Polymer Journal #4

We were very successful in achieving our goal. We learn from failure and finally, we have created a polymer that is sand proof, AstroTurf proof, and also waterproof. There are a lot of difficulties when we are making the polymer. For each of the polymer we made, we test it to see if it turns out to be what we want. We were not satisfied with the first few prototypes we made, so we keep creating new prototypes and testing them. We figure out that different material and the amount that was added in really did effect on the polymer. We learn from failure and at the end, we figure out the perfect polymer.

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As you can see from the gif above our polymer is stretchy and mouldable.

We have 3 prototypes at the beginning, but they didn’t work, it is either too sticky or not stretchy. At the end we made 5 prototypes, the fifth one worked. We tested it in the long jump area and see if sand will go in. We also put in underwater, the polymer can hold water, and the polymer in water become more stretchy and easier to use. It was a great success.

We presented our polymer to the dream on team,I learn that making a product isn’t easy. Engineering is really hard.You have to have a good idea  and design the  product. And Also sometimes your polymer won’t work on the presentation day. So we need to be more prepared.

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People Who Matters

There must be people in your life to tell you that life goes on. People that pull you away from grief.Willow Chance the protagonist of Counting by 7s by Holly Goldberg Sloan, has finally found a place she could call home.

Willow knew that Pattie, Mia’s mom, had made it clear that she cannot take another kid, but she still enjoyed living with them. She knew that one day, she was going to leave this place. The day comes, she was in the Children Service Center, waiting to see her foster parents. “I see them. They are standing…” She saw Dell, Quang-ha, Pattie, Jairo and Mia. Miracles always happen , Pattie and Jairo adopted Willow. When Willow heard the news she was shocked but also really happy. She stood there ” don’t say anything… don’t move… completely still.” (Sloan 370)

The theme of the story is Willow overcoming grief. I made a Found Poem to show the theme, showing that Willow is moving on and starting a new life. There are 7 people that matters and they changed her life, people around her have gave her hope and told her life goes on…


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Silent Pain

It takes years to blend into a new family, but it only takes you a second to lose them, to lose someone special, to lose someone who truly loves you.

“Everyone, I now realize, lives in a world of pain. But I am certain that mine is greater…” (Sloan134)

Willow Chance, the protagonist of Counting by 7s by Holly Goldberg Sloan, has lost her second “set” of parents in a car accident. She lives an out-of–tune life, filled with sorrow, laughter and miracles. After the accident, she started wallowing in grief…. She tries to not think about it anymore and move on in life but “for someone grieving, moving forward is a challenge. Because after the extreme loss, you want to go back.” (175)

The Jamison Children’s center will find Willow another shelter, a place to live, a reason for her to move on, but she hated living in the children’s center, for it made her feel hopeless and depressed. She rode a taxi driven by Jairo Hernandez to the library, trying to escape. As expected, they found her. She begins refusing to go to school; she stops talking, not in any language; she does everything differently. To prevent Willow from running away again, she is allowed to live in her friend’s house until she finds a new home. People from the Jamison home will visit her every week, to make sure that the place is suitable for the child, but her friend, Mia Nguyen, lives in a garage. They wrote down Willow’s councilor, Dell’s address. They soon moved to Dell’s apartment and they lived there. Willow enjoyed living with them.

Finding a place to call home… A girl she met told her “prospective parents always pick the blond kids first.” (213) Although it’s not easy to live without a parent, it’s harder to find one.

When I was young, I have once visited an orphanage somewhere in China, but this place isn’t as pleasant as it may have sound. I remember I went there with my mom. Once we entered, all the kids stared at us. One little girl walked toward my mom and grabbed onto her shirt, not saying anything, not even looking up at her. I could tell she wants us to adopt them; she wants to have a place for her to call home; she wants to leave.

Just like Willow, a lot of people in the orphanage hated their life. Most orphans they have low self-esteem. Willow is the same as any other kid on earth, but because she no longer has a mother or father, she talks less. She changed, behavior, thoughts, everything.

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Polymer Journal #3

During 3 days of experimenting with our polymers, we found that 3 prototypes (#1-#3) didn’t turn out exactly as we thought it would be. It is either not stretchy enough or it is too stringy. The amount and type of material we add in, results on the polymer that will turn out. But prototype #3 and #4 is close to what we want, but not quite. It is stretchy but it turned out to be too stringy; hard to pull because the polymer will break.

Prototype #1 contains Glue (we Increase the amount of glue), Borax and Water. We mixed them all together and it turned out to be moldable but not stretchy enough if you pull it will break.

Prototype #2 contains PVA solution (35 grams), borax and water; it’s transparent and somewhat like super slime. It is stretchy but, isn’t exactly what we wanted.

