Polymer Project Entry #4


Everything has a specialty and sometimes you don’t notice it’s special feature. During our Polymer Project, Arnold, Ashley and I worked hard on finding a perfect phone grip. We went through many learning processes and had to alter our plans a lot. However, in the end, we were able to find a suitable polymer.


After defining our ideas for what we would want our polymer to be, we came up with a plan. We planned to make at least one prototype polymer per class and at the very end have a vote. However, this plan was demolished when we accidentally created Prototype Baby and forgot to write down the materials we used. In the beginning, Prototype Baby didn’t seem like it was suitable, but after testing it, we noticed that it was almost perfect for our goal. For the next few classes, we tried to recreate it. This was a huge part of developing solutions for our engineering design cycle. It also reached into optimising prototypes part, since we kept on tweaking the ratios of lab ingredients used. In the end, we were unable to recall what ratios we used for Prototype Baby and ended up using Prototype Baby Recreation #1, which was closest to Prototype Baby.


We made many mistakes and our experiments weren’t the best so there are many improvements we can make. Next time when we are creating a polymer, we will not add random ratios of ingredients but instead write it down, even if we don’t think we will use it. This has taught me to not go off track and not be careless because you never know when you might get a suitable result, just like what happened with Prototype Baby. Also, this project has taught me that you should be flexible with you plans because anything can go off track. If you were to be stubborn, sometimes the plan just won’t work, so you have to find another solution.


After presenting our final product to the Dream On team we learned a few lessons. First of all, it is good to have a script written, that way you don’t have to improve when you are presenting your end product. Scripts can help you look more prepared and formal, which sometimes can impact a presentation a lot. Second, we should have more selections, such as the polymer dyed with different colors. Sometimes small details like this can be very eye catching. Lastly, we should have had a few set examples, such as phones coated with the polymer. That way we can easily prove our point and not stress over remolding the polymers back onto the phone.


Over all, this project was a huge participation in my learning for engineering projects. It helped me learn a lot about group work and how to cope with others better. I also learned a lot about how careful you have to be when you are adjusting products and improving them. My improving skills also got better in the learning process.

Polymer Project #4 Multimedia

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Rainbows After Storms

*Spoiler Alert!


Sometimes, all the sadness is worth a lot of happiness. No matter how hard the rainfalls, the sun will always come out in the end, and if you are lucky, rainbows will tag along too.


In Sit, Stay, Love by J.J. Howard, our protagonist Cecilia Murray falls in love with an adorable pug. However before she got a chance to ask for her dad’s permission to adopt Potato, a boy named Eric Chung adopted Potato first. Eric’s idea was to turn Potato into a show dog, but Cecilia hated the idea. I felt a spark of anger again. “They want to turn him into a show dog! Did you know that?” (Howard, 62) She dreaded each day. So she came up with a plan to take Potato back.


In the end Cecilia was going to ruin Potato’s show by disqualifying him. Her plan was to have her friend Melody stuff dog treats into her jacket pockets and Potato would run towards it and that would ruin the show. Once Potato has been disqualified from the event, Eric’s family will no longer want Potato and give it back to the shelter. All was executed too well, except for the sudden doubt that crossed her mind. I realised then that it was selfish of me to try to take back a dog that was never really mine to begin with. Potato already had a good home with someone who loved him. (Howard, 226) Panic struck her like an arrow. She tried to cancel the jeopardy plan but it was too late. Begging for forgiveness, all was okay. She also got the dog and accidentally fell into love too. All was well.


Personally, I loved the ending of the story. It was a happy ending, just like in fairy tales, only with less magic. Cecilia had fought for what she loved and did what she wanted to do. At times she quavered and sat on the fence. I realized then that I had not yet confirmed or denied whether I was backing out. (Howard, 192) Her love for the dog was beyond compare. In the beginning it looked as if nothing went her way. As the story went on, more storms were created but at the very end, the dark clouds stopped growling and the thunder stopped striking. The sun came out and everything was fine. I believe that one of the morals of this story would be if you fight for what you want; you will always have a happy ending in the end.


It is true, sometimes there are stormy days and thunderous nights but there is a solution. You just have to pursue what you want and never waver in thought.

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Loving Something You Can’t Have

*Spoiler Alert

There is a difference between being jealous and being territorial. To be jealous is to want something that is not yours. To be territorial is to protect something that is yours. Many times, humans will fail to notice how lucky we have and act jealous. This brings out all of the coldest emotions.


