How to Survive 8th Grade

Tips for Surviving 8th Grade Don’t Procrastinate You should never procrastinate in 8th grade, the first thing you should do when you get home is homework. Procrastinating till the last minute will not help you at all. As a very experienced procrastinator (for everything), I highly recommend that you should not procrastinate and leave things till the last minute. 2.… Read more →

Polymer Journal #4-Final Reflections

Both polymers caused us trouble, but the boy polymer caused a lot more than the girl polymer. There were many unsuccessful prototypes of the boy polymer. The boy polymer needed just the right amount of sliminess, stretchiness and transparency. It was very hard to find the right materials and amount of materials to make the boy polymer. We have had… Read more →

Inner Mongolia: China’s Most Beautiful Province

This powerpoint introduces what the province of Inner Mongolia has to offer to the tourists. It focuses on aspects of the natural environment, movement, negative/positive aspects, human created environment, and traveler typography. This powerpoint shows that Inner Mongolia is a beautiful province with a lot of activities to offer. There are many choices of what to do at Inner Mongolia… Read more →

Polymer Journal #3 – Optimising Prototypes

All the prototypes we made for girls were pretty successful. For the first two girl prototypes, we experimented with the color purple. To create purple, we had to mix blue and red together. The first prototype was dark purple, you couldn’t really see the glitter that we put inside so we decided to make another prototype and try to make… Read more →

China’s Pollution

“As China Roars, Pollution Reaches Deadly Extremes”, is an article that is about the air and water quality in China. As I read the article, I found out mind blowing statistics on the water and air problems that have been affecting humans. China’s economy is gradually rising up, but it’s environmental problems are getting worse. Even if all the countries… Read more →

Polymer Journal #2-Developing Solutions

In the beginning of our project, we tested out different kind of polymers (gloop, boogers, super slime) to see which ones had the characteristics and features that would be most effective in our project. Super slime was a polymer that created transparency, this was one of the characteristics that we needed for our polymer. Boogers was also another important polymer… Read more →

Polymer Journal #1-Defining the Problem

Our project goal is to design a polymer that makes an interesting toy for children. Most children these days don’t really play with toys anymore, so we are trying to make a fun, exciting and interesting toy so that children will want to play with toys again. Our target audience is children ages 4 and up; because of this, we… Read more →

Travel Magazine Reflection

Writing for travel magazines are not easy. After reading many articles, I realised that my own travel writing is not even close to the travel writing standard. On the blog post that I did on going to Universal Studios Japan, I only introduced the most popular attraction there without any detail or talking about my own opinion. I didn’t use… Read more →