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Charlotte VS Ship Breaker

In the book Ship Breaker written by Paolo Baciglupi, the main character Nailer was a boy doing ship breaking. He is a brave and smart because he had corrected the map and led a crew through the ocean, and tried to fight with his dad that was very strong. “Your map is still wrong’ Nailer pointed to the water of the… Read more →

Spirit Animals – Book Cover

In this book, there are 4 character with 4 spirit animals for each of them. It is about the four great beasts that they have, and the 2 different groups of people that want the same thing and try to get the 4 kids in their side. But the 3 kids with their animals got to one side, and a… Read more →

Wild Born – Character Introductions

Mind Map of Wild Born Characters   This is a story that people live in a world that people can have chance to drink Nectar, a special drink that might call a spirit animal but will never get one if failed with Nectar. And they can also wait until it comes naturally, but it mostly kills the person it self.… Read more →

The Call of the Wild Magazine Cover

This is a magazine cover I made for the book “The Call of the Wild”. It is a book for students that are above 12years old. The cover describes the main characters in the book. The dog in the cover is Buck, and the man standing is his owner, John Thornton. It shows that Buck the dog likes John Thornton.… Read more →

The Call of the Wild Cover

This is the cover I designed for the book “The Call of the Wild”. It is written by Jack London and the cover describe the theme if the book. The story is about a dog named Buck that is caught and sold and was force to work. His worked for his first owner for some time, then was sold to… Read more →

The Changes Overtime

  Connect with Protagonist The book I just read is a book called “the Call of the Wild”. In the book, it is about a dog and a man. The dog was caught and sold to a man, and another man brought him again. The dog is named Buck, he was not really nice to the man, but and he… Read more →

Changes in A Sound of Thunder

In class, we had read a book called “A Sound of Thunder” by Ray Bradbury. It is about the main character Eckles going back to the past and changed the future by making a small change.  The main theme of the story is small changes have big effects, both Eckles and I have the same experience about it. In the… Read more →