Science Journal Entry #4

After multiple trials of attempting to create the correct prototype, we finally present you the Polyprotector. It has taken many planning on what’s the correct polymer to use and the correct amount of polymer. Our final decision was to add gloop and boogers. We have created several prototypes of this combination and what we came up with wasn’t suitable for our goal. It was extremely sticky and it did not cover up the sharp edges well. At this moment, we knew we had to create a new prototype or even change our product. We have used super slime and changed the recipe a bit to make it suitable for our goal. This product was actually extremely well designed for covering sharp edges but it was not sticky enough to stick on sharp edges. Now, we combined the first prototype we made to the super slime prototype to create the perfect polymer.

In the dream on presentation, we would test if the prototypes are successful by actually testing out the purpose of the product. It would be tested on the actual functions of the product. For example, to test our product, it would be tested on how much the prototype can cover the sharp edges. How easily will it break? The dream on team will rate the product from 1 to 10 on how the product suits its functions.

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Difference Does Not Separate Us

“You really are a wonder, Auggie.” (Palacio 310) This novel, Wonder written by Raquel J. Palacio can have many perspectives you’re reading on. It really grabs the reader’s attention to dig deep in and choose which side of the characters you’re supporting. Wonder was packed with many conflicts the main character, August Pullman “Auggie” had to face with.

One of the most important scenes in this book was where he joined a public school the first time. Many pressure was on him, from his parents and the teachers. It was really easy to find out that he was extremely nervous and trying the best to keep a positive attitude from the authors words. This was only the beginning. One of his biggest conflict was during Halloween. Following his positive attitude, he planned to wear a costume of Boba Fett but unfortunately did not work out to well so he wore the Bleeding Scream costume. The shocking event is that even other student’s parents where shocked. Parents started talking behind Auggie’s back but Auggie was able to capture all of them. It was all insulting comments. Not just that, his trustful friend Jack Will has betrayed him. Talking how nobody should stay near Auggie and how he does not want to look like Auggie. His deformed face has caused Auggie to separate from the “ordinary” people. His mind was blank and had nothing to say but only “kill myself.”

How he was able to get back was amusing. It happened at an overnight Nature Reserve camping trip where it was another one of those days where students from other school where insulting Auggie. The words the author used had brought Auggie into life and made the reader feel extremely guilty about not being able to save Auggie. This time everything flipped around from top to bottom. Students who bullied Auggie was there to defend Auggie from the other students. A dark scene has completely flipped into a bright and happy scene. During the graduation ceremony, he deserved a “Henry Ward Beecher Medal” which is given to “Honors students who have been notable or exemplary in certain areas throughout the school years.” (Palacio 303) The quote “I think there should be a rule that everyone in the world should get a standing ovation at least once in their lives.” (Palacio 313) demonstrates how everyone should be treated the same no matter how different you are from the others.

The Border of Face

Pressure from other students can destroy a person. No matter how you said it, even as a joke the victim can be hurt. If you see a kid with a deformed face be nice even a single laugh can destroy their feelings. “Wonder” written by Raquel J. Palacio demonstrates how a deformed face can ruin their life and how it effects the character to be separated from the “ordinary” students.

This story kicks off with a character named August Pullman usually named Auggie. He is a ten-year-old that has a rare disease that makes him have a deformed face. Due to the amount of surgeries he had to complete, home school was the thing for him. His mother teaches Auggie every single subject. Soon, he became close to middle school, his mother planned him to go to a private school named Beecher. Many consequences occurred here because he wasn’t “ordinary.” A great friend of Auggie, Jack Will helped him walk around the school. Under the pressure of being in a school with children’s the same age, he gradually started to enjoy school. Now days, the bullying rates of handicapped kids has been decreased a lot, due to students and teacher’s cooperation’s. Jack Will was one of the few people who had feeling to him, he knew he count hurt him but his mouth slipped. Auggie has overheard what Jack has spoken. Jack had told his friend Julian in homeroom that he would kill himself if he looked like Auggie. This can potentially still happen be our world where a person speaks too much. Many students and adults can be heartbroken after the person you trusted has broke you. At this moment, Auggie was broken, his heart was shattered into pieces.

Auggie has thought about quitting school, killing himself and many things that can be worse. His only hope was his sister “Via” and his loved pet. At the other hand, Jack was completely blank. He did not know what he has done to Auggie. There was a huge line between Auggie and the other students. Soon, Jack sincerely apologizes about what he has said after he found out Auggie has overheard. Auggie and Jack now had an enemy being Jack’s former friend, Julian. Julian has been insulting as well as bullying about Auggie’s deformed face as well as calling Jack a freak. Jack’s anger wasn’t able to hold. He exploded everything out and punched Julian which caused him two years of suspension. This can be similar to peer pressure where he is being bullied, bullied and bullied that his anger wouldn’t be able to hold anymore. His mind had forced him.

Everything flips around after an overnight nature reserve camping trip. Other students from other school had began to insult Auggie about his facial appearance. This time Jack was not the only one who defended against Auggie. Many other students that bullied Auggie before was on Auggie’s defend as well. This had made Auggie get awarded the “Henry Ward Beecher Medal” which is only given for students who have been notable or exemplary in certain areas through out the school year. This is what we want to see in our world.

