Polymer Project Journal Entry #4

Today, my partner and I presented our polymer to the class. During the presentations, I realized that not everything will always turn out the way we want it to, but we just have to accept that it is what it is and try our best.

At the very beginning of the project, our general idea had been to create a polymer that was wearable and had an additional function to it. Shine and I had some difficulty generating ideas at first until we realized that it could be something simple. So we decided to create a guard that prevents scratches and bruises. We made two prototypes. Both of them were adjustments of one of the basic polymers; Gloop. The first one was too sticky so we put 7 grams of guar gum into it. However, when it was exposed to air for a long period of time, it became hard. Our second polymer worked very well. It had all the qualities that we were looking for except for the fact that it was too sticky.

This polymer project worked very well.



For Better or For Worse

No Pressure

-Justin Bieber FT. Big Sean


I’m praying that time makes a change in your life

I’m realizing how much you made a change in my life


This connects to Aza Ray and her family on Earth because her sister and Aza had a love-hate relationship. Her sister hated Aza because since Aza was sick, she got all the attention and her sister despised that; but her sister realized that having Aza in her life was a privilege and not a liability. Sometimes it takes big things for the little things to come forward.



-Zayn Malik FT. Kehlani


Your looking in the wrong place for my love

Don’t think because you’re with me this is real


Aza Ray’s biological mother pretends to love her when in reality, all she wants is her power. Even though she gave birth to her, there is no real love there. Real love is when you accept everyone for who they are as an individual person


Life is Worth Living

-Justin Bieber


Life is worth living, so live another day

The meaning of forgiveness

People make mistakes, doesn’t mean you have to give in

This song connects to Aza in a way that most people would understand. Despite the fact that everybody makes mistakes, the ones that truly love them would forgive them no matter what they did wrong. This is the same case as Aza. She wrongs Jason, by not saying goodbye. She wrongs her mother and father by saying that they never do anything to impact her life in a positive way.


If You Don’t Know

-5 Seconds of Summer


I want you to want me this way

And I need you to need me to stay

If you say that you don’t feel a thing

If you don’t know,

let me go

This is a symbolisation of Jason and Aza. Jason is desperately in love with Aza and yet, she doesn’t realise it until the very end. When Jason can’t find closure because of Magonia and Aza, he contemplates ending his life.


Mama Said

-Lukas Graham

Remember asking both mom and dad

Why we never traveled to exotic lands

We only ever really went to visit friends

Nothing to tell when summer ends

We never really went buying clothes



-5 seconds of summer

Who am I? Who am I when I don’t know myself?
Who am I? Who am I?
InvisibleAnother day,
The walls are built to keep me safe
I can’t escape,
It’s too late

This connects to Aza because she forgets who she is when she is first dragged to Magonia. She doesn’t know who she is because she builds walls in order to protect herself from the loss of everything and then she just forgets who she is as an individual person.

Kill Em With Kindness

-Selena Gomez

The world can be a nasty place
You know it, I know it, yeah
We don’t have to fall from grace
Put down the weapons you fight with

Aza Ray never liked to use weapons to fight her wars. She would use the things that were already given to her from birth. Her voice. She sang her ways through her fights, made glaciers fall, froze water to ice, and defeated all her demons.


I chose to do this form of multi-media because I felt as though music was the best way to connect with this book because half of the characters in this book have birds in their chests, and sing to win a war.


“”You were almost gone.” She covers her mouth and pauses a moment. Her eyes are filled with emotion. “But you’re finally home.”

Amina Pennarum. Home. At least that’s what Aza is expected to call it; But how can someone call a completely strange place home even if that’s where their biological family is?

However, that’s not even the worst of it. Maganwetar, another ship in the sky, wants Aza for themselves because of the amount of power she holds within herself. When they attack Amina and attempts to kill Jason, her inner demon is unleashed. She is at war. They need the plants in order to survive. The sky’s provisions are running out and they need the seeds from earth. Only Aza and Dai can do that. The Magonian epiphytes. They only needed enough to start the crops up again. But her mother and Dai tricks her.

