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My Summer Reading Goal


My reading goal is to read 35min every day.

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Our travel magazine that shows our knowledge about travel writing and geography of China.

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Polymer Project Journal Entry No.4

Because our goal is to create a polymer that has a medical use, so me and my group member thought of glove. But we find out it is really hard to meet the goal when we first made the super slime. It will be really hard to wear, wet and if you have any nail it will break easily. My group member said we can make it a cooling gel because it feels kind of cold when you touch it. We first had problems about the super slime is too watery, if it get into your hair it is really hard to get out. So we change some of the PVA solution in the recipe to PVA glue. But it became too solid. So we made a few prototype with different radio of PVA glue and PVA solution. I find out if I add borax while I mix the slime in my hand works better.


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Message from Harry

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 00.03.02

This fake message shows when the first conflict happens in the story, which is when Harry was captured. Duck foot and Bayang were afraid of him because he is white. The message was send by Harry to Uncle Julian if he had a phone at that time. I think this conflict is important because it shows the natives’ opinion about the whites, “They can’t be trust.”

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Polymer Project Journal Entry No.3

We created our final polymer by mixing prototypes. We decided to mix prototype 1 with prototype 3, the first one is too solid and stick, and the other one is too slimy and watery. We added a small amount of PVA glue to the recipe of prototype 3 and it works perfectly. We tested our polymer by sticking it on the back of my hand and I flip it, if it won’t fall off, we can make sure it won’t slip down your forehead. We also placed it in the fridge , record the temperature every five minute to make sure it won’t warm up too fast. We added essence and finalised it by placing it on a fabric (to keep it stay in place and won’t change the shape when you pull it out) and put it in the package.

Final product:


Final packaging:


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Polymer Project Journal Entry No.2

This time we created three prototypes based off of super slime and gloop. For prototype 1, I change the PVA solution in the recipe to PVA glue to make it more solid. The result was too sticky so I split it in half and add more borax to one of them. But I think both of them are too solid than I want, but they are the closest to what we want. For the second prototype, I changed half of the PVA solution in the original super slime recipe to PVA glue. The result is less stickier than prototype, but it is still too solid. Danielle made the third prototype, which was to change only the volume of borax in the original recipe. It was too watery but it might get better if we put it in to the fridge or we can add little bit of PVA glue, which I find that it will make the polymer more solid and borax to make it more solid. We tested them using some of the slime test. We tried blob test so we will know if our polymer is too watery, we did the slime rating for the stickiness and wateriness, We tested the stickiness also by sticking them on the paper plate and see if it will fall down and we measure the temperature of them in room temperature. We also put them in the fridge to test if they are able to be use as cooling gel sheet and how long it takes for them to warm up.

Click here to see the video


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Rainforest View

The setting will affect the mood of the text., there were many examples of them in the book by Malcolm BosseDeep Dream of the Rain Forest.


The settings in this paragraph create dreamy and mystical effect: “…entrance of the cave a few flickering dots appear, then a few more. Finally—it seemed out of nowhere—a tremendous darting of tiny objects jittered in front of his eyes. Streams of them poured into the cave, as if a giant hand had shaken huge sackfuls of dust at the entrance. (Bosse 21) The author describe the “flickering dots” really detail and use words like jittered to make it sound magical. And the author also make the entrance of the cave became very mystical.


In the last quote, the text described only the cave, but in this paragraph, the author cut the tree down to different pars:“Aerial roots, high above the ground, spread out in a net work of spidery fibers…Other roots deployed like the ganglia of a monster, tangles of them massed around the tree trunks, with the leaves so tightly packed that the space below was cast into deep shadow. With in the shadow were swarms of buzzing insect…”(34) The author showed how the root of the trees were growing and how it is to form a spider web shape and it make me feel amazed. But also when it talks about the insect and the shadow, I can here the buzzing insect and the shadow make me feel wet and cold.


So the tow examples show that settings can help use picture the image the author wants to create and it gives us a mood of what the protagonist is feeling.


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Polymer Project Journal Entry No.1

The goal of our project is to create a reusable polymer(cooling gel sheet) to replace cold towels that are use when you have a Because towels will slip and make a mess. To meet our goal, we need to create a polymer that can physically cool down your body and it is not too watery and it won’t slip. We need to be careful it won’t slip and get stuck in the hair. Our target audience is all families with child, because the chance of a child getting fever is higher than a adult. We want our polymer to be solid but easy to shape and is able to be stick on children’s forehead and it must be cold. Our design is to modify super slime and put it on a piece of fabric, so the slime won’t move or stick to your hair.


Digital image. 代加工退热贴. N.p., n.d. Web. <http://cn.made-in-china.com/gongying/slychina-qoXxNWiPAQhv.html>.

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Mack’s dairy

My name is Mack, I’m a son of farmer who was a loyalist during the American Revolution. Here is my dairy.

The revolution change a lot of things in American, but not everything. They were separated from England and got freedom as the wanted. -They now will -have the right to vote and it is not a single king ruling the whole country anymore, they were no longer forced to pay taxes. The society also changed a lot, the land is not passing to the oldest son after the revolution, they are divided equally and gave to all the sons. But there are things that didn’t change over the revolution. -After the revolution, -slavery is still happening and women still don’t have the right. The native Americans are still treated badly as it is before the revolution. A revolution could not change everything in the country.

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The text from the book My Brother Sam Is Dead and the nonfiction text from history.com are in very different style. I made a chart to show the difference and similarity between them. First, they are all about the same event, Lexington and Concord; However, the text from My Brother Sam Is Dead is only Sam talk about it, theres bias and it is in daily conversation words. But history.com is really professional.

Collier, James Lincoln, and Christopher Collier. My Brother Sam Is Dead. New York: Four Winds, 1974. Print.

I used piktochart to make the chart

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