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  1. The Hobbit
  2. Harry Potter 1
  3. Harry Potter 2
  4. The Fault in Our Stars
  5. Wonder
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Journal Entry 2

We decided to choose a mixture between Gloop and Boogers, because we noticed that they had the best characteristics, because we noticed that they were the strongest type polymer’s out of the selection, so the phone would be protected if it dropped.


Test Gloop Boogers Super Slime
Description Rubbery texture with a chemical smell quite bouncy Slimy, stuck to itself and a chemical smell to it It was transparent and broke easily
Slime Rating 1= not slimy 4= very slimy 1 2 4
Slow Poke Test It made a dent and changed the shape of the slime It dents the slime and after a while it changes back to its original shape When we poked it, it quickly returned to its original shape
Quick Poke Test It ripped and broke It goes back to its normal shape It broke and ripped
Slow Pull Test The slime elongates It stretches and you can slightly see through it It stretches and becomes super clear like glass.
Quick Pull Test It ripped into two pieces. It ripped into two pieces. It ripped in to two pieces.
Blob Test The bottom became flat but the top has not changed. It flattened slowly into a pancake It flattened like a pancake.
Hang Test (30cm) 1=poor 5=great 4 3 1


We noticed that Gloop and Boogers had the best characteristics for what we needed, so we decided not to make 1 batch of Gloop and another batch of Boogers. We decided to change the ingredients of the Gloop, so instead of mixing 1 cm of white glue with borax to make the original Gloop. We used liquid starch, water, 2 cm of white glue, and Borax for the Gloop and we used Liquid Starch and Water to make Boogers. The Gloop turned out almost perfect, it rarely stuck to clothes, as for the Boogers, we could not make it bond together with itself. It kept falling apart. The Liquid Starch made it stringy so it could not stick to itself. The left picture is the Boogers, and the right is the Gloop.

IMG_0168 IMG_0157

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New York Times Article

The environment can intercept their ides of what to do in that day. So if their is high pollution on a certain day it limits what you can do. People have tried to limit the use of factories to try and make the environment a better place to live in. When people that work in the factories in China They pollute the air, but then the environment (air) affects the people by increasing the chance of Lung Cancer.

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Polymer Project

What is the goal of our Polymer?
Since our task was to create a polymer that is wearable and also functional. We were thinking about creating something soccer created, but then we had a eureka moment, that moment was my partner and I, thinking about how we could create a polymer for our phones. We all know that anger when you buy a phone and you are constantly looking around for a case to fit that phone. Especially an older version of a phone. We decided to create a polymer that could be used as a universal phone case. A phone case that can mould any type of phone. From a Nokia brick. To the IPhone 6+. You are probably wondering, hey I thought your goal was something that you could wear. True… so why not give our phone some fashion.  We are trying to eliminate the problem having to go to multiple shops looking for a phone case to fit your phone.
Who is our Target Audience?

People that own phones and that are constantly worried about damaging their phone whether its new or old.
Describe the needs that will be met by creating our Polymer!


We need our polymer to be stick resistant. We don’t want our polymer to stick to clothing. We need it to be able to stick on to phone and not worry about damaging the phone, and also for the polymer to be able to go inside a pocket and not stick to clothing. Such as denim, silk, or cotton.


What are the characteristics that you want your polymer to have?


We want our polymer to almost act like a clay when it exposed to air. So the owner can mould it, to the phone and then after a while it will harden but also be soft. Like a foam clay. So it will still be soft and bouncy if the phone has been dropped but hard to stay on the phone, even under extreme conditions.

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Comparing Russian and Icelandic


As I was reading the 2 articles I noticed that they had a few things in common, but for the most part they were quite different. Plants Pots and Pebble Storms written by Martin Hartley, talks about how he is ascending up a live active volcano which is one of the most dangerous volcanoes in Eurasia.

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Top Cities Article

In the Top Cities article describes different cities to go to and how they each have history to them and why they are good to go to. It describes the good choices behind each of these cities and why you should go to that city. Such as Paris, France; it describes the history of the Paris planners, and the way the created roads for walking pedestrians and for bikers.

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Collage Poetry Theme

This explains the theme of my poem which is school

This explains the theme of my poem which is school

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Venn Diagram about Racism

This is my  Venn Diagram describing Racism.

This is my Venn Diagram describing Racism.

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A Method for Analyzing Poetry


Oodjeroo Noonuccal

1st Stanza- It talks about how the black people want independence, and how the Christian’s are racists.

2nd Stanza- It talks about how the black people can be racist as well and for the white people to be careful and aware. And how their could be a violent struggle and the racists would die.

3rd Stanza-  It talks about how the colour of a persons body is natural and it is just mankind. And the blacks and whites are strengthening themselves.

The Diction is obviously his anger in the poem. and with a topic of racism how can you not take it seriously and angrily. The Imagery and Details is the black skin and the enslavement moulds. The symbols in this poem is the racist Christian moulds. Implying that the Christian’s have a mould for everyone to be the same. The motifs of this poem is definitely are the 2 words; racists, and Black. The author relates to History so he can capture the horrible event of Black vs. White people.  The author used the sound effect screaming to imply that is going

The author of the poem is talking about how the anger of the racist era. And how the black people were offended and the tone and attitude explains that in the poem.

The conflict of the poem is the battle between treating everyone equally and separating the people based simply on the colour of their skin.

The title is still about Racism and so is the poem.

The theme or subject of this poem is Racism and Inequality towards humans. The poet is obviously highlighting one of the worst actions by white people in complete history.

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Blog Reflection

For my poetry seminar I went to room 3420. That was Haiku. I got the opportunity to write a few Haiku’s as well as share some of mine. Haiku’s are traditionally 3 lines with the first one having 5 syllables and then the second with 7 syllables and finally the third line with 5 syllables. After the Haiku seminar was finished I went to The Home. And wrote poems about our homes and our families. Here is an example:









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