“We will have our revenge, Aza Ray, on all who’ve wronged us, and all who’ve hurt you. Drown them. When the floods recede, we begin again with the true Magonia”(187, Headley) The saying, an eye for an eye, is true in this book. Even though it is not her mother that was stolen from her home, her mother seeks revenge for the bad that was done to Aza. Aza can’t stop singing and ruining the world but she wants to. She realises then that home isn’t where you were born.

“If you were diving, I guess you’d never know. Skyship or seaship, they’re just wrecks. And there are so many of them on the ocean floor.” (298, Headley). At the end of the day, everybody, whether they are humans or Magonians, all they want is more. More than what they have already. Unsatisfied. They take and they don’t give. We are like a virus. A virus enters the body and takes and destroys the cells until the body is nothing more. We take things for granted and don’t think about the bigger picture. The purpose of life is bigger than money, technology, greed, and anger. The purpose of life is love. If humans or Magonians loved and accepted each other as who they were, then we wouldn’t want more than what we already had. We would cherish the things that we own.

“I’m sorry, I say. “for not seeing you. I didn’t know how lucky I was. You worked late and I slept late. We never saw each other. I made fun of your war-mice. I told you that nothing you did ever helped. I complained. I crashed the car into the garage, twice, and then pretended you did it with your bike. The last think you said to me was on the phone, when I was in the ambulance, and you told me it was okay to go.” (365, Headley) Even when she comes back home in a different skin, different color, different face, her family still recognizes her because that’s what they are. Family. Home is where the people accept you for who you are as an individual and not what you look like on the outside. Sometimes, all it takes is to just take a step back from life and accept what you already have.

Journal Entry #3

Last class, my partner and I finalized our prototypes down to two different polymers. One of our prototypes was a combination of 3.5g guar gum, 15ml of laundry starch, 25ml of PVA, and 1 cm of glue. This combination caused the prototype to be able to stretch, be sticky, and take less time to dry out. Last time we had tried this recipe, we added too much guar gum and that caused it to dry out very quickly when exposed to air. This new prototype is very stretchy, easy to mold, stays in shape, and protects the item from scratching. This has been proven because I have used sandpaper to test out the durability of the polymer. Despite the fact that this polymer has a lot of the qualities that we are looking for, it dries out very quickly. Our other prototype is similar in the way that it is made and its qualities. However, it doesn’t dry out as quickly but it does not stay in shape. It bounces back into it’s original shape when it is stretched out. When it was tested on sandpaper the same way that it was tested with the first prototype, it broke apart into tiny little pieces. So, I have come to a conclusion that the first polymer would be the most effective for meeting our product goal, which is to prevent scratches. Our final polymer would be an adjustment of the first combination. However, we will adjust the measurements of the ingredients and experiment to see which combination fits best.IMG_2573 IMG_2575

Polymer Journal Entry #2

There were many specific characteristics of the basic polymers that we had tested to see which ones would have the characteristics that we needed in order to create the type of polymer that we wanted.

Last class, we tested many basic polymers. The oobleck had a liquid form at first, and then turned into a solid when force was used. It did not have the properties that I was looking for. Super slime was too sticky too mold into shape and it didn’t hold its shape. The more the boogers were exposed to air, the stickier it became. However, I had put some baby oil into the boogers. This made it more stretchy and less sticky. It had some of the properties that we wanted but not as much as the gloop. The gloop had most of the properties that we wanted. It was very bouncy, easily molded, stays in shape and holds together.

These are the major properties that we need for our polymer. We will adjust the recipe for the gloop to make our polymer. We will use water, borax, glue/PVA solution, and guar gum. We will make small amounts of this and test them. If they do not fit our needs, we will try adding cornstarch.

We will test the samples by wrapping the polymer around an egg, and dropping it from a certain height in order to test the durability and the stability of our polymer. This is how we will determine our polymer. We will be testing how much pressure that our polymer can take before breaking. These are the properties that we will be looking for in our polymer.

