Band Final recording blog post

December 13th, 2018

During the process of practicing and learning my music, I had some good experience through out the process. My final recording meets my standards, which is try to do some dexterity, and hit some high notes constantly, I have reach the dexterity successfully, but not yet hitting the High F, and G. Next semester, I will try my best to finish the goal I didn’t accomplish yet.

First three week of band

October 8th, 2018

“How was your first 3 weeks of class? My first three week of band was really fun, like always, I will bring my pencil, music, and my best effort to class. As one of the oldest people in band, seeing all the new faces appears in classroom, I feel good and proud.

Summer read goal

June 7th, 2016

Started to read Harry Potter. At least 30min a day. Improve my reading skills, and read like a BOSS.



June 2nd, 2016

The blog post is really, really good. Each of us did a good job on this, and I believe that there are some hard time for us. The table of contact is a tough part, I don’t really know how to make it, and it looks horrible. The easy part for me will be the Inner Mongolia writing part, the information is easy to get, and it is all real, and thanks to Sophia who made a beautiful cover. Thanks everyone who is in my group.

Polymer Journal Entry 4

May 9th, 2016

Our original goal wasto make a two layers polymer that can protect people’s elbow, knees and forehead when they are doing exercises. The inside layer is designed to absorb water and sweat. The outside layer is designed to cushion the blow. During designing process, we tried to make the outside layer with Base Oobleck, and add more Borax or Guar Gum to it. The inside layer will be made by base Gloop with more PVA Solution or more PVA Glue. My partner Aaron was doing the inside layer, and he did a really good job on it. He made our first prototype. But when I started to make the outside layer, I found out it’s really hard to make it. Because either the prototype is too solid or too liquid, it can’t be in the middle status, and we can’t put inside and outside layer together, it will make a new polymer. Therefore, we gave up on this original thought, and started to try to make one layer. One layer is really easy to make, 35g of PVA Glue, 10ml of Borax, and 8ml of water were mixed together to make our best prototype. We made three different colors of it, and mixed them together, so it would be bigger and wrap around your elbow. In the “Dream On” presentation day, I learned that all the people in our class did well jobs on the infomercial. People’s polymer all works in some ways, and sometimes action is better than description to other people. What a wonderful day.

This is our infomercial video, ENJOY 🙂 🙂 🙂 LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

Robinson Crusoe’s Island Life

May 3rd, 2016

Robinson Crusoe's Island Life

This poster is about the island life of Robinson Crusoe, in which he experienced the hard life, and peaceful life. The climax in the poster is the part when he met with Friday, and educated him to become a civilized man.

Polymer Journal Entry 3

April 28th, 2016

I suppose that our polymer is going to be really successful. Our most successful point of prototypes is really bouncy, and meets our product goal. The prototypes need to be long enough to wrap around people’s elbow, also it won’t be excessively sticky, which can help people in sports. It can absorb a little bit of water to make your sweat go away. Most of our prototypes meet this standard. The prototypes are made of 35g of PVA Glue, 10ml of Borax, and 8ml of water. We made three of them and mixed them together to form a prototype that is big enough to wrap around the elbow. I believe that the most important prototypes will be the Borax. Nothing happened before borax was mixed in the mixture, it’s just PVA Glue with water. Right after the borax was put in, the mixture start to turn in to solid, and we stir the mixture around in the cup. After putting the polymer on to your hand rub around and dry it, the polymer came out. After several tries, we start to add the three articles in large amount, specially the water. More water will make the polymer wetter, so it fells good and not stick on to your hand. My partner and I believe that we just need to make a bigger one, and it will be perfect. I hope our polymer will get first place of this competition. (I really want the prize for first place 🙂 1159463750554487074

Those two picture are two of the prototypes.

