My summer reading goal is to read for 30 mins a day. If I’m really busy, then for one week I will read 3 hours for the whole week. Another reading goal is to read a different genre, like mystery and science fiction.


– Storm Breaker
– A Wrinkle in Time
-The Adoration of Jenna Fox

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The last unit of humanities we had to make a magazine that included different province in China. The point of making the magazine is to help the new teacher that are moving into ISB next year. The process of making this magazine was to find a province in china that you were interested in. Then we went to the ethnic park and we learned more information about the province we choose. I think the hardest part of making the magazine was the putting the whole magazine together with everyone’s work. Out team kept having some technical difficulties with saving. This project was awesome and i learn new things.

The tool I used to put this together was Pages and SlideSnack.

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Journal Entry #4

OMG WE WON!! When Ms.Cox showed the winning team I was in shock. I thought Thomas and Andy’s team would Have won but nope I was wrong. Making this winner polymer we had to have three steps on making it. And also some trial and failures. In the beginning, our main goal was to design a polymer that cleans electronics. We came up with the polymer that would be like play dough, but sticky that collects all of the food that gets stuck on our phone or in your computer keys. As we started to make our polymer we came up with the base of our polymer that was Gloop. We made our fist prototype that had PVA solution and corn starch. A mistake that we made was when we added the Borax before the PVA solution and corn starch, it was still way to crumbly, and it broke apart very easily. The thing that I learn from the trial is to pay more attention to how much I out of which solution and to be more careful. As we were making our second prototype we decided that maybe we needed to change the base of our polymer, so we changed it to Buggers. Our second prototype was buggers with cornstarch. The end product was too thin so we decided to add solid corn starch for our third polymer. When we added more corn starch it made it thicker but it was too sticky. So we added more corn starch plus 2g of water. It was still sticky so we kneed guar gum into our polymer. Now we have the best polymer we could have made in that short time. The lesson that I learned when we were presenting out polymer is to have answers to most of the question that my classmates asked me. Also to have something to share on because my partner to out polymer home with her, I should have asked for it so I could show it to my classmates. This project was really fun to do.

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Journal Entry#3

Today we changed our base polymer, so instead of gloop we are now making boogers. We choose to change because the gloop we tried adding different things in the solution it still didn’t come right. So we tried boogers and it was way better we were getting closer to our goal. Our first prototype we decided to add corn starch because it thickens the polymer. The problem with that was that it was way to sticky, although it did make it thinkers which is really good. The next prototype was exactly like the first one but with more solid cornstarch. The piece of paper that Miss.Cox gave us recommended that we should mix water with the cornstarch. So we mixed 2g of cornstarch and 5ml of water to the buggers. The second polymer was thick and not to sticky but it was way to “stringy”. To fix our “stringy” we kneaded 0.4g od guar gum to our polymer. After we ended kneading our polymer started to get less stringy and it was sticky but not to sticky. We took a little bit and started testing it. We got some Doritos and broke them and put them In our computer and it cleaned them. SO we have finally made the right polymer!

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 9.21.25 PM

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You have 3 Snap’s, Margo




In the book Paper Towns by John Green, a girl named Margo goes missing and leaves clues for Quinten to solve. I choose to do the snap chat format because it fit in fit my main focus the best which is using dialogue to help advance the plot. In the first snap chat picture, I chose to use the dialogue “This is it…where in New York”(Green 219). I choose this because it shows that after all the clues Margo has left they have finally found out where she is and they might go and look for her. I chose the picture of the road map of New York because in the book it said she might be in Poughkeepsie. The next snap chat is” I found Margo… have to go”(Green 239). This dialogue advances the plot because this is when Quentin is telling his parents that he has found Margo and need to go and get her. He found out that Margo was in Agloe, New York after finding maps and solving the mystery. That why I chose the picture that shows Agloe. The Last quote that I choose is when they found Margo in an abandoned barn “I have found her” (Green 281). I chose to use that dialogue because that’s what all of my previous dialogues have led to. In conclusion, Paper Towns is an awesome book that you should definitely read.

To make my snap chats I used Snapsr

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Journal Entry #2: Developing Solution

Today we started creating our polymer. My partner has been gone so we made the prototype that I came up with. The base of our polymer is Gloop, which has water, borax, and white glue. For our polymer to work we need it to be stickier and stretchy but less goopy and less stringy. So to make our prototype we need to add some PVA Solution & Glue and more Liquid Starch. As we started to make the gloop we made one big mistake, we added borax and that’s when we found out that we needed to put it last. We need to add borax at the end because borax is what makes it one whole thing and we also forgot to put in the PVA solution and Liquid Starch. The next class we will make two different gloops one with the PVA solution and the other one with the liquid starch. And if we have time we will make one that has both of the PVA solution and the liquid starch and make sure we add the borax in last. When we finish making the prototype we will test it by putting it on a dirty place and living it there until the next class.