In the book Sit, Stay, Love by J.J. Howard, our protagonist, Cecilia Murray, is blinded by jealousy when a dog she love gets adopted by a boy she hates! In twists and turns, she tries to get ‘her’ dog, Potato, back. The plot of Sit, Stay, Love kind of reminds me of the story Esio Trot by Roald Dahl. In the story, Mr. Hoppy, a shy retired man, loves his neighbor Mrs. Silver. Mr. Hoppy notices her love for her tortoise Alfie and learns that Mrs. Silver wishes for Alfie to grow bigger. Mr. Hoppy gives Mrs. Silver a secret spell that would make Alfie grow larger. He then goes out and gets a ton of tortoises. Each time Mrs. Silver says the spell to the tortoise, Mr. Hoppy would change the tortoise so that it is a different tortoise and is a few ounces heavier.


The two books have similar conflicts because of their want for something they don’t have. Cecilia always goes to Orphan Paws, an adoption center and one day she sees her perfect match, a wrinkly cute pug called Potato! She loved animals and fell in love with basically every dog, but somehow this was different. But then I made the biggest mistake ever. I looked that dog right in the eyes. And he looked back at me. (Howard, 11) Everyday was so fun to be around the cute thing, but one day her heart broke when a boy called Eric Chung adopts Potato and wishes to turn him into a dog show star. Cecilia refused to allow Potato become a show dog. “Even if I can’t adopt you,” I told him, “I’m going to do my very best to save you from all of that.” (Howard, 84) She was willing to do almost anything adopt Potato, so she became close friends with Eric. In Esio Trot Mr. Hoppy would do anything to make Mrs. Silver fall in love, so he visited all the shops and adopted tortoises. He calculated their weights and fed them well. He made sure the ‘spell’ worked fine too. Mrs. Silver slowly began to love him too.


Cecilia Murray also faced inner conflict when she learned that dog shows were actually not as bad as they sound. She would ask herself: Would it be wrong to botch a dog show for my own selfish gain? (Howard, 208) Some times she found her self stuck in between wanting to get Potato and being fine with her situation.


These two books also show a lot of determination in their characters. When they couldn’t get something, they didn’t give up or surrender. Mr. Hoppy and Cecilia continued to work hard to get what they want. In the end all was worth it. The next time when you want something that is not yours, determination is the key. Although you should really ask your self, is it right to take it away? Since, sometimes, one person’s gain is another person’s loss.

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Polymer Project Entry #3

(Created using Issuu)

To find a comfortable grip for a phone can be hard at times. This is because the grip cannot be too sticky, or it will stick on your hands. It also cannot be too firm. All together, we created 4 prototypes.


Prototype 1 is made with 22 grams of glue, 12 ml of borax, 7 ml of water and a pinch of guar gum at the end. This is basically the formula for gloop with just a bit more borax added. Right after mixing it, the polymer was still very wet and sticky. It doesn’t stretch but is very bouncy, which could help with reducing the impact of drops. A negative characteristic of the polymer is its inability to stick onto surfaces. We learned that for a successful polymer to work, it has to at least stick to the phone.


Prototype Baby (Also known as Prototype B) is a polymer that we made by mixing many materials together. In the end, it formed a very suitable polymer. It was soft, kind of stretchy and it didn’t stick on hands at all. In edition it could also help reduce impact to falls. Sadly, we did not remember the ratios and ended up trying to recreate it for many classes.


The most suitable product is Prototype Baby Recreation #1, which was made with 10 ml of borax, 22.5 grams of glue, 2.5 grams of solid starch, 22 ml of PVA solution, plus 0.1 grams of guar gum. We began by mixing the liquids with glue and adding solid starch with guar gum in the end. When we were first done with creating the polymer, it was sticky and stringy. After leaving it in a zip lock bag, it began to become more suitable for our goal. It was bouncy and had a very moldable characteristic, perfect for clinging onto a phone. In addition, it was also very comfortable to hold. However, it was harder to reattach broken off segments back.


Our final prototype is called Prototype Baby Recreation #2 that we used 16 grams of PVA solution instead of glue. In the end, it was clear and gel like, kind of clinging on to what ever it touched. This did not meet our expectations due to its sliminess and lack of shape.


We chose Prototype Baby Recreation because it was the most like Prototype Baby. For our final product, we can sell this polymer in zip lock bags or have phone cases coated with it.


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The Dark Can Heal


Would you rather be in a dark soothing place or a bright a scary world? In a small place full of darkness is where our protagonist feels the most secure. In Sit, Stay, Love, by J.J. Howard, our protagonist faces a kind of harsh outside world.


Cecilia Murray lives the life of a social less person. Ever since her best friend left the school, she started becoming ‘invisible’. She spends most of her time in her closet, since she is a chasmophile, which is a lover of small spaces (Howard, 4). She couldn’t hear the sirens when the house caught on fire. Her house was a small, old house (Howard, 54) not the best but not the worst. Still, it was not gone forever. There was a small porch where she and her best friend Melody used to play on, also a favorite spot on the stairway to ponder and read. After the fire, Cecilia’s room was damp and wet, with a sprinkle of ash on the top. Nothing was really the same.


