Polymer Project: Journal Entry 4

Success is not something that comes to you… Success is something you have to chase after with patience and determination. During this polymer design project, we had to overcome many difficulties and challenges to produce a polymer that met our goal and at the same time satisfied our customers. This was not something that can be done overnight; It took us time and failure. Each failure leads us to an improved prototype and after many failures and hours at the lab table, we finally produced our final product.

At the beginning of the unit, my partner and I had to think of a polymer to create that suited our goal (Medical Usage). We thought about all the possibilities that we could produce, but in the end, we decided to create something revolving around a subject that we both have a keen interest to. Football. We combined the idea of a polymer that is used for a medical usage and football to create a polymer developed to prevent injuries for football players. After understanding our goal, we had to figure out what injury we were going to prevent. We did some digging and found out that the worst injury and most common injury in football was a broken ankle. Broken ankles in football usually happen when the opponent does a bad challenge and ends up tackling the side of the foot, instead of the ball. With our product goal in mind and the injury we want to prevent, we developed a final goal. Our goal was to produce a polymer that prevents broken ankles while playing football. We planned to create a nine by 9 square polymer that is was stretchy and durable at the same time. After thoroughly planning out our polymer we started producing it.

When developing our polymer we came up with two base prototype polymers. Prototype A (Arsenal), was a polymer with boogers as its base. Prototype B (Barcelona), was a polymer with gloop as its base. We tested the efficiency of these two polymers with a range of different tests. Afterward, we decided that Prototype B( Barcelona) was more effective than Prototype B( Arsenal). After figuring out the base that we were going to use, we created another Prototype to future develop our polymer. Prototype C, was a polymer with a gloop base with 50ml of PVA to increase the stretchiness of the polymer.After creation, Prototype C was way too sticky and slimy. I got to the point where it was impossible to get it off your hands. We learned from Prototype C and then devilled Prototype D. Prototype D was a polymer with a gloop base with 3g of Guar Gum. The prototype turned out to be way too rubbery and broke in half under pressure too easily. After analyzing these two prototypes, we discovered that the key to our polymer was to combine these two materials. Prototype E was a polymer with a gloop base, 30ml of PVA and 1g of Guar Gum. This prototype turned out to be the perfect one, meeting the goals that we desired.

During this polymer unit, my partner and I encountered many failures and struggles. Our failures and struggles brought us to develop our polymer further and improve instead of letting our failures and struggles drag us down. An obvious example of learning from our struggles and mistakes, was when we were producing our prototypes. During this production stage, we learned more our mistakes a lot. We looked at our pervious polymer prototypes and analyzed what made the polymer unsuccessful, so we would not repeat the mistake again. We then used our failures to figure out which combinations was the best for our polymer, like when we figured out we were using too much PVA or when we figured out that putting too much Guar Gum in our product doesn’t work. We used our mistakes to develop better prototypes for our polymer.

The Dream On Presentation didn’t go as well as my partner and I would have expected. First, our video was too much acting and extraditing, meaning there wasn’t enough facts and information about the polymer. Secondly, our polymer dryer up over the weekend, making it unpresentable. We learned that creating an Infomercial isn’t always about the acting and the action, but instead about the information and the facts. Lastly, we learned that we should have created a few additional polymers just in case one of them go bad or disappear. During this unit, my partner and I learned a lot of lessons… These lessons helped us further develop our polymer and achieve our goal.




Your Perspective… My Perspective… Our Perspective

The World Through My Eyes

We all see the world in a different way… but for Christopher, he’s view to our world is extremely very different than our perspective to the world. His medical condition (Autism) causes him to understand our world in a very extreme and unusual way and interpret things in a very very different way from us.

One of the major themes in the novel, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon is perspective. Perspective plays a huge role in the plot of this book. Some things that seem un-logical in Christopher’s perspective will be logical in our perspective. “Then Mrs.Shears came over and cooked supper for us…Father was sitting down, and she stood next to him and held his head against her bosoms and said to me…Come on, Ed. We’re going to get through this together” (Boone, 28) Mrs.Shears comes over right over Christopher mother dies to cook them dinner which is quite unusual already and the interaction between Mrs. Shear and Christopher’s father are also very strange. From our perspective, we will start to suspect something is going on, but Christopher doesn’t seem to doubt anything or mind that Ms.Shear is moving in after his mom dies. To a logical person, we would put clues together and be able to understand that something was not right, but from Christopher’s perspective, he doesn’t see anything weird. This Shows us his condition affects his view towards a lot of things.

In another instance, Christopher struggles to understand how her mother could have written him letters when she was dead. “And Mother had never written a letter to me before. ..There was a date on the postmark, and it was quite difficult to read, but it said… Which meant that the letter was posted on 16 October 1997, which was 18 months after Mother had died” (98, Boone). When Christopher discovers the letters from his mother that were hidden in his father’s closet, he invents different explanations to explain why a letter from his mother would be dated after her death “Perhaps it was a letter to another called Christopher, from that Christopher’s mother…Perhaps Mother wrote it before she died… Perhaps the date was wrong..” (99, Boone). From our perspective, we would understand that Christopher’s mother never died, and his father has been lying to him the whole time. But from Christopher’s perspective, these letters are not from his mother. Because of Christopher’s condition, his perspective towards this situation is very different from our perspective.