Polymer Journal Entry 2

April 26th, 2016

We believe that we should do several test, one of the tests inside layer test is putting 30ml of PVA solution, 7ml of water and 8ml of borax to do the inside layer of our polymer and this will be the base. We will also start to go on for the outside layer of polymer, the starting materials will be 50ml of water and 20g of Cornstarch, a little bit of Bromax will also need to be added into it, which makes it more solid. Based on the sheet Ms. Cox gave us, my partner Aaron and I believe that more PVA solution that can make polymer more sticky, more stretchy, less goopy for the Gloop test which is also known as the inside layer will be good, more solid and not really sticky. However, for the outside layer, we believe that more Borax will be better, and it will increase bounce for our polymer and decrease stretch. When we are doing this test, we will put in each material slowly to make sure nothing will go wrong. Water will always be the last thing to pour in, and we must pour it in carefully.  We will do a lot of tests to make sure our prototypes will be ready to go. There will be slow pull test, quick pull test, water absorbing test and more… Each of the tests will be corresponded a feature for the prototypes. Specifically speaking, for water absorbing test, we will drip some drops of water on to the prototypes to see if it melts or not. I hope our prototypes will be a great success.41DZL5o2eRL._SX450_pvaslime1


The letter from Robinson Crusoe

April 19th, 2016

The book I read this month is called Robinson Crusoe and I write the letter as Robinson Crusoe to his parents.

York, England

My mom and dad

Dear Mom and Dad,

I am in somewhere of the middle of the sea. All these years I have been thinking about my life, what could it be if I didn’t sneak out that night. I believe I won’t face a lot of difficulties and always hurt myself, like what you had said to me, dad, “That boy might be happy if he would stay at home; but if he goes abroad, he will be the most miserable wretch that ever was born: I can give no consent to it.”(Defoe 6) but maybe you were wrong, now I can earn a lot of gold and can be safe from sailing. I could take care of myself. I know that you don’t want me to go to the sea is because of my two older brothers, the oldest brother died in the war Dunkirk against the Spaniards, and older brother disappeared. You guys are afraid of losing me and want to me to be safe, but people need to learn and need to study, and I can’t just stay under your guys shadow forever.

If the God let me get back to that night and choose again, I will still pick to sneak away from home. The great adventures I had are really good; and I faced a lot of dangers that you guys couldn’t image. “How ever, to cut short this melancholy part of our story, our ship being disabled, and three of our men killed, and eight wounded, we were obliged to yield, and were carried all prisoners into Sallee, a port belonging to the Moors.”(20) I have changed from a merchant to a miserable slave. This time it really did not feel good, you need to do what ever the boss want you to do, and work for 24 hours without having any rest. Thanks God, because I am good at fishing I start to level up, I became a fisher for the Moors, yeah and since the day I became a slave, I started to think and plan my escape project. “This moment my former notions of deliverance darted into my thoughts, for now I found I was likely to have a little ship at my command; and my master being gone, I prepared to furnish myself, not for fishing business, but for a voyage…”(22) This time I successfully escaped from the Moors. Not only being a slave is scary, I also met big waves and horrible beasts. I survived from all of these.

I never regret the choice I made. Although sometimes I missed you guys and the peaceful life, I will still keep going on this adventure till the end. Hope you guys take it easy, and take care of yourselves.


Robinson Crusoe

June 27, 1653







Polymer journal entry 1

April 18th, 2016

To design a polymer that is wearable, which can absorb impact from external, especially can protect your elbow, knees and fingers. The inside part of the polymer can absorb sweat to keep you cool. So specifically speaking our polymer firstly can protect you from getting hurt when you do strenuous exercises. Then, it will absorb the sweat and keep you cool. Our polymer is made for everyone in the world, for example: The gangsters, they like to fight, so they need our product to protect themselves from the fights. The policeman, they need to protect us from the dangerous, and they need good equipment to protect themselves, so they need our product. Babies, they are really weak, easy to get hurt, so they need our product to defend themselves. Athletes, they will always get hurt, if they are hurt then they can’t join the competition. Our product will be two layers, inside of the polymer is soft and sucks water, but outside is kind of hard, when there is pressure, the outside layer will be really hard and impact some of the force. So I believe our product is going to be really good. In conclusion, I believe our polymer is going to be the best. However the road to the success maybe really tough, we need to have confidence in it and I trust my partner and I.

 Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 8.42.55 PMScreen Shot 2016-04-18 at 8.40.35 PMth

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