This found poem is used to describe the beginning mood of the story, where she is surrounded by the dark. The closet helps protect her from the out side chaos. Hidden away from the bullies, liars, truth, not even the burning stench of the smoke could get to her. She always wanted a dog but her father never agreed. Her best friend left, she didn’t have another one. Her mother is somewhere else and has never been in contact. The darkness shades her away from all of that.

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Polymer Project Entry #2

All polymers had their own ‘special’ characteristics. The four we are mainly looking at is gloop, boogers, oobleck and super slime. In class, we tested and observed their characteristics. Gloop is a polymer that is very elastic and bouncy. It isn’t slimy and can be molded easily. Booger is very stretchy and has a sticky, smooth texture. Oobleck looks like it is liquid but kind of is neither and it hardens against a strong impact. Super slime is very slimy and jelly like. It can sometimes stain our hands and can’t be stretched at all.


When finding a confortable grip, the first thing you think of is something kind of soft and moldable. We will achieve a confortable grip on a phone by using gloop as the base. As said before, gloop has a moldable characteristic and isn’t slimy. It also bounces a bit which can help reduce impact if the phone falls and hits the ground. Oobleck’s hardening characteristics can also help our product. For example, when you drop your phone, on contact with the ground, the phone case would harden thus reducing impact. However, using oobleck can also have negative effects, such as the phone case completely slipping away, since oobleck can shift from being hard to almost a complete liquid in just seconds.

IMG_2240(This is a photo of one of our products)

To get the consistency we need, we will be testing with guar gum in one of our prototypes. This is because guar gum has elastic and rubbery properties. We will begin by adding borax mixed with water to glue. Before stirring, we will also add guar gum mixed with water. This will help make our first prototype, gloop with guar gum added. To see if these polymers meet the standards of what we need, we can have different tests such as a drop test, where we drop the polymer from a certain height and see if it bounces. Another test we can have is a stickiness test where we wrap the product around certain things and see if it sticks to it. The stickiness test can help us determine whether it will stick onto your phone or not. Also we can test the .If there are problems in the middle of making our prototypes, we can revise and make improvements.


Polymer Project Journal #2 Multimedia Piktochart 3

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Polymer Project Entry #1

(Actress:  Ashley)

Have you ever dropped your phone and it cracked? Now days, everywhere, almost everyone owns a cellphone. Sometimes they might not be able to hold it properly because it is too big or doesn’t have a comfortable grip. If it falls and hits the ground, the screen might crack which might force you to get it repaired or even have to buy a new one.


For our polymer project we have to find something and give it a comfortable grip. After a long time of consulting, we decided to end with finding a comfortable grip for iPhones.


Well now with our new invention, it will mold easily into the hand shape while being wrapped around a phone. It can change according to your grip and reform after it has been deformed. It is comfortable, and doesn’t stick to someone’s hand. It is washable and easy to use. If someone was to drop their phone, it’s bouncy features allow it to not take in as much pressure that has been put on it.


This will most likely be made of the polymer gloop since gloop can be moulded easily and also can be bouncy. This is helpful because when you hold your phone you might want it to be changed into a different shape. Also when you drop the phone, it can reduce the impact since gloop has a bouncy yet firm nature. Currently we are deciding


Some iPhone covers are thicker to protect the phone, but not always does it work. The thicker covers might not be able to reduce pressure placed on it. It might also be harder to hold, but with our invention, it will help reduce pressure, better grip and changes into a more comfortable shape.

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Something Has Changed

Do I Know You? By: Ann Wittig




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Magical Titles


Dear Life,

It’s Kind of A Funny Story…


The Dead Fish In A Tree

Knocking On Heaven’s Door.


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Almost A Full Circle


Math is all around us, from the simple subtractions to the hard parabolic motions. You might have no yet noticed but a metronome’s left to right swing also makes a parabola.


Using Logger Pro, I graphed the parabolic motion of the metronome’s ticking. Trimming the video, I was able to get only one swaying motion from left to right. Its restricted domain is the seconds it took for the metronome to tick once. It begins on 0 seconds and ends at about 0.6 seconds, where the first sway is done. The restricted range for the metronome is the height, because the metronome does not go into the ground.


Another example of restricted parabolic motions can include a basketball shot. This is because the basketball cannot go past the ground; it also can’t be flying forever. There is a start and a stop. Also, a drinking fountain also has a restricted domain and range because it’s water jumps out at one point and makes contact with the ground in another point. The second the water touches the ground, is the second the parabolic motion ends. A bridge also is in a parabolic shape, it arches is a ‘negative’ slope!


The next time you see something that curves around, ask your self, is this a parabola and is this part of math?

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