Prototype #3 and#4, is similar, it turned out to be moldable and stretchy (if you starch is slow enough) But it isn’t sticky at all. Prototype #3, we changed our prototype .We planned to Add in more Borax, but later on, we changed our recipe into adding liquid starch. The polymer contains glue water, borax, and liquid starch. Prototype #4, we reduced the amount of borax, it turned out to be more stretchy and sticky.

FullSizeRender 4FullSizeRender 5The 4th day of working in the lab polymer #5, Our final product, were successful (prototype #5), This is the most effective polymer for our product; it is moldable and also stretchy. We used 46.7 grams of glue 10.1 grams of liquid starch and 7ml of water and 8ml of borax. We mixed the glue and water first later we added in the others. We mixed it until it does not stick to your hand. We tested our polymer, to see if they are waterproof, we put it under water and surprisingly it became stretcher.


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Moving Forward or Going Back

Willow Chance, the protagonist of Counting by 7s by Holly Goldberg Sloan has a really out-of–tune and unique life. In this novel, Willow tried really hard to overcome the truth, wallowing in grief. The death of her parents made her world fall apart. No shelter, no family, no connection with anyone… What’s Willow’s reason for her to move on?

In a brand new environment, Willow’s personality changes, but she has also defeated her conflicts. I have created a mind map showing the significant places that have changed Willow, with all of the places mentioned being where she had been after her  adopted parents have died.

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Polymer Journal #2


untitled-poster (4)

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How can we make our shoe product the way we want it to be? To make a product that is stretchable and moldable is not easy. Plus the polymer has to stay on our shoe while could be removed easily. We need a polymer that can be formed into any shape you want. Without being sticky and wet that could stick to your shoe. We need a stretchable product. For our base polymer, we chose to use gloop (Gloop is made from water, borax and glue). Unlike other polymers, gloop isn’t wet, and it is probable the best for our shoe product, it’s stretchy and flexible. For my prototypes,our plan is to use the recipe for gloop, but instead of putting glue, I am going to put in PVA solution. Gloop is sticky in the beginning but later on it wouldn’t be as sticky so hopefully adding PVA solution will make the polymer more stretchy, and sticky.(Proof it #2 is the PVA solution Prototype)

FullSizeRender 3

The polymer has to be tested to see it works as we wanted it to be.We could test it by stretching it and sticking it to a shoe-like surface and see if it will stay on the shoe, and can it be removed easily,without sticking on your shoe and make a mess. We could also do the slow and quick pull test. We will use it and see if the polymer is waterproof by pouring water on it If it doesn’t work as we would expect it to be.

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Polymer Journal #1

untitled-poster (3)

Click here to see the infographic

Annoyed with sand and rocks going into your shoes while running on the soccer fields? How about in rainy days where water was splashed into shoes? It is really uncomfortable isn’t it? Our goal is to make a polymer that has a characteristic of which it is waterproof and anti-sand & rock. This polymer designed to use as a shoe product. Our goal is to prevent things going into your shoes, for example, sand, rocks, and water, which make you uncomfortable. The polymer is a moldable and waterproof product, it could be formed into any shape you want. This product is mainly for people who do outdoor sports a lot, where they will run in the fields and rocks will go in there shoes.

With this product nothing can enter your shoes; rocks will be stuck on the polymer, instead of going in. Waterproof is another function. The polymer is moldable,it can form into any shape and it can block the holes on your shoe, where water can come in. This product is simple and easy to apply, nothing, even water, can be able to enter your shoe and make you uncomfortable.




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Around the Corner

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Books are Your Puzzle Pieces


A step from heaven,

The age of Miracles,

True believer, fade

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Quadratic Equations Are Everywhere


If you pay attention, you will find quadratics everywhere. Have you ever seen a bridge before? How about a rainbow? These are all parabolas.

I videoed a metronome ticking, the tip of it forms a parabola. I used the video and analyzed it using Logger Pro. The app gave me a graph telling me the domain and range. Domain is all values of the x-axis (time in second before the end point) the time started in 0 seconds and ended in 1.0974 seconds. So the domain will be 0 ≤ t ≤ 1.0974.The range, all values of the y-axis (height of the top of the metronome) the term “c” is the starting point and the lowest point the metronome reaches. C=8.6 the vertex (highest point of the metronome) is 15.57. The range of the values of the y-axis is 8.6≤ h ≤15.57.

Mathematical and real life meaning may be different, but they tell us the same thing. The term a, b and c tells us the about the parabola. Term “a” can tell us about whether if the parabola is positive or negative. “B” term tells us about the vertex (highest point), in real life, it means in what height does the starts to change direction.

Pay attention and look around you, you will find that quadratic equations are everywhere. Try looking for something that looks like half a circle. Like the path of a swing, swimmers diving, frees throws and many others. Math is everywhere. Quadratics equations are everywhere.

background music citation

<span class=”citation_text”>”Guren No Yumiya – Shingeki No Kyojin OP [Piano].” <i>YouTube</i>. YouTube, n.d. Web. 20 Mar. 2016.</span>

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