IMG_2574 IMG_2573IMG_2575


Ever since Aza Ray was a child, she has suffered from a mysterious lung disease that makes it hard for her to breath, to live. It’s gotten steadily worse over the years and she was never supposed to make it back seven. As she gets closer to being 16, the situation gets worse. The new meds cause her to hallucinate, or at least that’s what everybody says. What else would explain the ship she saw in the sky, voices calling her name, and a bird flying into her chest? Her best friend Jason, is the only one who truly believes her. He stumbles across some old legends of a land called Magonia, where a race of beings live in ships in the sky. Aza’s lungs start to fail once again, and suddenly she finds herself snatched into a whole new world, where she can breathe normally for the first time. And she learns that nothing she thought about her life or world was as it seemed.

Aza is lost to our world- and found, by another. Magonia. Above the clouds, Aza isn’t the weak and dying person she was. In the sky where she belongs, she has immense power. Immense power that could turn the tides in the war approaching. Magonia and Earth are on the cusp of a reckoning and in Aza’s hands lies the fate of the whole of humanity; Magonia and Earth.

My thing is a Mystery and not just a Mystery, but Bermuda– no sun, only Triangle.
Unknowable. Unsolvable.
I take handfuls of drugs every morning, even though no one is entirely sure what the thing that’s wrong with me actually is. I’m rare like that.” (32, Headley)

Even though Aza Ray realises that she is dying, she still stays optimistic. She sees the light in the dark. In the book Magonia by Maria Dahvana Headley, she is a strong and independent person even when faced with the hardships at such a young age. Aza Ray was a dying girl, and she knew it. She talked about how her life has been since she was diagnosed with the disease, and how she and her family adjusted to make her feel better. She would even make fun of herself sometimes. This shows that even though life is hard, you just have to pull through and accept the way things are. She never gave up or thought less of herself because of the disease that she has. In our current world, people everywhere bring themselves down for not being pretty enough, not being skinny enough, when in reality, everybody is perfect in their own way. Everybody should be able to accept the way things are and thing of ways to make them better, not better.


My dad is fading out. All I can see are my own eyelashes and my eye own eyelids, and somehow, also, my own brain, all the pathways inside it, everything dark and narrow, and getting narrower, bookshelves closing in, books crushed, falling into muddled piles, pages crushed, words mangled, and me, running through it all, trying to get out before the walls collapse.

I feel the entire inside of my body folding up, some kind of awful origami. I thought it would hurt, but the pain I’ve been feeling forever and ever is actually something that’s ceasing to matter to me, just like my bones no longer matter to me, and I inhale, and exhale, and

Bird in my chest

Bird in my chest

Bird in my chest

Ships in the sky

Last moments before dying” (154, Headly)

 She died the day her lungs finally gave up. Everybody has dark places that you can find if you look a little closer, and dig a little deeper. Everything is shelved neatly into shelves and hidden behind everything else. Aza Ray knew that, and yet she suppressed it to save the people close to her from the darkness inside her. Dying wasn’t peaceful for her. It was painful and everything inside her crumpled up like pieces of paper that nobody wanted and threw away. It released her. She could finally breathe again before fading into darkness for the last time.







Polymer Project Journal Entry #1


The goal of my polymer would be to create more traction for runners on the track. This polymer would be sticky enough to create traction, but it would also be easily taken off the shoe. However, it will also act as an ankle brace so that it protects the ankle from being twisted of injured in some other way. The problem that this polymer would be preventing ankle injuries that prevent the athlete from performing the best that they could. Another way the polymer would help the athletes would be to give them a higher level of performance on the track or whichever sport the athlete is involved in. As you can tell, our specific target audience would be athletes. Our polymer would also mold onto any shape i.e. ankle, shoe, wrist, etc. It would be sticky enough to attach to the object, but not too much because if it goes on your shoe, you don’t want it to stick everywhere and be impossible to get off. It will also have to be firm enough to hold its own shape without support, but would also have to be very moldable. Our polymer would also be able to protect your shins, elbows, wrists and other areas that you might want to protect while skateboarding, roller-skating, etc. These are the things that I am aiming for with my polymer.

