How to Survive 8th Grade

Always get to class on time via GIPHY   Don’t argue with your teachers unless you’re going to include puns via GIPHY   Keep checking Studywiz via GIPHY   Use PiktoChart for everything (This is your reaction when you don’t use piktochart) via GIPHY   DO YOUR HOMEWORK     via GIPHY     Read more →

Rat City

What are the challenges and opportunities Beijing faces with this type of human movement? With this type of human movement, Beijing faces substantial challenges. For example, the demand for living arrangements and resources–those such as water and food–are higher than ever. Factories work over time to supply to these ever-rising demands. But this type of human movement, in a way,… Read more →

Science Journal Entry #3: Optimizing Prototypes

So, today, Emerson and I decided that Gloop and Super Slime were taking us absolutely nowhere. Which led us to look for possible sources of inspiration within the classroom. The group next to us were experimenting with an altered version of Boogers, and allowed us to quickly experiment on their polymer. The texture was exceptionally smooth and the way it stretched without snapping… Read more →

Human-Environment Interaction

How has the environment shaped the way people live? What have people done to change their environment? What human-environment relationships are occurring now? What future human-environment relationships are expected? How do they affect the land and its inhabitants? The  environment shapes the way people live primarily through its geography. Places that have more access to water and food resources tend… Read more →


Sorry, it’s sideways. My Venn diagram primarily compares the geographical differences between the article on Russia and the one about a volcano in Iceland. Obviously, the countries have different climates, but the causes of said climates are, in fact, very different. The article on Russia mentioned the mountains managing to create a climate of their own due to the height and… Read more →

Travel Article

Escaping Christmas by Guy Trebay Brief Summary: The author speaks of how he is constantly tempted to escape Christmas, not because he’s anti-religious, but because markets have stereotyped it as trees, presents, and eggnog. Instead, he decides to celebrate the season instead of the celebrations. Target Market Audience: Adults who are tired of the same Christmases every year. Identify Structure: Flashbacks to… Read more →

Polymer Comparison

The tables shows our data collection at the time of experimentation. In hindsight, there are a few obvious patterns. The Gloop was opaque due to the use of glue, and not liquid PVA, this also caused it to smell like glue. It had a few interesting properties, when you poked it quickly, it bounced your finger back, but if you… Read more →

Shallow, Crazy, Delusional – Multimedia

The songs I chose for the soundtrack all essentially have the same message as my poem. They all speak of being trying to hold on but disappearing before reaching anything. Some of the artists include Imagine Dragons, Eminem, and All Time Low. Overall, the songs have pop-rock feel. P.S. Ignore the swearing in Eminem’s songs. This is… Read more →