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March 27, 2015

Hiroshima Survivor

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While I still think what the USA did was a necessary sacrifice this presentation made me think about the bomb and the morality issues of it.


One of the main reasons some people think the bomb drop was wrong was because the Japan we dropped the bomb on was not the same Japan we know today. Japan back then was a brutal monarchy who slaughtered millions of people and their massacres actually killed more innocent people than Hitler did. They were also unwilling to surrender despite the fact that defeat was about to happen with the USA attacking from one side and the Soviet Union attacking from the other. Should America of attempted the attack millions of Americans would of died and it is likely Japan would of been split in half one side being communist and the other side becoming capitalist. Splitting a country has never gone well for anywhere it did not go well for Yugoslavia so it would not go well here. The Soviet Union was also known for being extremely brutal in warfare and during the siege of Berlin a German general actually built a corridor so fleeing troops and civilians could surrender to the USA/UK instead of the Soviets. One of the main reasons Japan fell apart when the USA attacked is due to the fact they were not used to fighting soldiers nor were their weapons designed for it. Their main combat rifle was more like a spear than a rifle due to the fact they would commonly use it to chase down and kill civilians. Same with the katana a weapon really good weapon to execute civilians but is not a good combat weapon. Another reason the USA dropped the bomb is that they were executing their prisoners instead of letting them live. Whenever a Japanese soldier was captured he would be treated kindly and sometimes even lived better lives with the USA than they would with Japan.


While I do regret the fact we had to drop that bomb and I wish it had never happened the USA did what had to be done in the end. Imagine how many people would of died if the USA had attacked millions on both sides would of died with casualties reaching past the millions with the USA facing resistance from all sides as even Japanese citizens attack them.


Another reason is that Japan was readying a chemical and biological attack on the USA using balloons and kamikazes. This attack was designed by the infamous Unit 731. A group known for torture and brutal human experiments on Chinese and Korean citizens worse than anything the Nazis ever did. This included testing how long it will take a human to die with no water and how long it will take them to die of various chemical weapons some of which took hours of excruciating pain.


Nuclear weapons save lives even today. The USA and the Soviet Union most likely would of gone to war if not for the threat of mass destruction for both countries and while it would be preferable if this weapon never existed it still had to happen in order to end one of the most brutal wars on the face of this earth. They are not even close to the most dangerous weapons in war though, chemical and biological weapons take the cake there as Russia has just combined Smallpox and Ebola into a super-disease known as Ebolapox which has the lethality of Ebola with the spreading of Smallpox. So as you can see the Nuclear bomb over Japan was far from the worse atrocity committed in that war nor are they most dangerous weapons out there.

February 4, 2015

Hello world!

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