Chinese New Year

This photo is taken on the window side of my house. By having only black and white in the foreground, it presents simplicity of the bird. The background is in plain dark green and brown, which emphasizes the brightness of the bird. The Window creates a frame for the bird, and create space in the photo. The feather texture also… Read more →

1 Object 30 Times

This photo is using the rule of third to place the mirror, which is the focal point of this photo. It contrasts from everything by having it self in bright color but everything else black and white. The grey color creates the emotion of depression, as well as the tree root made out of wires, which gives a feeling of… Read more →

Principles of Design

I this photo, the principle of design, rule of third is being used. The grids of the rule of third crosses on the center of the zebra, making the photo mroe intersting by breaking the balance. The horizontal lines also spits up the backgrounds in to water, soil, and grass background. The nose of the zebra is on the bottom… Read more →

Elements of Art

In this photo, presenting the element of art color, the disc is reflecting many lines of colored lights. It create leading lines pointing toward the center of the disc, creating a focal point. The color really make this photo look special, becaseu normally such variety of colors won’t been seen usually, and it contrasts with the common brown and black… Read more →

Burning House

  Name: JK Age: 15 Location: China Occupation: Student List of Objects: Violin – Have been used and practiced for years Cards – Cards from classmates, cannot be replaced Bracelet – Birthday present from my mom Book – The Sea Wolf, gift from my dad Practical – tissue, snack, water, wallet, passport, hairbands, hand cream, towel, gaming machine, computer, hat,… Read more →

Introduction Photo

This photo is taken in Laguna San Ignacio in September 2017. I like this photo because it shows the feeling of telling people that there is a misunderstanding on the danger of whales. It makes contrast of the size of people’s hand and the large body of the whale to emphasis how harmless it can be. The reflection of the… Read more →

Charlotte VS Ship Breaker

In the book Ship Breaker written by Paolo Baciglupi, the main character Nailer was a boy doing ship breaking. He is a brave and smart because he had corrected the map and led a crew through the ocean, and tried to fight with his dad that was very strong. “Your map is still wrong’ Nailer pointed to the water of the… Read more →

Spirit Animals – Book Cover

In this book, there are 4 character with 4 spirit animals for each of them. It is about the four great beasts that they have, and the 2 different groups of people that want the same thing and try to get the 4 kids in their side. But the 3 kids with their animals got to one side, and a… Read more →