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March 21, 2016

The Young Guard

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My name is Liu Gang. I am a Red Guard and supporter of Chairman Mao. His ideology inspires me to be better for China and communism. Seeing his face is an honor every day of my life.


With revolution, there comes change. That is what we all wanted, including Chairman Mao. But some things lived through the revolution to be seen again in modern culture. Communism stayed strong all the way through the revolution because they were the leading power. Hardly anyone, that survived, wanted China to become capitalist or anything but communist, socialist, or Marxist. Another continuity is that people in China still treat Chairman Mao like a god. Sometimes when I go back to my friends that are in the countryside, yes… they are still there, I catch the praying or saying their troubles to Chairman Mao. Once I travelled far into the countryside of China for a road trip, it was amazing, but what I noticed is that all the children think that Chairman Mao is still alive and ruling this nation. I think this is a disgrace and that someone should tell them that Xi Jingping is the new leader; however, that would make them feel like they were lied to by their teachers. We don’t want another revolution happening, I’ve been through too much.

Although these things do stay the same in modern culture there are lots of drastic changes to society, for example, the clothing changed due certain clothing being a bad element. If they didn’t the silk wasn’t burnt, many people would have created eloquent designs made of silk. The world would be a much prettier place, but it isn’t. The past is in the past. The citizens of China have started to notice Chairman Mao’s mistakes, just like me. They still think he is a great leader and they wish he was still alive, but they think that killing the smart people was a bad decision. Personally, I think that the revolution was a bad decision… but that’s my perspective.

So much has happened in the revolution but China still stays strong. That is why China will rule the world one day. I’m just waiting for the right leader. A leader that I see myself in. A leader that will take good care of us and not be tainted with power. But until that time comes, I will wait patiently. Thinking about all changes and continuities of the revolution. All the moments of my life.

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