Gaming? or Communicating?

What would you do if your teammate sent you a red exclamation mark when you’re escaping? I would RUN FASTER! League of Legends is an online multiplayer video game played on computers that was created in the year of 2009. The game features 10 players each game, with 5 players on each team, competing against the opposite team. I am a big fan of League of Legends and it is my favorite video game. I go on the game whenever I finish my work during breaks. I consider the game as a type of mass media because it satisfies the definition set by Wikipedia. League of legends contains conversation windows both in-game and outside of game. You can chat with one user, multiple users within a group, or even the mass community. Going further, league of legends also allows users to communicate with actions rather than verbally and textually. For example, during a game, you can send out signals to your teammates such as question marks, exclamation marks, and pin points. The players in game can then determine the meaning of these marks with the situation they are under or the “context”. The usage of non-textual languages in game and its meanings really depends the context that it was delivered in, it is similar to the usage of sarcasm. In the game, the conversations that players have between each others are mostly game-related. But sometimes, when things get out of control, curse words might also appear in the chat box. Of course, I don’t use curse words when I’m playing the game, I barely even talk. At first, league of legends did not have a text-window, but now, the game not only have text-windows, it also has in-game emojis and companies can also advertise their products through the medium of Skin designs. League of legends is a type of mass media to me because it allows me to communicate with groups of people from around the globe.

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Polymer Project Journal Entry #4

At first, we couldn’t come up with a polymer that will not fall apart when stretched, not stick to hands, and can put out fire. We’ve had different ideas and thoughts, we tried everyone of our ideas, only a few worked like we expected to. Finally, we came up with 3 different polymer samples, we used the slime test to tests all three of our samples, the big red Alex blanket, the big blue Raymond blanket, and the big yellow Celina blanket. one stood out, that is our final product, “The Big Yellow Celina Blanket.” The BYCB blanket was the best out of all three polymers, it’s the stretches the most, it puts fire out the fastest, and the largest. During the polymer creating process, our group overcame a lot of problems, we knew what to do when the problems approaches. For example, if our polymer is thin, we will add corn starch or guar gum to make it thicker, if our polymer does not stick, we would add glue. During the Dream on presentation day, I learned that polymers can do anything and everything. They can be a fire blanket, they can be foundation, they can be handles, they can be all kinds of things. The polymer project is very fun and helpful, it helps us understand the concept of chemistry, I am glad we did this in 8th grade!


Link to our infomercial

Link to our failed takes montage

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Tangerine Middle School

Tangerine Middle School

This is a poster I created for Paul Fisher’s school, Tangerine Middle School. It featured the important elements for the school described in the book.

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Paul Fisher’s Diary

Paul Fisher’s Diary

This is a diary I made for Paul Fisher, the main character of the book “Tangerine.” The diary is based on the turning points and main event that I think occurred in the story.

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Polymer Project Journal Entry #3

Our prototype is yellow, it feels like a combination of booger and gloop. It breaks into pieces if you pull it fast, but if you pull it slowly, it will stretch. Our product can instantly put out fire, it can put out larger fire because our product can be stretched into a larger fire blanket. But after our blanket touches the fire, the burned pieces of paper will stick to our blanket, it takes a very long period of time to remove it. Our next design goal is to fix the following problems, make the fire blanket easier and faster to stretch, and make the surface less sticky. Our next product will have a more less sticky element just like gloop, but a stretchier characteristic like the booger. I think we should add more liquid corn starch and less glue.

Our fire blanket puts out fireIMG_0457 copy

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Polymer Project Journal Entry #2




To create our polymer, I thought of the materials needed for the experiment. Guar gum, PVA solution and cornstarch, and glue will make the polymers stick together. Water will be added to moisturize the polymer and food coloring if you wish for a colored polymer. First, I would mix the guar gum, PVA solution and cornstarch together as a base, then add a certain amount of water (water is used to make sure it’s not super dry or too sticky) and food coloring. Give it a well mix and see what the solution is like. If the solution is moldable, I would try and mould it into a squared piece of solid. Then, I would light a match and see if the “fire blanket” puts it out. Our fire blanket has the characteristic of booger, super slime, and gloop. These three polymers have some similar features, all being solids, stretchable, and unable to fall apart if set still on table. These are the characters that we are looking for in a safe and fun fire blanket.

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Polymer Project Journal Entry #1

Link to the polymer video

Are you tired of boring old blankets? Our goal is to make the science lab a more creative, happy, and safer environment for students and teachers. Our product is a very creative heat insulator. It is a fire blanket. Unlike other fire blankets, our fire blanket is able to be reformed, stretched into any shape, and easy to clean. For normal fire blankets, it has a limited size, but our fire blanket is able to stretch out to put out a bigger and larger fire. Our fire blanket can last longer then the old style ones because if our blanket is ripped or damaged, it can be reformed by simply rubbing the broken pieces together, similar to cleaning up clay. Our polymer will be slightly sticky, but it won’t stick to your hand during a fire! Our goal is to make science labs a better and safer place for students. Our product comes all kinds of colors, the ones on sale are red, green, blue, yellow, and white. You can also customize the color of your fire blanket to make it original by mixing multiple polymers together. There is a thin, clear layer of wrapper wrapped around our product, simply remove the wrapper, then you’d have a awesome new fire blanket!

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Fire and Ice



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Parabolas Everywhere!

Parabolas are everywhere in our life, it is in a throwing and catching game, it is in a tennis shot, it is in an water fountain etc. I chose what I thought would best represent the parabola, I chose a golf chipping clip to represent my parabola. I learned what values A, B, and C represents in our real world. This unit is has really helped me connect my knowledge in math with the real world situation.

This is the link/portal to my video:

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6 Words



The Prisoner



About Behaviorism.

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