Instagram Addiction

A couple years ago, when I was in elementary school, Instagram was never a big thing. But after the years have past, Instagram has grew more and more, not only on everyone else but also on me. I knew I was first addicted to Instagram when I would be on it daily. It played a major role in my life. Instagram became a part of my life, it was not only for entertainment, but it was also for my daily news and current events. Based on the accounts that you follow, their posts will show on your main page and you can chose to either like or comment on the post.

The most important part about Instagram is the freedom to do whatever the people want. If they wanted to make accounts about food, they can. If they wanted to make accounts about streetwear, they can. If they wanted to just make a personal account, they can also do that. Instagram is easy to access, it is simple, hip, and more and more people are starting to use it. Not only teenagers, but also people who are starting their own businesses. It can be used for public announcements, or it can be used just to share your personal experiences by posting them online.

There is also a search bar on Instagram. This can precious ours to be spent on it due to the fact of how diverse it is. Any key word can be searched online and millions of videos or pictures that relate to the idea or the key word will be shown for your viewing.

Overall, Instagram is a very accessible app that can be used by both teenagers and elderlies. Based on what they’re interested in, they can surf the web and stay entertained for hours and hours just on one or multiple topics. As Instagram is growing in our society vigorously, there is no doubt that soon most of the population will be using this and spend precious time on this app as well.

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Travel Through Mongolia

Over the corse of this project, my peers and I have improved our writing skills by a fair ammount. We have learned a lot about the minorities that we have choose. We went to the minority park to see what the minorities for ourself. As you can see in our magazine, we have also learned a lot about the geography in China and created a map of our minority. This project has brought us together as a group.

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Entry 4

Entry 4


Out polymer has worked out in all of our other classes and now we were just doing some final touches. Our final polymer comes in three different colors, blue, green and pink. We thought that it would be more appealing to put in more colors for the audience that will be watching our infomercial. We moved through the engineering design cycle kind of by making something, and adding on to that one thing to make our polymer better, and more what we wanted it to be. Though the process we have failed multiple times,

for example, adding too much water, or forgetting to put a solution in our product. But overall, I think we succeeded in what we were hoping to get because our product actually works.

We learned a lot from our failures, for example, we learned that we needed to record everything exactly as we did it; we needed to have steady hands when we are using the materials, and we needed to remember not to play around with the polymer when we are doing tests or else it would not be accurate.

The 5th Wave

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 1.43.58 PMBlog Post


I made a diagram explaining different points of view from different characters in the story. I talked about Cassie and Evans view to when Cassie gets shot. I compared the similarities and explained the quote.

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Entry 3. Polymer

Over the past few days, we have designed something that meets our expectations. A polymer that can be a heat insulator and that sticks to someone’s skin in a “friendly” way when they use it. We have 3 prototypes for our final design, we want out polymer to keep the heat in for a long time after it has been microwaved and we don’t want the polymer to stick on the person so much, that they can’t get it off. It has been a challenge for us to make what we have right now.

Our prototype has 3 different colors, blue, turquoise, and red. The prototypes are not all the same because we wanted to add different amounts of different solution to see if it would work, and amazingly, it all worked when we put the polymers in the microwave and heated it. The weaknesses for our prototype are that if you remove the polymer from your hand when it’s still warm. The heat would be released a lot faster than if you kept it on your hand the whole time. That was what we were trying to work on for the past class.

Polymer Entry 2

Entry #2


Today in class we made prototypes for our Polymer, we used the recipes that we had thought of in the class before. We wanted to use gloop for our base and we decided to add other ingredients to our product. For example, our first product uses water, borax, PVA, guar gum, and solid cornstarch.  We wanted to have a solid base so our product would not slip of the person that is using it. We also microwaved our product and see how it reacted with heat. 13 seconds into the microwave, our polymer started to blow up like a balloon, it had inflated and stayed in that position until the timer ended, when I took the polymer out, it was bubbly because of the heat. When we compared it to the same polymer that was not heated up, the heated up one was stretcher and was easier to mold. We thought that might be useful because the polymer that was not heated up, was not stretchy and can’t stick. We tested the stickiness for our polymer because we knew that it had to stick onto someone and it had to keep warm while it sticks. That did not work out so well because our product was not sticky at all and it did not keep warm for a long time. Our final test was to submerge out polymer into water because we wanted to test out if it was waterproof or not. In conclusion, we made a lot of polymers because we wanted ours to be sticky, not too stretchy, hold its shape, and keep its warmth for a very long time.

th-2th-1Poly PVA Solution

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Polymer Project

Polymer Project


Our polymer is a polymer that can be warm, if you are cold, and then you can make our polymer warm and stick it anywhere on your body and stay warm for a long time. We need our polymer to be a solid like form, if it is soft and malleable then, when you stick it on somewhere on your body, it will stretch and eventually break. So we need something that can stay in shape for a long time. We are making our polymer for everyone, we want it to be smooth for the skin so it won’t slip off and it also has to feel comfortable. People that lives in cold areas in the world can use it as a heater, and people that live in warm places, can use it as a cooler. My partner and I wanted to make something that would help athletes that has an injury so they can use our polymer and put it over where they got hurt so they can relax. We also want it waterproof because after the athlete training, they would sweat a lot so we need a polymer that would stick onto the person even thought it is wet. We need it to meet the athlete’s expectations and give them the comfort, if they get water on it or accidentally splashed with water, then it would still stick on them. It need to stay in shape and not melt because if it melts, then you cannot use it anymore, we want it to be heat resistance so it would stay in shape. We are using solar heat right now but we need to make sure that it does not melt the polymer by absorbing the suns heat rays. We are planning to use solar powered energy or a microwave to heat up the polymer, we hope that the polymer would keep the heat in it and won’t get very cool in a short timeline.

