter-terrorist” group. So the counter-move for this was recommended by Brad, which is to pay them a high salary too, which is also crazy expensive. He himself didn’t ask for an increase, so the head on RBC decided to heed his advice.

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 8.54.38 AM

Third one is meant to be when they were still telling the people the tales of the scam and how Thor can protect them from it. This is still mainly concentrated on Ryan, but they both understood it the same way. In the meeting the main job Ryan has is to: “Essentially tell everyone that their being f*cked” (Lewis, 48)

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Spine book poetry


For boys only

How to talk to girls



The Blind Side

This is how you lose her

contact harvest on immunity

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