How to Survive 8th Grade


8th grade is your last year in middle school, which means one more year until high school, and procrastination is something you need to learn to control. Don’t leave your work till the last minute, do it as soon as possible.

2. Do your homework

It helps. It just does. Especially when a test is coming up.

3. Read your book

Book reading is something students do a lot in 8th grade. You usually get about 2-3 weeks to read it, again, don’t procrastinate. Read it right away.

4. Get organized

Prepare a folder for each subject, a lot of loose papers would be passed out. Make sure your homework and tests are all in there.

5. The Ultimate Advice

Start an assignment before your friends. You will work extra hard because you don’t want them to catch up. You also get epic bragging rights.

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Into China

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Photo Essay

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Journal Entry #4 – Final Reflections

Journal Entry #4 – Final Reflections

Like mentioned in journal 3, we had quite a lot of problems designing and coming up with a mix for our boy polymer. We want the transparency, the stretchiness, and the slimness. We have had many prototypes that came close to our goal, but non of them were good enough for us to say that this was out final prototype. But the failure prototype actually helped us develop our solution. Since PVA solution and borax creates a transparent slime, and laundry starch was used in boogers to create its stretchiness and sliminess, we figured that this might be the recipe to the perfect slime. Once we mixed all the materials in and added food coloring, the result came out great. It was ready for presentation day. For the girl polymer, we had a couple of failures with the color.The girl prototype worked out great, in general. But again, the color for the purple polymer was too dark. On presentation day, I felt that our polymer infomercial wasn’t as good as we have expected. Our infomercial did not have enough time to get the clips that we really wanted, so in the end, we had to work with what we have. But we were that not satisfied with our result. In addition, I think that our product was too simple. Our main concept was too create a toy for kids, but there was too much competition in this particular market so it was hard to come up with an idea that was appealing and easy to produce.

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Yunnan – Naxi

The Naxi minority located in Yunnan is featured in this keynote. In this keynote, people will get to learn about the beautiful province Yunnan through the five themes of geography. Culture and nature characteristics is also included to give additional information for the readers.

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Journal Entry #3 – Optimizing Prototypes

Journal Entry #3 – Optimizing Prototypes

All of the girl prototypes were pretty successful. We experimented with different colors and mixed in different glitter. The first two prototypes were to experiment with the color purple, which was not a color that was provided for us. So, we decided that mixing blue and red would be the deal. The first prototype had a little too much blue so the polymer looked like black. The second one was still two dark, but the glitter was really effective. Our classmates really seem to like it. Finally, we were able to get a better mix. A lot of red was added to even out the darkness of the blue. The boy prototypes, however, was a little complicated. We struggled to find the right mix between the different polymers. Boogers alone would have given us the perfect stickiness and stretchiness, but the transparency is missing, which was one of the important feature in our boy polymer. The first polymer we made is just plain boogers, but we figured it might be nice to add some other features. We try to fuse gloop and boogers together but that prototyped just turned out really bumpy and un smoothed. The third prototype was mixing all materials of gloop and boogers before they set in shape, but it didn’t turn out that well. What we ended up was a handful of sticky polymers that doesn’t fuse. After a couple of tries, we finally found the perfect mixture to create our polymer. Turns out, all we had to do is to add borax and laundry starch into PVA solution. The product that was created out of this worked out perfectly. It has the transparency that we are looking for and has the stickiness and stretchiness. After we have found the perfect mixture, we decide to add in a little food coloring to make our polymer look a little more like snot. The color was hard to get right, we didn’t find the precise color we were looking for until we experimented with a couple of combinations of colors. In the end, we have created the polymer we had in mind.

Girl Prototypes: Added glitter


Boy Prototypes: Different materials


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Journal Entry #2 – Developing Solutions

Journal Entry #2 – Developing Solutions

Like mentioned before, we have decided to make two different products, the girl polymer and the boy polymer. To make our girl polymer more attractive, we added glitter in our product to create better looks. We did not combine features of other polymers because we thought that the super slime itself has all of the characteristics that we are looking for. The polymer will be inside of a pretty container. The polymer for the boys is going to have characteristics of boogers and super slime. Since our audience is younger boys, we thought it would be much more attractive if we would make our polymer that looks something like snot. Some of the characteristics of boogers are sticky, and stretchy, which is the perfect form for our polymer that is designed for boys. Super slime creates transparency, which was also a characteristic that we need. One of our ideas is to combine the both and see what result we com up with. There would also be an mold of an nose inside our packaging, children could press our polymer against the mold and have the polymer looks like actual snot running out an nose. Once we have finished our prototype, our plan to test its effectiveness is by taking a survey from little kids. We would distribute our prototypes to children and take note on which polymer is the most popular amongst the others.

how-to-make-slime   green-slime1-500x357

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As China Roars, Pollution Reaches Deadly Extremes

As China Roars, Pollution Reaches Deadly Extremesis an article that talks about the air and water quality in China. As I proceed on reading the article, I discovered startling and shocking statistics on air and water problems that has been affecting us humans. As China’s economy gradually rises up, it’s environmental problem is getting worse. China alone has created more water, air pollution than any other countries combined. “It has abundant supplies of coal and already burns more of it than the United States, Europe and Japan combined.” It is also said that while other countries allow a maximum 40-50 PM 10, China’s level of PM 10 may reach as high as 141. Expert thinks that China might overtake the US as the leading producer of greenhouse gases by the end of the year 2010.The International Energy Agency reported that China has become the leader at the end of 2008. This article concludes how human’s changes environment. We are willing to sacrifice anything for money, authority and benefit to ourselves.


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Travel Writing Reflection

For the past few days, I have read at least 4 travel articles. Travel writing is not easy, through the 4 writing pieces, I have noticed some similarities. Scenery description is probably one of the most significant similarities there is. The articles also used spectacular language to recreate a event or scene on paper. Figurative language is used everywhere, personification, metaphor and smilies were used the most. Travel writing that was for magazines focused on the main event, where as many other writers focuses on their personal experience. They have also added thoughts and emotions to enrich their writing piece. Lastly, pictures and captions were included in most articles of travel writing, mostly on the destinations or a specific things that was brought up many times in the article.

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Journal Entry #1 – Defining the Problem

Journal Entry #1 – Defining the Problem

Our project goal was to design a polymer that makes an interesting toy for children. Nowadays, all children have in there hands is electronics, so we have decided to create a fun and interesting toy to get them interested in toys again. Our target audience is children ages 4 and up, our aim is to try and make out polymer safe and non-toxic. There would also be an variety of colors and polymer modes for them to choose from.

We have decided to make two different toy products for girls and boys. The polymer for girls is going to have the characteristics of super slime. It will be squishy and transparent. We would like to provide a variety of colors for them to choose from. We wish the polymer for the boys is going to characteristics of boogers. The polymer would still be really squishy, but would also be stretchy and sticky at the same time.

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