Reading Goal

My goal is to read books twice as often then I am doing right now! And finish the Harry Potter books.

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Why Is Where Important Magazine

The first step in making this magazine was to write the travel writing and taking pictures. At the start we went to the ethnic park and took a lot of photos for the magazine. After that, the following week we started to write the travel journals. When we were finally done we had to make it into a magazine. The problem with this was that everybody had different layouts and it took a lot of time to change the layout to the same. At the end we finally solved this problem with coordination and teamwork and eventually had the same layout for everything.

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4 journal

The design circle was very difficult to understand and very hard. The polymer design took a lot of thinking and it was really hard to follow the design circle. We had to change the design goals multiple times and had to use completely different materials than what we started with. There were a total of 3 different polymers, from the first 2 failed prototypes, we learned that what was the problem and proceeded to fix the problem. The problem with the first 2 prototypes was that it was too sticky and it was too gooey. After adding more borax the polymer became what the goals required it to be and lead to the final polymer.


During dream on day, I learned that all polymers were all basically the same, all the polymers were just blobs of goo that were either sticky, not sticky, moldable and not moldable. All the polymers were used in different ways although it was all basically the same thing. I have learnt that you have to think outside the box and be creative to make the most of something as mundane as a polymer.

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science journal 3

When first deciding the polymer, there were lots of problems about the polymer. The first prototype was to simply put oobleck in a bag. This did not work because the oobleck would start to rot and started to smell very bad when taken out of the bag. The second idea wad to make the shoe waterproof but that needed us to cover the shoe but this would not work because that wasn’t possible with the materials we had in the lab and we would have to get our own materials and is too strechy. After experimenting with the premade polymer of boogers, it was made into the new polymer Foot Z. Adding more ingredients into the original boogers recipe made it into the new polymer and after soaking the polymer in borax it was finally turned into Foot Z. The New polymer makes you taller and even lets you jump taller or even run faster in some cases.13okii

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Light in the Conflict


In this Gif about the of the book Light In The Forrest. That shows how the previous conflict of man vs. man and the conflict of man vs. self. This has intensified. The conflict of man vs. man starts out as the Indians and the whites disliking each other. However, the leader of the Indians told the protagonist. “I’m never free from white folks. And neither are you and your brother….” (83) This brought the whites and the Indians into war, and now the Indians are planning to attack the white settlement by sending the protagonist to distract them. The protagonist used to be a the son of a white settler but he grew up with an Indian tribe, this caused him to have internal conflict and instead of just deciding which he belongs to at the start of the book, he has to choose from his adopted Indian family or his original white family. “It is not only the white man who breaks the sixth commandment…. Evil and ugly things have been committed against the will of God on both sides.” (124)

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Science Journal 2

The polymer was based off boogers and adding borax to the mix changed it into the new polymer. The new polymer is less sticky and is now bouncy. We had 3 samples of the new polymer with different amounts of borax, PVA and glue. In our observations, when ever borax was added it made the polymer less sticky.

This was effective because it kept the flexibility of the Boogers and added borax since borax makes things less sticky. This made the polymer into non-sticky boogers. We tested the polymer by stretching it the testing it with the poke test. The polymer we wanted was less stretchy and more bouncy. To improve the polymer we plan to add more thickening things like guar gum or to put it in a bag.


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Characterisation In The Forest

In the book The Light In The Forest by Alfred Knopf character development is a very big theme. In the exposition all the characters were either on the side of the whites or the Indians. They all had the same opinions and thoughts of each other and it is very negative. The author pushes the protagonist into the middle of the conflict by giving him character traits from both sides and letting him see both sides of the conflict.

This book is about a white boy named True son who was kidnapped by Indians who starts out hating white civilization but then eventually he becomes adjusted to white culture. he was only four years old and raised by a Indian warrior called Cuyloga and soon became is adopted son. One day, marching into village was white Colonel Bouquet and his troop of 1,500 soldiers and demanded the release of all white captives and that included True son. This started a chain reaction that changed the character of True son. At first he hated white people, even after discovering that he was white since it was what his father had taught him, “I’m never free from white folks. And neither are you and your brother”. (14) However when he met with the family he was from before he was kidnapped and adopted, his real name was revealed to be John Cameron Butler but he refused to be called that at first but later he accepted the fact that he was white and was soon forced to become accustomed to white society. This shows that he started out as a stubborn rebellious and ended up becoming very submissive. However True son’s cousin had come to rescue him and reawaken his Indian. By reminding him of his father’s last words to him, “Tell him I will bear my disgrace like an Indian and will wait to strike till the time is in my favor.”(84), True Son agrees to escape with his cousin. They are welcomed back and True Son starts to become how he used to be. The tribe decided to go to war with the whites and planned to attack the white settlement. This pushed True Son into an internal conflict since he had to choose between his original family and his tribe. In the end he chose to warn the whites and helped them escape before his tribe attacked and letting himself be banished from the tribe for this action. This showed that he was very empathetic towards the whites after the stay and even showed that cared about others more than he cared about himself.

In conclusion True Son’s character starts out as being selfish, stubborn and rebellious he eventually sees both sides of the conflict and changes how he acts. In the end he saved both his family from death and saved his tribe from total war at the expense of his own freedom.

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Science Journal 1

The goal of my polymer is to improve the shoe. The polymer is going to be based on oobleck witch becomes a solid when pressure is applied and when pressure is removed it acts like a liquid. This would be very useful because when people are sitting the shoe would become soft and when you run pressure is applied to the shoe because you are running off the ground the polymer becomes a solid giving you letting you run faster. This also applies when you kick, for example when you kick a soccer ball, the polymer hardens and becomes a solid therefore letting you kick harder. It is similar to bouncing a ball on a concrete floor and bouncing it on a cushion. All the force bounces back instead of being absorbed by the cushion, this also makes you able to jump higher.

The end product would be similar to a shoe pad except it is filled with the polymer therefore it could be inserted into any shoe. This lets the product to be marketed for everybody however is mainly marketed as sport wears.


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Revolution in Iran


My character is an American Expat in Iran after the end of World War Two, about 1950 he moved to Iran. He is a Bussiness man working in the oil industry and does not Like the idea of the Iranian revolution.


During the Iranian revolution, there are lots of changes and similarities that affected Iran and the world. One of the biggest changes of the revolution were the relations between the US and the Iran. After the hostage crisis caused by the Americans putting the Shah in power in Iran, the relationships between the US and Iran has worsened and led to the US teaming up with Iraq during the Iraq-Iran war. A thing that stayed the same was women’s rights, although the Shah has westernized Iran, which gave women more rights. Khomeini eventually overthrew the Shah and returned Iran to what it was like before the Shah. Islam also did not change and was still the official religion of Iran. The biggest change from the revolution was Iran becoming an Islamic republic. Iran used to be a monarchy ruled by the Shah, however, Khomeini took over when the shah fled from Iran and started the Islamic republic.

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Differences and similarities with a top hat



In this multimedia, I compared the first page of the book Persepolis and the world encyclopaedia. I compared the similarities and differences in the figurative language, word choice, and sentence structure of both the texts. The way the similarities and differences change the two-text change the way the texts are read. For example Persepolis is casual and funny, however the encyclopedia is formal and factual.

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