In conclusion, our product could be reusable, can resist heat, and can be used for a very long time without it being cold.electric-heater-2

The 5th Wave

“After the first wave, only darkness remains. After the 2nd, only the lucky survive. And after the 3rd, only the unlucky survive. After the 4th wave, only one rule applies: trust no one.” (Rick Yancey)


Now, it’s all down to the fifth wave. Trying to stay alive, Cassie’s only hope is to find Evan Walker for rescuing her brother or saving herself. The 5th Wave is a page turning book by Rick Yancey, the 5th wave is one of the books in his series that talks about how the world in different stages. 1st stage was a massive EMP strike that affected all forms of technology, objects the run on electricity such as cars; cell phones etc. were all useless. The second wave was earth’s fault lines that created a massive earthquake and tsunami that took out the cities closest to the sea in all seven continents. The third wave was an infection, a plague that whipped out most of the population. The third wave spread out the planet from birds as the carriers of the diseases. People that encounter the virus first get hit with a cold-like symptom. Then it progresses to were blood pours out of every part of your body. The infected people turn into “bombs” that spreads the infection to all the other people near them. The fourth wave was when the Others walked on earth and tried to eliminate all the remaining people on the planet. They were known as the “Silencers.” They make it hard to trust anyone that you meet that looks like a human because the “Silencers” and humans look identical. The 5th Wave was when highly trained child soldiers pick up anything the “Silencers” has left. Some children have bombs implanted in their throats so they can be used as stealth bombs.

The one reason that makes this book an amazing one is that Rick Yancey writes very clear and descriptive paragraphs about the mood that definitely affects the story.

In the beginning of the story, it gets straight to the setting of where Cassie is. She goes to the gas station and gets water. The author has done a very well described job on this part of the story. Her description of the gas station is very vivid: “The same graffiti scrawled walls, overturned shelves, floor stretched with empty boxes and caked-in rat feces, the busted –open and looted beer coolers” (Yancey 6). This quote also tells us how the gas station looks after the past waves. It gives the reader an idea of their surrounding because it makes them put together all the waves and imagine a gas station that has been through all of them. The way this quote effects the reader is because it gives the reader an idea of the world in the story, how everything broken down like this gas station. The quote makes me feel desolate because everything in the store is either gone, or broken. It makes me feel like its been abandoned for a while and it hasn’t been fixed.

There is well written setting description throughout the book, Rick Yancey does some really good descriptions that really puts an image to your head just by reading what he writes. Cassie explains, “Incase you don’t know, we live on a restless planet, The continents sit on slabs of rock, called tectonic plates and those plates float on a sea of molten lava. They’re constantly scraping and rubbing and pushing against one another, creating enormous pressure. Over time the pressure builds and builds, until the plates slip, releasing huge amounts of energy in the form of earthquakes. If one of those quakes happen along one of the fault lines that ring every continent, the shock wave produces a super wave called a tsunami” (44-45). This long quote shows us how the earth is like after the waves and tells us how delicate and fragile earth is after the waves, it says that the slightest movements could cause an earthquake that would lead to a tsunami. The quote explains how dangerous the new earth is and how it might affect the characters a lot in the story because they might be always scared that another earthquake or tsunami might be coming. I think the author did a great job describing the new setting of the new earth and this makes me feel like the earth is dire because it says that rocks are coming out from the earth.

Rick Yancey has written a lot of his books and it is mostly fantasy. What I love about his books are that he can describe the setting so well, you don’t even have to try and picture a new one in your head. He makes the reader feel like it’s an easy read because he explains the setting so well. After he writes about the setting, it automatically makes you feel a mood and that is what I think makes a good book

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Compare & Contrast



  Red Necklace “Guillotine” from Wikipedia
Structure The structure of this book is just like any novel that takes place during the French revolution. This book is written in a chronological order so the author can create a timeline for the story and character development through the book. In Wikipedia, the structure of the text is not written in a story type. It is written like it is giving information to the reader. Much like bullet points but more in depth and more information
Word choice The word choice in this book because they did not use as advanced word choice as Wikipedia “People’s Tribunal as a traitor you are” The word choice Wikipedia used is more advanced then the work that sally Gardner used. “Revolution and vilified.”
Tone The tone in this book is used as a third person because of “Where are you taking me?” The tone of Wikipedia is not really in any tone, its basically telling you about the information “Reign of Terror by opponents. The name dates from this period, but similar devices had been used elsewhere in Europe over several centuries.”
Perspective The perspective that Sally Gardner wrote from in this book was third person. She didn’t use first person because it would not be as interesting following one person the whole time thorough the story. The perspective Wikipedia uses is more of a telling perspective because Wikipedia is trying to teach you about the thing you searched up and not write it like a story in the book because that would not be as directed as just giving out information.
Similarities. The similarities in these two pieces of writing is that it both explains and tells the reader a part of the French revolution and in the quote that I found in the book explains how one character lives through the guillotine and the piece of writing that Wikipedia has published is the basic information of the guillotine, where it is made and what purpose it is used for  


As we all know, the book The Red Necklace is based on the French Revolution. Sally Gardner has put many things connecting her story to the real French Revolution. It is a good way to write a book because one, we can learn from it and two, it is more interesting to see what the author had changed a bit for the French Revolution.




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