The New Fake Me

By Rebekah De Leon


The blade is cold
But not old

I didn’t go deep
I didn’t even weep

Just one cut is all I need
And my mind goes calm, while my cut bleeds

It was harmless but helped so much
I stopped being mad and such

No more angry thoughts went through my mind
Just fascination, everything else left behind

Is it the start or the end?
All I know is I don’t want to disappoint my friend

Is it too late for me?
I thought I was getting better but I only pretended to be

The cut now stains my arm
Nothing big or deep, nothing to cause much harm

A cat scratch is what I’ll say
But I doubt people will see any ways

They won’t see the real me and who I am
They won’t see my body is disconnected from my brain stem

I don’t want attention, I don’t deserve it
I play along with the world, but my candle is not lit

I’m a lost soul on this land
My minds drifting, my body sinking in sand

I’ve given up on people
It’s now me alone in my own steeple

I get so mad so quick
Like a switch on the wall, tense with every click

Maybe I’m only meant to be there for others
Don’t the daughters learn from the mothers?

Only my mother does not know me
She only sees who she wants to see

There’s no way her sweet child
Cut her arm to keep her mind from going wild

Do they realize their actions affect me so?
That sometimes they cause me to hit my low?

No they don’t, all they see is him
They can’t even see the pattern; my cups reached its brim.

He angers then he lies
To get people to take him back. I bet he even denies

The wrongs that he’s done
All because he thinks life is fun

But when will he see
That he’s just another wanna be

It’s possible I just don’t belong
There are parts of me I’ve discovered are gone

Like my patience to wait
I’m done waiting there’s nothing to debate

Once I’m of age you’ll barely see me
Once I get a car I’ll never be here to be

A  witness to the yells or shouts
A witness to the pattern of oh okay and get out

A witness to tears and uproars
A witness to hurtful words and slamming doors

A witness to a father who’s confused
Because my mother is either okay or blowing a fuse

I’ll stop being the victim of being on the edge
Because I’ll stop being around, I won’t be on the ledge

I won’t be the victim of feeling guilty anymore
I won’t be the victim or witness anytime I walk out that door

Am I lost? That’s easy to say
Is there hope? We’ll see with each coming day.

My name does not matter all that matters is the story my friend
The one with a strong beginning, unclear middle, but no end.

It’s a screwed up world even a blind man could see
That to fake happiness you have to be who others expect you to be.

End of The Day

FullSizeRender 2

The cracks in the kingdom

Tyme’s end

Set in Stone


As red as blood

There was and there was not

There Is No Need For Math… Or Is There?

There are many reasons why parabolas are used in the real world. Many people believe that parabolas are useless and that they do not need to learn them. However, if they want to understand the way things move and why that happens. I chose to film a video of me throwing an oreo into the bin as because I believed that it was a good examples of parabolas that exist in the real-world.

Like I had said before, there are many different types of in-motion parabolas in the world. For example, the water that shoots out of the water fountain is an example. The water starts at the nozzle and it curves in an upwards motion and hits the end of the basin resulting in a restricted graph. If you used LoggerPro to graph the parabola, it would be in an upwards motion.

This is not the only example of real-life parabolas. a dog jumping over a fence could be another example because the dog’s body curves over the fence when it jumps. Throwing a ball to your partner could also be another example of a parabola. The ball would curve upwards or downwards depending on how it is thrown. These are a couple of examples of parabolas.

There are many ways of representing a parabola. A restricted graph is one of them. A restricted graph is when there is a beginning and the end and they are both shown in the graph. The example of throwing an Oreo into a bin is a restricted graph because the graph shows the starting point of the ball and the ending point of the throw. The end point of the throw is when it enters the bin and is no longer visible.

This short clip was made using an application called iMovie. A, b and c are known values. a cannot be o. X and Y are the unknown that we are trying to find. The standard quadratic equation is Quadratic Equation