How to Survive 8th Grade

Welcome to 8th grade! So you’ve said hi to all your friends by now, and it’s time to start classes! Now all of this may seem a bit overwhelming at first. But don’t worry! Here are a few tips to surviving 8th grade!   1. Always do your homework on time- the teacher will ALWAYS check. Check studywiz the day… Read more →

Blog Post 4: Final Reflection

This entire project was a very interesting one, through which I have gained lots of experience in the field of designing a product with a real-world application. My partner and I had been through many twists and turns throughout the project, all of which we have managed to find solutions to. The beginning of this project was one of the obstacles… Read more →


Hunan is undoubtedly a natural wonder of its own-  boasting breathtaking sceneries and scenic views, including one of the Five Great Mountains of China, Mt. Heng. Tourists and travelers can marvel at not only Hunan’s beauty, but it’s hidden historical gems. Hunan is the home of many historical Chinese figures such as the famed painter Qi Bai Shi, and the very… Read more →

Polymer Design Journal #3

Our first prototypes were much too sticky for our liking. They did, however, have some of the attributes of which we wanted, such as sinking toward the table, and denting when pressed, but the stickiness was too much to overlook. To solve this problem, we continued to add more and more laundry starch until we achieved the perfect balance of… Read more →

People and the Environment

The article As China Roars, Pollution Reaches Deadly Extremes from the New York Times indicates the many ways that China has changed over the past decade. As the economic success of China grows, its pollution levels skyrocket to levels never before seen. A boom in economy has graced China in the past decade. Although this boom in economy has been a… Read more →

Polymer Design Journal 2

We began with our first prototype, using the booger slime as our basis for our project. My partner and I appreciated the characteristics of this polymer- especially it’s ability to rise when pushed, and the way that it slowly sank down when left alone. The materials we used were laundry starch, and glue. We wanted to create the perfect balance… Read more →

Travel Writing Reflection

Based on the four articles i’ve read in the past four days in comparison to the travel piece I wrote at the very beginning of this week, I can see travel pieces can be written in many different ways, giving information to the reader through a narrative style of writing and through directly telling the reader information. The piece I… Read more →

Travel Article Compare and Contrast

I read the articles about Bhutan and Russia. These articles are both great examples of travel articles, as they tell stories from the countries that readers may find interesting. However, one big difference that stood out to me was the way the two articles were written. The article on Bhutan’s cranes were focusing on the central idea of the environment,… Read more →