My name is Kiara and I am 8th grader at ISB.  A group of friends and I created a magazine about a ethnic minotities.  For example, the magazine has articles about Moggol, Bai, etc.  Have a flip through our magazine!

Our Polymer Project has come to an end.  My partner and I put together a video advertisement for our product.  We finished filming the parts of our video the first day of videoing.  The second class, I edited the video and put all the clips together.  We filmed a before and after video of what it’s like to use our product and not use it.  Our goal was to have a medical impact and we created a blister preventer and to help soothe blisters.  Another medical impact we had with our polymer was an anger management ball.  In our advertisement video, we showed an angered person squeezing the ball.  There are many anger management balls that are sold in the world to help relieve stress and cool anger.  What makes people want to buy our anger management ball and not others?  It’s a lot cheaper, moldable.  Many anger management balls sold in the market today are pricey and have a distinct shape, making it slightly inconvenient.  Our polymer is cheaper, (using little amounts of products found in your kitchen), and is moldable, making it easily fitting in almost everything! Overall, I think that my partner and I’s polymer project was quite successful.  We achieved our goal and most things worked out smoothly.  We never always created well-made polymers, except the polymers were not fitting in our description.  Over time, our polymer eventually was created in just the way we had wanted.

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During the last science class that I had, my partner and I created the final polymers that we are going to use to present and show in our advertisement.  We used last class to experiment using other ingredients to improve our polymer, then finalised the recipe to replicate our polymer.  The following class, we followed that recipe and it turned out how we hoped that it would.

Our material that we are creating is meant to protect and prevent blisters from happening from you shoe.  It has 2 layers that are stuck to each other, one side will be facing the shoe, the other facing where your skin is.  The side facing your shoe will be sticky so that the product does not fall or slip off or out your shoe.  We experimented with a variety of different ingredients and amounts of ingredients to have the polymer stick, but not leave any residue or be too soft and slimy where it falls apart easily.  After a few trials, my partner and I produced a desired polymer.  The other side of the polymer, the side facing your skin, is meant to be less sticky, more soft and firm.  We experimented with different ingredients that would especially make the product soft but not slimy.  Our group realised that it was challenging to find a product that was going to be soft and firm at the same time.  After a number of trials, our group concluded that we would either use guar gum or cornstarch.  After using the slime checklist ( copy questions and link on blog), we decided to mix our base polymer material with cornstarch.  We chose not to use guar gum since it left a slightly more clumpy mixture and it was easily broken.

My partner and I have both tried to make polymers that fit our description in mind as closely as possible.  Next class, my partner and I look forward to filming the advertisement for our polymer mixture we’ve created.  

Check out my infographic polymer design: Science Polymer Design

My partner and I have decided to use boogers to make our polymer that is going to be used as a blister preventer.  We decided to split or experimenting into two and see whether or not it would be better to make our material stickier or firmer.

On last class’s experimenting time, my partner and I created a perfect polymer for our purpose.  At first, we followed the recipe to make a booger polymer.  We decided that we wanted out polymer to be less sticky and more stretchy and firm by adding more liquid starch.  We ended up adding an extra 2ml of liquid starch.  After mixing the mixture together, we found that the polymer created was just about exactly what we wanted.  However, we needed the polymer to stick on both your skin and the shoe. We decided next class that we should add more ingredients to make it stickier without having it be clumpy or have it leave residue on your skin or shoe.  My partner and I have also considered combining two layers of materials together so that the stickier side is facing the shoe and the firm and non-sticky side is facing your skin.  I hope next class we can experiment with that idea in mind.

The double sided idea worked quite well, except it was going to have to be a use one time only product.  The product stretched very easily and didn’t hold its shape very well.  We hope that next class, we will be able to produce a polymer, with ingredients similar to boogers and oobleck to create a polymer that is more firm and holds its shape without being too sticky or leaves residue on shoe or skin.


