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Books I’ve read (this year)

  1. Dune Legends (series. It’s like 3 books)
  2. Prelude to Dune (another series. 3 books)
  3. Dune (Another. Series. I’ve read half of it)
  4. Fahrenheit 451
  5. Animal Farm
  6. A Game of Thrones
  7. A Clash of Kings
  8. Red Scarf girl
  9. Maggot Moon
  10. Lord of the Flies
  11. Catch 22
  12. A few of the Sherlock Holmes stories (I don’t remember which ones)

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How to do slightly better in 8th grade

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

If you have no clue what’s going on but you’re afraid of being awkward, you’re only making it worse for yourself. If you really think your question is awkward, go ask after class, personally.

2. Be open with any problems. Not too open but still open enough so you can get help.

3. Don’t procrastinate. Unless you can watch films etc. and do homework at the same time, you shouldn’t even have the applications open.

4. Be flexible. You never know what’s going to happen, so don’t have a fixed schedule where you cant change anything at all.

5. Make sure you’re actually prepared for things. Don’t ever show up for a test, presentation, or anything unprepared.

If you go through with all of this, you should be relatively ready for 8th grade. Always be ready to improvise.


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Journal 4

At first, we thought that making something that insulates heat would either mean that we had to make something like a jacket, or maybe building insulator. But with some additional thinking, I realized not only that we don’t have the materials to make this, we also didn’t even have the time. Something with a relatively simple function like Sugru took years of research and lots of money to fund, so we decided to stick to something simpler, which was a cup insulator. So of course we had a few options. Either something that we could wrap around and change shapes according to cups, or something that was set, like an actual cup just for coffee and other hot drinks. Both seemed like good ideas. I decided to make something moldable, since the polymers we had in class were already there, and definitely moldable. We had to look at different traits of the polymers we created in class. We only had 2 options, seeing as we didn’t do goobers, and super slime falls apart too easily and can’t be used. We were left with only two options, boogers and gloop. Gloop couldn’t mold that well, but boogers could. But boogers cannot stay in place, but Gloop could. I realized that if we could combine the traits of both of these, we might be able to create a material capable of heat insulation, so for the first prototype we just stuck the two together to see what would seem to work out. It produced something that we liked, but the problem was that there wasn’t enough to even cover a cup. So we recorded the amounts and other numbers, and prepared to make the 2nd prototype. It was very effective, but the heat made it very soft, and it partially melted, which were the traits of boogers. So then we added a bit more of gloop, and it stayed there pretty well. For some reason, Andy and I decided, out of the blue to store it in multiple bags. A field trip and a weekend later, it turned into puddle. But we kept the specific amounts of whichever polymer that we needed, and created another one, and also kept it in a glass beaker, which seemed to keep it in shape. It even insulated better than prototype 2, making it the best we have. Through trial and surprisingly small amounts of error, we finally achieved a product that could make sure you can enjoy coffee and/or other hot beverages safely.

IMG_0596 IMG_0599 IMG_0679

From this process, I learned that in engineering, it’s always a trial and error thing, and that more progress can be achieved through trial and error than just getting it 100% right the first time. Who knows what you can find out when you make a mistake? Each failure can and should be a learning experience for the future.

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Liaoning Travel Brochure

Liaoning intro 

A province nicknamed the “Golden Triangle”  due to it’s location, it has many interesting scenic areas both natural and man made. For more info, download the document included in this post.

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Journal 3

Prototype 1

Basically smelly silly putty, but was bouncy, and could stick to most surfaces. Very tough, like old stuff you find on the bottom of a couch. Cannot mold as well as we thought and seems to have too little to be useful in insulation.


Prototype 2

We started it, and it turns out it can stick and be even more molded if small amounts of water are added. Isn’t as bouncy as first prototype, but is more versatile. Doesn’t stay in place when put on hot surfaces, since the temperature is too high.


Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 1.47.41 PM

Test data for prototypes. Bottom one is prototype 3, 2nd bottom one was prototype 2 and the one at the top was the temperature without the prototypes covering the cup.

Prototype 3

Just prototype two with more “gloop” inside, so instead of 1/3 gloop it became around 4/9 gloop. Makes it tougher than prototype two so it can stay in shape and not completely melt off of the hot surface. Also seems to be more breakable and less flexible. After testing, we increased the amount of the polymer we created since if it’s too thin it isn’t insulating enough.

It seems that prototype three is the best for our project, since it’s ability to mold and how it can make the temperature on it’s surface around half the temperature of the surface of the hot object. It also stays in place unlike prototype two which as said above, melts. Further testing can be done to show how it can be used, which means it can probably do more than just keep your hands safe from hot beverages.


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Journal 2

Journal 2:

Gloop: Seems like it’s too tough and breakable to be used for anything involved with insulation, might have to be mixed with other things to make it useful

Boogers: Stretchy and moldable, seems like a useful material but it kind of flattens and softens too easily

Super Slime:

Too soft to do much, and also seems to break apart and become a puddle of… super slime in a few seconds.

I guess the gloop and the boogers mixed together should be able to mould and maybe be remotely useful.

A way to test out these substances would seem to be get something hot and see the outside, insulated temperature compared to the actual surface temperature, like sticking “boogers” on something containing hot water, and measuring the temperatures of areas without the polymer and areas with it.

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Journal 1

The problem my partner and I face during this project is to make a polymer that can be a heat insulator. The biggest difficulty with this is creating and testing out prototypes, especially since we aren’t sure about what would make a good heat insulating material. Some possible specific goals should be making a jacket, or maybe even just an insulator for hot beverages, so maybe people who like doing outside things during the winter. If it seems that hot beverages are the only option, I think that it should be sticky and a bit tough.



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Comparing and contrasting 3 polymers

The three polymers we created were all really flexible and can be used for many purposes which mostly revolve around molding. Although they seem like something that isn’t of much use, I believe that if further tested, we can probably make it for more purposes besides sticking to walls or as toys.

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Best Trip of My Life

Throughout my entire life, I have been to many countries, and many different tourist locations, but none were as memorable as the first national park in the U.S, Yellowstone National Park. It’s especially interesting due to the history and the kinds of wildlife never seen in urban areas. Looking back at the trip, no matter how boring the car rides were, there was always something to see, whether on the road or even resting at one of the small towns. Sometimes it made me think about how urban life doesn’t have most of the things people have in the country.

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Boy Scouts

The announcements song. A song passed down through who knows how many generations of boy scouts (like maybe even only one or two) that has always made the one whoever said the word announcements stop talking. Scouts is like this. It can be chaotic. It can be tiring but in the end, it gets the result everyone wants. Either fun, an extra point or two for college or even just time to spend with friends.

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