Month: October 2015

The Call of the Wild Magazine Cover

This is a magazine cover I made for the book “The Call of the Wild”. It is a book for students that are above 12years old. The cover describes the main characters in the book. The dog in the cover is Buck, and the man standing is his owner, John Thornton. It shows that Buck the dog likes John Thornton.… Read more →

The Call of the Wild Cover

This is the cover I designed for the book “The Call of the Wild”. It is written by Jack London and the cover describe the theme if the book. The story is about a dog named Buck that is caught and sold and was force to work. His worked for his first owner for some time, then was sold to… Read more →

The Changes Overtime

  Connect with Protagonist The book I just read is a book called “the Call of the Wild”. In the book, it is about a dog and a man. The dog was caught and sold to a man, and another man brought him again. The dog is named Buck, he was not really nice to the man, but and he… Read more →