Check out my infographic about my polymer: Science Polymer Inforgaphic 

330px-Tuesdays_with_Morrie_book_coverRecently, I read Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom.  This book is about a professor called Morrie Schwartz who has a terminal illness called amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.  This illness progressively kills the nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord.  Ultimately,  without a cure, Mr.Schwartz will die of this disease.  One of Mr. Schwartz’s students, Mitch Albom comes to visit him weekly during his last days.  Throughout the book, you can progressively see their relationship grow.  In this blog post, I will be showing how an incident in a story causes the protagonist to make a decision by writing a letter from Mr.Schwartz to Morrie.  Mr.Schwartz would arrange a time for a nurse to deliver the letter so that Morrie would receive it.

Dear Morrie,

Yes, I’m dead.  I’m sorry I couldn’t get this letter to you personally.  I know you’re probably going through a lot of emotions right now.  I appreciate you putting your weekly visits.  I’ll definitely miss you spoon feeding me that vile hospital food and complaining about the boring tv shows.  Most importantly, I’ll miss you.  I don’t want you to take any guilt for my death.  I have had many people in my life who were close to me before I got sick, when I was a teacher.  Once they found out about my sickness, most of them shut me out of their lives.  They had better things to do, the thought why sit in a hospital room waiting for a sick man to die?  Bout you were different.  You thought different.  You made my final days so much more interesting, you took away pain and for a few hours made me forget that I was actually sick.  “Life is a series of pulls back and forth.  You want to do one thing, but you are bound to do something else”(Albom 40).  “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and let it come in”(52).  You probably realized that I don’t say this often, but thank you, and you mean a lot to me.  I’ll be waiting for you in heaven.

Your dead teacher,

Mr. Schwartz.

Over th330px-Tuesdays_with_Morrie_book_coveris spring break, I read Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom.  This book is about a professor called Morrie Schwartz who has a terminal illness called amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.  This illness progressively kills the nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord.  Ultimately,  without a cure, Mr.Schwartz will die of this disease.  One of Mr. Schwartz’s students, Mitch Albom comes to visit him weekly during his last days.  The conversations they have change over time and their relationship always grows as time runs out.  In this blog post, I will be showing you how the setting affects the mood of the story.

For example, “Occasionally, he had to stop to use the bathroom, a process that took some time.  Connie would wheel him to the toilet , then lift him from the chair and support him as he urinated into the beaker.  Each time he came back, he looked tired”(Albom 49).  This quote shows in detail that doing simple tasks in life was hard.  A task like going to the bathroom is hard for him, his privacy is exposed and he is uncomfortable.  Being trapped in the environment he’s in, has an effect the emotions that he has now.

Another example, “But it’s hard to explain Mitch.  Now that i’m suffering , I feel closer to people who suffer than I ever did before.  The other night on TV, I saw people in Bosnia running across the street, getting fired upon, killed innocent victims… and I just started to cry.  I feel their anguish as if it were my own” (50).  The quote shows that his emotions are sensitive and little things matter so much more.  He could have felt as if he was in the victim on television’s shoes.  The thoughts going through his head may be, he is going through so much pain and so am I, we are both going to end up in the same place.  He saw his own self in the television.

Adding on to the most previous quote, we frequently see the negative side of humanity on the news wether its on television on paper.  Normally we view these situations in an sympathetic manner or angry manner but we never break down into tears.  It’s normal for not to express such deep emotions if we don’t have any personal connections with the victims of any situation.  However Morrie here did.  Morrie and the victims on televison both shared the same destiny.  Morrie felt as if he was at war similar to the victims on television, except his disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, was his war.

Lastly, I really enjoyed this book a lot.  This book was definitely different in terms of genre and style of writing compared to all the other books i’ve read.  In an interesting sense, this book puts your life in perspective.  It makes you appreciate life more and be feel glad for more things.  Overall this was truly one of the most bitter-sweet and heart wrenching books i’ve ever read.



