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March 22, 2016

Parabolas Are Everywhere!

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I made this using iMovie

Parabolas are everywhere, even in real life! There are many examples of this, for example: a dog jumping, throwing something, a north korean missile. We can even figure out the standard form of the equation using LoggerPro, this can find the best fit for the parabola. From this, I found that my a-term was -22, meaning my dog jumped up and then went down. My b-term was at 67 centameters. My c-term was 2 centermeters from the origin. Thus proving that parabolas are everywhere!

February 29, 2016

A Very Tenacious Girl

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Tenacious: Tending to keep a firm hold of something; clinging or adhering closely. Ji-Li Jiang in the Red Scarf Girl¬†was undeniably tenacious onto her future even though her present and past is pretty rough- her granddad being a capitalist, knowing her best friend’s grandparent suicided, and her dad being a counter-revolutionary.

During the rising action of the book, Ji-Li finds out her granddad was a, much hated, capitalist as we see here: “It was true, then. Grandpa was a landlord. I did not want to listen anymore. I turned away,” (Liang 60). Ji-Li found this out the hard way, through bullying. Some of student’s parents were apart of the government and told their children about Ji-Li’s family’s past. This led to her demanding her parents and grandparents to tell her the truth about him, they told her. But that didn’t stop her, even though there some DaZiBao about her, she continued to look towards the future and say things like: ” ‘ It’s not my fault,’ I repeated to myself,” (Liang 62). This got her through this tough time and so she was very tenacious.

Later in the book, Ji-Li finds out her best friend’s, An Yi, Grandma jumped out of her bathroom window. This was devastating for her and An Yi: “…I turned numbly away. I could not bear to hear any more.” (Liang 114). Committing suicide is against MaoZeDong’s idealism which is as close as being a crime so there was hardly a memorial for her grandparent. This got An Yi and Ji-Li really upset and even made Ji-Li think about committing suicide because of her situation. Luckily she overcomes this thought but this is a sign of nearly breaking. Ji-Li is Tenacious about her future during the overcome of her friend’s family member’s suicide.

The climax of the story was that the Red Scarf Girl, Ji-Li, had her dad jailed for a counter-revolutionary act as she finds out here: ‘He knew that he would be detained sooner or later…’ Now I began crying too,” (Liang 179). This was a massive impact on the family because then they were classified as a black family for sure. This also led to a lot of money being lost as the Dad was the working parent. Ji-Li even thought about changing her last name so she could escape her “black” family. Eventually her Dad gets let out but her life has been torn apart during the revolution. Ji-Li was very tenacious about her future even during times that will change her life forever.

In the novel the Red Scarf Girl Ji-Li let go of her family past and even her dad’s present to make her future better. She persevered through-her granddad being a capitalist, knowing her best friend’s grandparent suicided, and her dad being a counter-revolutionary. Overall Ji-Li was very tenacious about her future.

October 18, 2015

Digging Up Old Equations

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During this project we worked on how we can use algebra and equations to help real life scenarios like forensic science.¬†Forensic equations come from making a formula from which bone, what their race is, and what their gender is. These equations work well because each component is the the average of that person’s bone, race and gender. Even though these averages fit for most people there can be some errors because not every person is the same height or they might still be growing, this can lead to false conclusions and could then go onto something more serious. Scientists and mathematicians are improving this by constantly making sure they calculations are exact and are the right average to up to date data. They are also improving the way they find out about people and these crime scenes so that you can be more accurate.


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