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Polymer Journal Entry #4

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There were many different samples for the prototype that is to prepare the final product to create a break-resistant polymer. As I have said before, I used a base polymer that has a property that could make the polymer less “gloopy”, more bouncy and a little stretchy. So after the experiment with the base polymer Gloop, my partner and I found out that it couldn’t work because the polymer was not sticky enough; it couldn’t stick to the electronic. We needed something that could stay on the phone. Through many trials and failures, I learned that the prototypes I made needed improvement. My partner and I came up with the idea to mix base polymers. We wanted something that could hold its shape and stay sticky to objects, so we used the base polymers Gloop mixed with “Boogers”.

Boogers can make polymer stickier and stretchy.

As the experiments resulted with two solutions, (one Gloop, one Booger) we came up with the idea to mold the two polymers together to create something that can holds its shape and stay on the electronic. We covered the Boogers (with more amount) over the Gloop and molded it until it completely mixed.

Afterwards, we tested it on a real electronic and it was successful. The phone didn’t have much damage.

On the day of presentation day, we presented my polymer product very well. I strong persuaded my classmates of how my product works and showed them various experiments and trials and proofs of what my product could do and how it is a great break resistant polymer to protect electronics from damage. My classmates enjoyed the product and I got third place.

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Outside the Window (the Giver version)

This is a video I created based on the trailer for the novel The Giver by Lois Lowry. It tells a story of a young boy that lives in a community of sameness where everybody is the same. Characters in the book say that they created this world to keep the peace, to keep their world from war and famine. But through a reader’s perspective, I believe that I see a world of fear and isolation.

I chose to create a poem video because just previously, I was creating a poem video for my own poem: Outside the Window. This poem I wrote influenced me to also write a poem for the novel. The poem helps explain the theme with a visual representation of different scenes from the original trailer of the novel. I tagged this video as a resolution post because I thought that this video’s poem and visual representation greatly highlights the theme of the story.

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Polymer Project Journal #3

There are many different ways you can create a recipe that can design a polymer that could be used for a break resistant phone case. One of the prototypes that I created is a good example for a design polymer, because it was quiet a successful one. I learned that this could work when I used Gloop as the base polymer and then experiment with other materials that could improve the base polymer. This was my recipe:

  1. 2 ml of water
  2. 8 ml of Borax (increase bounce, decrease stretch)
  3. 1 cm of glue (using a plastic cup, measuring with ruler)
  4. Guar Gum (sprinkle over the surface of the polymer)

The other two experiment prototypes are not very successful because the it had the absence of ‘holding its form’. While on the other hand; the successful prototype held its form, and it is important because break resistant items have to hold its form to be able to absorb forces and prevent the electronic (phone) from damage. I trust that Prototype #1 (successful prototype) will be an excellent prototype to prepare the design of the final product. This is because from it clear from the observations that Prototype #1 has the properties that a break resistant polymer should have. My observations describe that Prototype #1 has the rubbery properties and that could increase bounce: “When I dropped the polymer from 10 cm off the ground, the polymer bounced half the height.” This observation shows that there is increase of bounce. “When I did the hang test, hanging the polymer from the tip of my fingers, the polymer held its form.” This observation shows that the polymer holds its form, which is suitable for a break resistant polymer prototype.

As I said, these are the observations of Prototype #1. There was definitely other ideas or changes that happened between to improve the prototype; so I created Prototype #2 that is based on a similar base polymer of Polymer #1. The one problem Polymer #1 had was that it was not sticky enough. (We need a polymer that could holds it’s form and we want it to stay on the electronic) Because of this problem, I learned how to make a better improvement on the prototype. So on Prototype #2, I experimented with materials that made the polymer stick to objects easily. I used the materials Liquid Starch and PVA Solution with glue.

Liquid Starch can make slime less “stringy”.

PVA Solution makes polymer more sticky, more stretchy and less “goopy”.

At last, I have decide to use Polymer #2 to prepare the final prototype.


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Polymer Project Journal #2

There are many different polymers I have experimented and I realize that these polymers have a common feature: they are all very similar to slime; some of the polymers are even design to actually look like a real polymer. To create a break resistant polymer for protecting a phone, I would need a polymer that is able to stay strong and stay together. I would use a polymer that has strong absorb of forces. I think that out of all those polymer samples, Gloop is the best slime sample to be the base polymer for the new product to create. I choose this as the base polymer because it has the specific characteristics of what the product will have; the characteristics of force of bounce, break resistant, soft and easy to mold to another form. The most unique characteristic that makes this polymer the base polymer is that the polymer holds its own form in normal circumstances. With this polymer, the product will stick on the phone without changing shape and it is still break resistant.