How Students and Parents Ruins a Boy’s Life

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Will a deformed face effect your daily life? August “Auggie” Pullman is a 10-year-old that was born with a rare condition of having a deformed face. As going to school the first time in his life, he meets many conflicts separating himself to the students. Every student first impression was not positive, some where saying that the absence to school was because of his deformed face. Many pain was kept inside Augusts heart because all he knew was that the surgery was the reason behind her absence. Under many pressure from students and parents he was able to try his best at all times and step up from the old home schooling from his mom. He knew he was stronger, less surgeries and less sickness he though it was finally time to join in the 5th grade life. This found poem is reflecting to August and the school.

Found Poem Image Created by PowToon

Science Journal Entry #3

We’ve started off with many failed polymers that does not match our product we imagined. We knew what materials we needed to use but not the amount of polymers we use which means that we had to mass produce slimes. We kept making slimes but each and every one of them was made differently. One of our successful prototype we’ve created had a feature of being extremely sticky. It was able to stick onto anything. We’ve thought that this would be our final product but it did not protect the sharp edges as much. This prototype was made out of 1cm of glue white from the bottom of the cup, 15ml of starch solution, 10ml of pva solution as well as food colouring and an extra 2 drops of glue. After creating this prototype all we needed was a protection for the edge. The “protection” prototype was made out of 20ml of pva solution, 3ml of borax, less than half a spoon full of guar gum with food colouring. This prototype was perfect for us because it was able to protect the edges extremely well. Since this prototype was not sticky enough, we’ve combined it with the other prototype that had a feature of being extremely sticky which makes it perfect for us.

The final combined prototype we’ve created was just as we expected because it also had an easy to take off feature. When not used, it needs to be protected in a ziplock or an air bag to not make our prototype which means it is reusable. This can make parents to not worry about their child hitting sharp edges and getting injured which decreases the amount of injuries children’s get. It is also extremely easy to use because all you need to do is to adjust the shape of the polymer so it suits the edge. This takes less than one minute so it wouldn’t give any parents a hard time!


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Science Journal Entry #2

Based on our polymer test, we where able to find out that all slimes had similar appearance except for the Super Slime. Some of them had smells and some didn’t but the main difference from each of the slime where each functions. Oobleck was able to change back into a liquid at anytime which isn’t particularly useful for our goal. Gloop and Boogers where a little close with its functions. They aren’t that sticky but both of them do stretch a lot. Boogers was able to stretch quite a distance but once you pull the polymer fast, it rips in half. For the gloop, no matter how strong you pull it, it kept stretching into an incredible distance. Out of all the polymers, super slime was the sticky one but it does not stretch as much as the other polymers. To complete our goal of protecting furniture, we would like to combine either Gloop or Boogers with Super Slime to create a new polymer we can use to cover sharp edges.

Combining polymers will not always work. We would like to try different polymers and change the amount of polymers we combine to complete our goal. Once we create a polymer that suits our goal, we would like to actually use the polymer by surrounding it on the edge of the table. If it sticks on as well as not stretching down to the floor we would like to use it for our product but if it doesn’t do the functions we would like, we would have to restart by combining polymers once again.


Polymer Project Journal Entry #1

For my polymer project, my goal is to create a polymer that can protect furniture’s. There are many ways of completing this goal such as covering sharp edges, but to create a polymer that covers sharp edges, you will need a polymer that can stick onto the furniture and doesn’t drop. Following the data, we’ve collected all the materials has pros and cons except for oobleck. Oobleck was the only material that has no use for our goal. It is extremely wet and not as sticky. Gloop and Boogers where very sticky but it does stretch a lot due to gravity. The super slime was the only one that does not stretch as much as the others but it wasn’t as sticky.

To accomplish our goal for the polymer project, we would need to combine polymers at the right amount to create a new polymer that is sticky and does not stretch due to gravity. To make it even better, we would like to customize our product for our customers to be able to create their “protecting furniture” product in their own shape. Our target market audience is families that does not want their child’s and themselves to be injured and at the same time, protect the edges of the furniture. Since many materials that does the same purpose is been created all over the world, we would like to make an easy to take off feature that makes it different from others.

What we would like to create:


Real Quadratic Equations

It may seem like we don’t need to learn about “math” but without “math”, we would have a hard time living here. Now days, math is being used everywhere and every time! You may find difficulties connecting math to our daily life but if you think about it, its being used in cashiers, airports and even in sports! In my video, I have connected the quadratic equation to a real world situation. There can be many different ways to connect quadratic equations such as throwing a basketball into a hoop, a dolphin jump, a golf ball fly but in my video I have chose a backstroke start. Once we understand the quadratic equation, we realize that the majority of real life situations creates restricted graphs. This means that all situation only lay within one quadrant. If we take a basketball shot as an example, it wouldn’t be realistic if the parabola goes in quadrant 3 and 4 because you wont shoot down. Quadrant 2 will work but only if the player decides to shoot backwards. Therefore, if would be realistic if the player throws to the restricted section of the graph because the goal is to get it in the hoop.

For additional information in my video, a value is mathematically the width and the curve of the parabola. In the video, my “a” value is a negative which means that it is a negative parabola. The smaller the “a” value is, the narrower the parabola would be which means that the bigger the “a” value is, the wider the parabola would be.