The Haydn Trumpet Concerto


The piece that I am practicing is the infamous Haydn Trumpet Concerto. While I won’t play the entire piece, I am going to play what is the first page in the PDF I have found online. My primary focus will be to play notes in the upper range with articulation and a decent tone quality. In order to achieve this, I must spend time practicing higher register notes, building up the breath and stamina necessary to play these notes throughout the 1st page of the song, which I’m not used to, and more importantly, I have to practice articulating these notes clearly, so it doesn’t sound like slurring. I will do this by firstly playing through in segments, which are separated by rests, then connecting them. I will add more segments until I can literally no longer play, then I will rest for a short moment while resting my “chops”, then attempting to do the same amount again.

3 Weeks Back

Technically, it hasn’t been three weeks for me because of all the schedule crap I’ve had to sort out. But the past few classes have had twists and turns, though confusing, were as a whole pretty fun and unique experiences I won’t forget for the rest of my days. Probably. The greatest experience was attempting a new instrument. To learn new keys and to understand the different techniques of another instrument is something I’ve only experienced probably 3 or 4 times in my life. But this time was different. This time I actually volunteered, and it wasn’t some weird instrument like the xylophones or the recorder. Sure, I definitely screwed up the earlier half of the song but the process of getting there was rather unique. Of course, I probably screwed up because I never practiced standing up, thinking that I would never need to play standing up. Nevertheless, it was a fun and interesting experience, even if I failed. Otherwise, everything else went by as per usual.