Converging culture – Inside the mind of a novice March 11, 2018

Our project for the last few weeks was that we had to make a converging culture photoshop picture/ photo. It should be based on our experiences in our world, like feelings and emotions. The message of my project should have been “My mind when it’s drifting into a state of uncertainty”, instead I felt it sounded like I had a state of peril. Every single time when I was working on it, I was stressed like there was no tomorrow. Even if it was not showing, I felt it in my brain. There were a few surreal devices that I used, scale, levitation, transformation and more… I think at least. Jerry Uelsmann was the artist that Inspired me to make this is most of the project is in black and white.

The creative process of the project was like this, first, we had to learn how to use photoshop. Since we had little to no experience with a program like this, we had to do it step by step. Next was planning the project, I had a few ideas but I felt they were useless in total. The third was presenting the project to people, this was one of my first problems because I was not a good public speaker. If I were to talk to people, I would feel trapped by their onlooking stares of intent. Repeat this a few more times then we got to work on getting the project done. My actual project looked very different from what was planned. A few of the challenges that we came across was that one, I didn’t know how to use photoshop in the first place. The second was that I had limited time to make it and third was that when I add something, I add more, so much stuff until I had too much in my project. I did really challenge myself so much that I felt like this would take forever to complete it, but now it has ended. I did take advantage as much time as I needed for this project. 

The photo above was one of the process photos that I had, this was engaging and persisting. Even though using photoshop was challenging, I try to remain as calm and collective as possible. However, the only thing that nearly brought me down was that I saw a lot of people works were greater than mine. I have to admit, it nearly broke me, as I felt that they would be praised and mine would be scorned and forgotten. It was tough.

I used my observations from my past to make these pictures, I felt they were nothing much but rubbish. The way that I said that is because I had at the time, saw from the corner of my eye, one of my classmates’ pictures. It was astounding compared to mine (which was trash). When we had to present them, I saw each and every one of them that was in my group and felt terrible.

Another of my process photos, this was for understanding the art world. I have to admit, I couldn’t understand a single thing that is happening to the art world. A Banksy is better compared to mine, and yet his/ her works are being destroyed because they are deemed as disruptive and an offense.



Saving Banksy February 27, 2018

The documentary (known as Saving Banksy) is about a artists work being either destroyed by the public or being sold by people who should have no right to sell it. The people who are painting it are not getting paid (reasons of being unknown to the public). That even great art can be labeled as graffiti and destroyed. I agree with trying to preserve these works of art, modern art is boring annoying and so minimalistic. Seriously, even nowadays, even a dot could be considered a work of art while people are being arrested for making good art. The most important thing I learned was that you don’t need to be known to be a famous artist. (People recognize the name Banksy, but don’t know his face).

Valentine’s day card February 13, 2018

The card is intended for anyone that knows RAF slang, these people are special to me because I play with these people every day. I felt that my card should be a bit chaotic, just like the old times. That my cabbage crate is me sending my love to them. (cabbage crate means bomb). I am not really a creative person I understand, but I try. I guess that there is some humor involved, me dropping a bomb of caring upon my friends. Meanwhile, people who don’t know think I am dropping an actual crate of cabbage on my friends. It is funny to hear people question me about it.


Double exposure 1 and 2 February 7, 2018

Inception photoshop February 7, 2018

Photoshop testing Pop out Effect January 22, 2018

Photoshop Media Testing 3 Geometric Reflection January 16, 2018

PS Media Testing-2 January 12, 2018

PS Media Testing-1 January 12, 2018

In a box project: Reforming culture (as it was) December 9, 2017

This project was about choosing a theme from a hat (I got culture) and expressing it in a box. The way that it panned out was that the people should figure out and understand from your box your theme. If they understand your theme, then you would have succeeded in your objective. The process of this project was tough, constant problems with logistics and thinking. We also had to make a thesis, mine was “In our world, everything is changing, there are more ways to explain the concept of culture. However, even as the world modernizes and the shape and form of culture changes, the meaning will always stay the same.”

First, we had to plan what our box would look like. Second we had to gather materials that are based on our plans. Third, there is crafting the thing (honestly, making the materials make sense in the contexts of the project. My actual studio piece ended up looking very differently from the planned piece. Some of the challenges that I came across during the course of the project was the lack of parts, the problem of an incoherent plan and a hard time explaining what each object meant. The way that I addressed these challenges is that for the first one, searched around my house for anything that was probably going to be thrown away. For the second problem, I consulted with my teacher and my peer for any ideas. But the third problem I found out was due to me having a lack of words to use

This project was really challenging as I got a hard one, culture. I thought I had this one and it would had looked great. I felt that I really challenged myself, after all this project was a hard one. I mostly used the advantage of the class time for the project. The only time that I didn’t use it was because I was trying to solve the explaining problem so I can explain to the teacher. I don’t really think that I had really grown and matured as an artist, compared to others it looks like rubbish. Everyone’s project looks amazing and none of theirs’s had fallen apart.


I had to develop my crafts for this project, the concept of it was, to say the least, very interesting. There were tools that I had to figure out how to use, like glue guns (without burning myself) and the drill (which I didn’t use). We also practice analyzing the boxes and watching other techniques by other artists. I should have like this project, I should have, however, I felt that everyone’s techniques and ideas outshone mine. Each time I look at my project I would sigh in dissapointment.

I tried my best on this project, after all, I stressed and struggled with it. After all the hardship and despair that it has caused in my mind. I can finally put it to rest, I showed a lot of interest in the project and the process of it. Although I hoped it would stay in one piece, not a few pieces, alas it fell apart during the art showcase.

My teacher said that you should enjoy art like a hobby, I certainly almost did, but after a while, I am happy for a break from it for a while. After all, even the best of things need to be put to rest. However, I can’t judge other people’s works on mine because mine one is a decaying lump of wood. I felt I could have done more. I bet that people would have said that it looks like a terribly done project if a teacher wasn’t there. I just hope that it would be just good enough the teacher to consider good.