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 9.26.14 PM

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Where she go?

In the book Paper town by John Green, Quentin is in love with a girl named Margo. Margo was a popular kid and loved mysteries so much that she became one.John Green is a great writer and in the begging of the book he had a lot of places that had tone.

In the beginning of the book when Margo disappeared she left a clue for Quentin to follow. The clue that he found said “8328 bartlesville Avenue” so he and Ben and Radar (his best friends) left the next day and skipped school. When they got there the Author, John Green, described the place. “Strips of cracked paint wrinkled away from the walls, like insects clinging to a nest…this was not a place you go to live” (Green 139). I think the tone for these two lines is frightened. I think this because the thought that Quinten doesn’t make the shop an enjoyable place to be and the simile is really petrifying. Another spot on the book that I thought had a great tone was still when they are still in the abandoned shop, “it appears to have been abandoned in a great hurry like its employees were beamed up to space or something”(Green 147). I believe the tone for this part is Abashed because it seems that the workers didn’t want to work there because it wasn’t appealing to work in.

In conclusion, I think John Green is a great writer and this book had a lot of great tone.

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Polymer Journal #1

In class today, we had to come up with a goal that our polymer will meet. The goal that our polymers has to meet is to design a polymer that will clean electronics. The problem that we will solve is that we are going to create a polymer that will easily clean electronics. Our target audience for our polymer are people that have jobs and have electronics. The needs that our polymer will meet is that it will stay in its shape when it’s formed, and stay it shape after using. The characteristics that we want in our polymer is that we want our polymer to be in any color that our costumers want. It will mold into your finger when you use it so it can be easy to use and comfortable but still retain its shape.


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Through A Girl’s Eyes

Hi, my name is Dina and I’m 18 years-old. My whole family is a really big fan of Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh. In my opinion, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini is the best ruler we have had out of all of them. He is not selfish and made our country stronger. He believes in keeping religion. My family live in the middle class and I have lived through the Iranian revolution.

Throughout the history of Iran, a lot of things changed and some stayed the same. For example, women in Iran had quality for some time and then it got taken away. When the Shah’s were in ruling they were all for woman rights, however, Ayatollah Khomeini was all against women rights. Reza Shah and his son were all for women power, they let them vote, have a proper education, and even have jobs, they believed that woman should be treated the same as men. On the other side, Ayatollah Khomeini disagreed that women should not have equality to the men. When he was Supreme Leader of Iran he made all the woman wear veils and praise me. Now in these days’ woman have a say in voting and have an education but still don’t have the same equality as men do. Another thing that is still the same is the Islam, the religion that Iran has. When Reza Shah and his son were ruling Iran, they tried really hard to modernize Iran and take in the western culture. When they were ruling they banned women from wearing veils but they let him wear short shorts and all the western clothes. Later when Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini came into power he brings back Islam and wants the women to wear a veil again. To this day women still wear veils. The US and Iran were once BFF’s but not anymore. In the beginning, they were friends because Iran had the oil and the USA had the helicopters, guns and more. So they would trade. But when Iraq went to fight Iran the USA helped Iraq and that when USA and Iran stopped trading things. Another change is that the leaders changed, it started with Reza Shah then goes to Dr. Mossadegh, Shah Pahlavi, then Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini after that there were no more kings. Now in Iran, they have Presidents and a theocratic republic. In conclusion, over time things change but some stay the same.

The presentation was made in Keynotes, posted via Issuu

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Same, Same but Different

same-same-but-different-conflict-copy (1)


In the book Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi Its about a girl names Marjane that lives through the whole Iran revolution. In my graphic novel there is no figurative language, but in the PDF it has an appositive phrase. “In January 1979, after weeks of massive street demonstrations, the shah departed for Egypt; in February, Khomeini returned to Iran” (Poor Copy PDF 102). This makes the writing have more different types of writing styles. The two things that they both have in common is that they both talk about “Black Friday”. Which was when the people of Iran protested and the Shah responded with killing. And the protest worked because in January 1979 the shah went to Egypt.


To make this multimedia I used piktochart


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