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Science Chemical Engineering Project – Journal Entry 1

The Polymer Project

Our polymer Project goal is for it to have a medical impact.  We decided to create a blister preventer by creating a polymer that prevents friction from the shoe to your skin.  Our target audience is anyone of all ages.  Children and adults can both experience the same problem of friction with shoes and their skin so our target audience is anyone.  The characteristics of the polymer that we could like to create should be not too stretchy, not too soft where it sinks in, and not too sticky.  To prevent blistering, we don’t want to create a polymer that is too sticky where it is irritating to the skin and causes a mess.  We also don’t want to create a polymer too soft because it might be fragile and break easily or the material may not be as effective as it can be.

During our last experimental class with all the polymer materials, our group liked the boogers polymer the most.  We agreed that the booger polymer material was just closest fitting our description in mind.  The ingredients used to make boogers were glue and liquid starch.  Boogers was the most firm out of all the polymers and was not sticky or slimy.  This polymer was also bouncy, and it did not break easily.  We also agreed that the oobleck was the second best material.  Oobleck consisted of solid cornstarch and water.  The only problem we had with oobleck was that it was a little too slimy and sticky.  Also, the material was slightly softer than boogers.  Therefore, we concluded that out of all the base polymers, gloop, boogers, goobers, super slime and oobleck, boogers was the most effective and was the closest material to what we were looking for.

Throughout the polymer project, I hope that we can improve and add to the boogers material to make it less soft and more firm.  We can do that by changing up the amounts of the ingredients and try experimenting with the new material we create by using the polymer testing questions.


Check out my draft design: Here is a diagram of what we have in mind for our polymer.




My name is Liu Yi Qi.  I am a high school student at Beijing No.4 Secondary School.  My family works as faring peasants who live outside Shunyi.  I am almost 18 years old this year.  My parents have been working very hard for the past years to save up enough money for my tuition fees.  At school, I don’t get bullied.  That’s probably because I don’t come from a rich family.  I live in a small house next to where my parents work.  For me, getting to school is only a 20 minute walk.  My life is quite ordinary.

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The Chinese Revolution Keynote


In the Chinese Revolution, there were many things that changed and stayed the same.  There were many changes and continuities.  In the Chinese Revolution, there were many changes and continuities.  Some changes were that the opinions of Chairman Mao changed overtime.  Some people went from agreeing with him to changing their opinions on him because of his laws and actions.  There “Destroy the Four Olds: doesn’t exist anymore either.  For example, the group the Four Olds that supported Mao Zedong was later arrested and now doesn’t exist anymore.  The clothing people wore has also changed.  During the Cultural Revolution, people were not able to wear fancy clothing and women were not allowed to wear make up because of the harsh consequences they had to face if they were caught.  During that time, they would have to go through public embarrassments called the struggle sessions if they were caught trying to prove that they were higher than someone else in social status.  The economy has also changed.  The prices of products sold at stores rose higher when the Revolution ended.  Another major change was that the Little Red Books that everybody had to have and that was mediatory to study, is now not mandatory.  They can choose the continue studying verses from that book.  Adding on, women have taken more credit since the past.  In the past, people wanted men as children because they are much more useful when they grow up.  Men could help in the war and be a Liberation Army Officers, while women had a rarer chance of becoming one.  Now, people have learned to appreciate women more for the jobs and roles they have.

With all this change, there were also a few things that stayed the same. For example, the Communist Party still exists and is still in power.  Chairman Mao is also still recognise as a big figure.  Even though many people didn’t agree with his or necessarily like him, they still dedicate parts of the Tian Anmen Square, a very historically important place, to him.  To this day, Mao Zedong’s body is still kept at the Tian Anmen Square.  Also, education has been continued.  There was a period of time when school was stopped, but was alter resumed and there was a reeducation process that children went through.

Lastly, history holds many changes and continuities in any Revolution.  In the Chinese Revolution, there were many changes than continuities in the past, however our modern society has learned from the past to improve the future.

Red scarf girl

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