Polymer Journal #1

For the Sugru project, my group has to design a polymer to prevent objects from breaking. Since we are living in an electronic era, I thought a common object that most people have are cellphones. Now, teens tend to use mobile phones instead of landlines to communicate with each other; however, because some teens are clumsy, they are more likely to drop their phones causing them to crack. Our group decided we wanted to prevent poor phone screens from cracking through a protective case.


The basic structure of this case will be a small rubber that you put on the corners of your phone, overnight it will mold and stay in shape. We were hoping to create something cushy and soft, but durable. It wouldn’t be bouncy because that would cause the phone to jump all over the place. Another characteristic is that once you take it off the phone, you can mold it into another shape for all phone shapes and sizes. It won’t be like other cases because this one will provide much more support than a plain plastic case, plus it would mold to your fingers so it wouldn’t drop as much.


Increase in Cell Phone Usage