Portrait Technique

In this photo, we tried to go a close up that is well lit and clear. We wanted to show details of her gave and hair, and make the photo interesting and colorful by having a bright colored background and a unique hat. We had the camera set at low aperture to have the focus to be on her and… Read more →

Humans of ISB

1-Student of ISB   Tell me about your dog: It was on the 11th of November and my mom and I went out to get a dog. There was a really cute dog so my mom got it. I wanted a cat but my mom said dogs are better. I had a dog named Seven so I named this one… Read more →

Field Trip Reflection

I found my experience in the Hutong is very beneficial for me. I was able to try different ways of taking photos that I would normally not able to do. Because we are constantly on the move, I had to allways focus on my surroundings to find a place that could be a photo. This helped me have better understanding… Read more →

Field Trip Analysis

This is photo of a backyard of a house in the Hutong. In this photo, the main focus is the chair in the house. It is framed my the doorway, and the bright light shining inside give the chair a clear sihoulette. The semmetry of the two lions out side the door adds details to the photo and makes it… Read more →

Light Painting

  Light painting is a technique used in photography. By extending the shutter speed on camera, it could record down the paths lights that appear in front of the camera. The steps to do this is first, increase the shutter speed to the time that you think you light painting would take, and use a flash light and wave it… Read more →

Chinese New Year

This photo is taken on the window side of my house. By having only black and white in the foreground, it presents simplicity of the bird. The background is in plain dark green and brown, which emphasizes the brightness of the bird. The Window creates a frame for the bird, and create space in the photo. The feather texture also… Read more →

1 Object 30 Times

This photo is using the rule of third to place the mirror, which is the focal point of this photo. It contrasts from everything by having it self in bright color but everything else black and white. The grey color creates the emotion of depression, as well as the tree root made out of wires, which gives a feeling of… Read more →