The polymer, Gloop itself is not enough to become a break resistant product to be used on electronics. For this to work is to combine this base polymer with other materials that can develop the polymer thicken even more and add rubberier feeling to create a prototype. Looking at the properties of the materials, there are some out of these materials that help with making the prototype increase thickness, absorb of force, and the rubbery properties: Solid Cornstarch to thicken the polymer, Guar Gum to add rubbery properties, and lastly add extra Borax to the polymer to increase bounce and decrease stretch. My plan is just like my recipe, mixing all of these together to make a new improved polymer prototype.

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World of Sameness

Endless wars and bloody massacres… why do they exist on this earth? They exist because of every individual’s differences and it is these very differences that create inequality, which is what drives us apart. Inequality leads to suffering, that leads to great pain. The pain of war, poverty, death and loss; memory of a child taken away from his mother. Why do we have to remember? What would it feel like to forget all this pain and loss?

The novel The Giver, by Lois Lowry tells an astonishing story about a community of people living in a world of sameness. In this world everyone is the same; everything they do is equal. Sometimes when you think about living in a peaceful world where everyone is the same and treated equally is great; everyone would be living in happiness.

They have never known pain, he thought. The realization made him feel desperately lonely.” (110 Lowry) No one knows what pain is and what it feels like because the community rules erase it from their world. A world where there isn’t war and loss nor is there inequality. Differences would not exist and no one will be hurt or judged. The absence of crime, poverty, war and famine, creates a world of peace. But when hiding the truth from a community… Is it still a safe and peaceful society?

Although everyone in the community didn’t know about the truth, but Jonas, the main character did. From the beginning, it was clear that Jonas was very curious; he wanted to experience everything and anything, even if it meant pain. That’s why he was chosen to be the Receiver of Memory; to hold the pleasant and painful memories of the world generations and generations ago. Being this important person in the community is what made him different. Through his training everyday, Jonas struggled holding the memories of the whole world.

“Overwhelmed by pain, he lay there in the fearsome stench for hours, listened to the men and animals die, and learned what warfare meant.” (120 Lowry) But unlike the previous Receiver, he didn’t quit; instead he decided to make a change.

People should not be protected from their emotions and memories. People should have emotions; people should have memories. Life is filled with many ups and downs and even though sometimes memories can become really painful and people want to forget, but if without memories, knowledge is meaningless. Only when there are painful memories will there be pleasant memories. Although the past cannot be changed or disappear; the future is forever in front of you.

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Polymer Project Journal #1

There are many phone users in the 21st century and because of this the polymer I am creating is really beneficial for these people. The polymer I am creating is designed as a break resistant polymer that covers the corners of electronics (phone) to prevent broken screens and other broken parts. The polymer will have property like rubber; probably adding a property (Borax) to increase bounce. It will absorb strong forces, so when the electronic, for example like the phone hits any unsafe surfaces, the parts of the phone (screens) won’t be damaged. This polymer is specially designed for people of all ages that like to bring their phones everywhere with them often. The design also creates good hand grip on the phone, so that phones won’t easily be damaged from falls and crashes. The final product of this polymer shall be in a form similar to a normal phone case, so that it is more convenient to attach and take off. It will have appearance like clay/dough, soft and easy to change into other forms to attach on other electronics.  Even though the appearance of this polymer is just like a normal phone case used by people now days, but it is definitely a better product that can better protect your phone from damage.


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World Without Color


This is an animated GIF that shows the internal changes for the main character, a young boy in the novel The Giver. This novel tells an astonishing story about a young boy that lives in a community of sameness; whatever every one does is equal. This young boy is only twelve years-old and has to hold an important status in the community; holding all the memories and pain of the past.

I chose to make this animated GIF because I wanted to create a visual representation of the internal feelings of the main character. This young boy is going through confusion and anger; trying to understand how his community doesn’t know the truth. One of the main theme that makes the community different from our real world is the erase of color. Color creates difference and so the community erases it from their world. Through the many months of training, the main character slowly realizes the existence of differences of everyone and everything. He decides to make a change. Will he succeed?

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Outside the Window

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One Day Power of Magic

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