Polymer Project: Part 4

Some of the Lessons that we learned is that I definitely need to added reminders about things that will happen in the future. Otherwise I might forget something and it might be something very important. Like today I forgot the polymer but everybody makes mistakes. Another thing is that never add all the polymers together otherwise it will make something disgusting.

Some of the things that I learned is that every polymer reacted differently with the coffee mug. I glade because maybe the other polymers could be useful for other things like maybe a toy or something else that useful.

We made about 3 other prototypes that was used in the experiment. They where Super Slime 2, Boogers 2, and Super Slime 3. Each one has the same ingredient which is PVA. However they are not all the same amounts but that one ingredient that the same with each one. Also each one is different from the originals. Like for example Super Slime 2 can solidify faster than original Super Slime.

Assignment: What are the challenges and opportunities Beijing faces this type of Human movement?

In humanities we had to read an assignment about people that live under Beijing. When I read it I was very surprised that people are happy and that they live down here. I thought that this people were sad wishing that they weren’t living down here.

Some of the challenges that Beijing is that the city is over populated. Now in Beijing is having some problems to have people in the city. People now have problems to get in a house. Another challenge is that to get a house is very expensive to have. Most people want affordable houses to rent otherwise they will need to move out in the country. Most people want to get in the city so then they can be able to walk, bike, or drive to their work.

Some opportunities is  that they put people in more apartment buildings underground. The Chinese government is now putting new people into buildings that are underground. Another is that maybe that possibly they will make cities that will be on top of the water. This will be able to reduce over population.

Polymer Project Part 3

The most effected prototype was the Boogers 2 which is explained in the last blog. If you don’t know well in the last blog I did an experiment that was putting slimes on hot coffee mugs. The most efficient one was the Buggers 2.

When making all of these prototypes I opened my mind and thought maybe all the polymers could be improved. So I mostly focused on Super Slime. I added 2 drops of laundry borax and was made into the new super slime which is Super Slime 2. So that was done I then moved on to boogers. When I added PVA I thought I made a monster but it was very interesting after when it settled. I thought that it was weird but it turned out very cool in the end.

Polymer Project Part 2

Super Slime Super Slime 3 Sumper Slime 2 Boogers 2

Super Slime   Super Slime 3   Super Slime 2   Boogers 2

Photo on 4-25-16 at 9.23 AM Photo on 4-25-16 at 9.24 AM


In both of these photos are both prototypes that I am holding in my hand. On the left this is super slime 2. Here is how we made it, with 20ml of PVA and 4 ml of Borax. That was the original formal but I added 2 drops of laundry borax. It then became into the next and new super slime. It became into slime within seconds. The picture on the right is a another super slime. Once again different from the original super slime. In this product I added in a half of a scoop of corn starch in the formula. It was also able to become into the slime just like the original super slime and the Super Slime 2.

Then I tested all the polymers that you see on the top of the page. The first one that I tested was the Super Slime. When I pulled it off it felt warm and I knew that this super slime could not be the polymer for a heat insulator. But what I found was most interesting. It was gradually increasing and thinking it was normal. However my teacher told me that the more gradually increasing is bad so I moved on to the next polymer. It was Super Slime 2 turn to possibly become a polymer heat insulator. I tested and it was exactly like the Super Slime and I moved on to the next polymer. The next was Boogers 2 and here is his results. The results was steady and was not changing. I was very surprised of the results and knew that this is our heat insulator. I moved on to the last one was Super Slime 3 which was exactly like the other two Super Slimes. So the Boogers 2 was our heat insulator.

“As China Roars, Pollution Reaches Deadly Extremes” Assginment

How has the environment shaped the way people live?:

Well in China the bad pollution trees have a harder time trying to make the oxygen so it makes a lot of pollution for use to breath. That was back then but, now China is doing a great job to reduce the pollution. 

What have people done to change their environment?: 

People had to clear more land in order to get more energy and also had to make more room for people to live in. When that happened it made lots of pollution and causes use to breath it.

What human-environment relationships are occurring now?

Well now they are now reducing burning coal and rely on the wind. Why? well Beijing lives in a bowl and when the wind is blowing in the west all the pollution heads in the bowl. Then when the wind blowing in the east it then cause the pollution to fly east. But that affects other places which is a bad thing.

Polymer Project: Part 1

On 4/19/16 we where assigned a polymer project that could help change the world that can be of a common use. Our project was that we needed to make a polymer that would be a heat insulator. My partner, Michele, thought that none of the polymers would be able to be made into a heat insulator. But I thought maybe one of our polymers might be of good use. So I worked on a new super slime and this time added two drops of laundry starch that could be a heat insulator. But we found a new polymer that was most interesting. Instead of our old polymer, the super slime, could go down faster than any other slimes. The new super slime however could go down anything within seconds. I was most certainly surprised when I found this out but my friend on the other hand was very disgusted. I really loved these two super slimes because they where so amazing. Then we moved on to goobers. Instead of the original recipe I added PVA. When I made gloop It looked like brains like barfed out brains. I thought it looked very cool but felt sticky. My partner was very disgusted still and was speechless. So in the end we made so many amazing Discovers, well in my opinion.

Travel Magazine Summery

Once there was a man that was named Andrew Tarlow didn’t like how all the convent stories was off limits in Williamsburg because they where drug dealers. So then Andrew opened a new restaurant in Broadway and was heathy and appealing to the public. He opened two of these restaurants in Williamsburg. But he felt there should be a covenant place to stay in for the night and made the Wythe hotel. He was a wonderful business man in the end and earned lots of money.


The Audience is appealing to the public for good place to eat and sleep in Williamsburg for a good price. Or maybe a get away in the city of Williamsburg.

It showed a bright, happy, and colorful page here. Also showed what the hotel looked like and showed the inside of the restaurant as well.

MM post- Zootopia Collage and Poem

Zootopia Collage

I choose to do a poem, about Zootopia. Here is the poem down bellow.


Zootopia is a world full of lions and

Otters and

Other animals like foxes or

Tigers that are either

Outstanding dancers of sell

Pastries who all live in a


Awesome City

In the end it all the first letters of each sentence spells the word Zootopia. So then after making the poem I then made a collage. It had to be related to the poem so I  got as many pictures as I could to make this collage. Finally all the pictures was made into a collage thanks to  Shape Collage. I choose all these photos because they all where related to Zootopia and I knew that had to be school appropriate. So this is how I made the collage and the poem