Reflection- Portrait

In this project, we were expected to draw a part of our body or the face of ourselves or a person who is close to us (we could focus on the subject’s face, eyes, hands, their body figure and many other parts). And through the portraits of these people, we had to show an intangible aspect of them. Intangible aspect… Read more →

Media testing- Acrylic, Oil painting

<Oil> In this media testing, we were expected to get use to oil painting. However, before we started using the oil painting, we went through many processes. First, we had to take a photo of our self with good lightings. Then, we had to draw our face on the cardboard paper, using pencil and some portrait skills that we have… Read more →

Spring Break- Flowers

  In this assignment, I have tried to work in a style of another artist. So I found a very simple artwork from the internet, and I decided to work on the style of that artist. When I saw all the similar-styled artworks, I have realised that although there aren’t many complex drawings, and there’s more of geometric shapes, it… Read more →

Spring Break- Hanbok

In this art assignment, we were asked to do a free art challenge where we could draw anything we want to draw. Thus, I chose a topic that I have always wanted to work on which was to draw something about Korea. Specifically, for this assignment, I decided to draw a traditional Korean dress which is called the “han-bok”. This… Read more →

Papercutting Project: Artist Habits- Observe

FTC Artist Investigation In this project, I have pictured mentally of what cannot be directly observed, and learned how to plan the possible next step of different ideas. Before I started to sketch the idea that I had, I first brained storm what I wanted to convey, and by what can it be conveyed. Through this brainstorming I came up… Read more →