Polymer Journal Entry #2

Type of Polymer Slime Rating Slow poke Fast poke Slow pull Fast pull Blob test (seconds) Hang test (seconds) Bounce test
Oobleck 3/5 Hard exterior, Gooey interior. Hard to poke through, crumbles. Stringy, stretches out, breaks off slowly. Breaks quickly and cleanly. 5 8 Plops onto plate.
Boogers 1/5 Damp, sticky, molds to finger. Molds to finger, doesn’t stick. Super stretchy, doesn’t break off for a long distance. Breaks instantly and cleanly. 56.65 11.88 Approx. 3cm bounce.
Super Slime 2/5 Molds around finger like a cushion. Breaks through, stays molded. Stretches out approx. 6 inches before breaking. Breaks in half instantly. 58.03 18 Approx. 2cm bounce.
Gloop 1/5 Really hard to break through, stays molded to tip of finger. Doesn’t budge. Breaks at around 2ft. Breaks instantly in half. Over a minute. Over two minutes. Approx. 10cm bounce.



Oobleck – Slime like texture, however solidifies and crumbles with pressure; doughy, sticky.

Boogers – Super sticky, opaque. Looks shiny and smooth, smells like glue.

Super Slime – Slimy, bouncy, rubbery, diaphanous blue color. Sticky and smells like glue.

Gloop – Damp, feels like rubber or silly putty. Breaks easily, is opaque, smells like paint.


For our project, we are making a polymer that can protect phone screens from breaking. For that, I feel as if the Super Slime’s bounciness combined with Boogers stickiness and ability to stay molded will form a great base. I also think that Gloop’s capability to stay molded and not drip everywhere was a good characteristic to include in our polymer. To test the strength of our polymer, I was thinking about doing the blob test, hang test, and the bounce test. Doing these tests on our polymer will show if it is capable to withstand being on a phone and dropped. Then to test how well it can stick and stay molded to a phone, we will put it around a broken phone that is not in use and see the results over the course of 5 minutes. Then I will take the phone home, and overnight, see how well the case molded. To test if it is safe to drop, we will put it around a glass screen protector and drop it from different heights, recording all results.