The theme in this novel, perspective, sends a strong message to the readers. Even though Christopher sees the world extremely different from us, he doesn’t let that drag him down. He accepts the fact that he is different and goes on with life. Below you can find a short found poem I wrote about Christopher perceptive towards the world. The poem talks about how different Christopher sees the world from us. One of the things that Christopher can’t feel or see is feelings. I decided to use Christopher’s perspective on feelings as the theme of the poem. The poem shows what it’s like not to be able to feel or see feelings in his perspective… Finally, We all see the world in a different perspective…. and that is what makes us different from each other.

The Feeling of Betrayal

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time written by Mark Haddon is an emotionally touching story about a fifteen-year-old boy with Autism called Christopher, Book Cover- The Mid-Nightwho one day accidentally stumbles upon the lifeless body of his neighbour’s dog… Wellington.With is curiosity, he decided to figure who the killer was. But as clues are unveiled one by one, Christopher slowly finds out more than just the killer of Wellington…

In many instances in the novel, we can see that Christopher’s father is trying to hide something. In one part, his father prevents him to continue his detective work regarding the murder of Wellington. “Not to go around sticking your nose into other people’s business. And what do you do? You go around sticking your nose into other people’s business… What the hell am I going to do with you?” (Haddon, 82). In another part of the story, Christopher finds letters addressed to him hidden by his father. This just proves to us that his father is hiding something from Christopher. “It was an envelope addressed to me and it was lying under my book in the shirt box with some other envelopes…Then I noticed that there were lots of other envelopes they were all addressed to me. And this was interesting and confusing.” (Boone, 94). This shows us that Christopher’s father is certainly hiding something from him. As Christopher uncovers more and more clues about the murder of Wellington, he also uncovers the truth about his father and his mother…

Further into the book, Christopher’s father suddenly admits his crime towards Wellington’s murders “Father rubbed his face with his hands and pulled his chin down with his fingers and stared at the wall… And he said, “I killed Wellington, Christopher.”” (Boone, 120). Christopher felt betrayed. He trusted his father, but as the truth spilled out, he felt betrayed and was terrified of his father. Discovering the truth about his father and his mother was his last straw and soon after he ran away to where he felt safe… his mother. 

I decided to create a book cover that represented an emotional boy that felt betrayed and hopeless. Beside him would be his father standing there hopeless. The surrounding is dark to represent the feeling to betrayal and lies. Christopher would have never expected that his father had killed Wellington… But as he discovered clues which lead him to figure out that his father was the killer and the lies that he told… he felt betrayed… he was betrayed

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When Curiousity Meet

Exploration, imagination, and inventions are just a few things that are built upon our curiosity to a certain subject. Curiosity is what makes you search for answers. Curiosity is what lets you see new possibilities and ideas. Curiosity is a strong desire to learn something new. Curiosity is what makes us who we are. In the novel, The Curious
9781400032716_custom-5967f21edc620bf84fa476225abb5d128aa744d9-s6-c30Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, by Mark Haddon, a young boy with autism called Christopher Boone, one day finds his neighbour’s dog, Wellington mysteriously killed. Because of Christopher’s curiosity towards the world, he sets out to solve the murder of Wellington. An excellent comparison to this novel would be the novel, Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi. This novel is about a young and curious girl by the name of Marji, who is currently living in the midst of the Iranian Revolution. She is deeply affected by the revolution and is curious about many aspects of it. With her curiosity, she gets into a lot of trouble with many people, but that doesn’t stop her from searching for answers to certain unanswered questions.

The novel, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, is an award-winning novel written by Mark Haddon. The story is about a  boy called Christoper Boone who one day finds his neighbour’s dog dead. With his ambition and curiosity, he decides to find out the killer of his neighbour’s dog. As he puts clues together, he uncovers more than the killer of Wellington. Persepolis is based on the true story of a girl called Marji that lived in Tehran during the Iranian Revolution. The graphic novel depicts the author’s childhood in Iran. The novel talks about how Marji gets along with life under the Islamic control in Iran and deals with the many hard situations that occur in the book.

In these two novels, two characters stand out above all the other characters for their similar character traits. These two characters are Marji from the novel Persepolis and Christoper Boone from the novel, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-TIme. The two characters showed their curiosity to the world in many ways. They wanted answers to certain unanswered questions; they didn’t stop until their answer was finally answered. “That night, I stayed a very long time in the bath. I wanted to know what it felt like to be in a cell filled with water. My hands were wrinkled when I came out, like grandpas (Marji, 25). This is just an example out of the many instances in the novel, where we can see Marji’s curiosity take place. In this example, we see Marji trying to understand what it felt like to be tortured in a prison, like his grandpa. Her curiosity makes her want to simulate what it felt like and truly figure out what happened. Another part where we see Maji’s curiosity take place is between page 45-46 “In the name of the dead million, we’ll teach Ramin a good lesson. I have an idea… But mom, Ramin’s dad killed… His father did it, but it’s not his fault.” (45-46, Marji) in this quote, we can see Marji’s curiosity towards the world once again. In that example, Marji tries to understand how a child is not responsible for the actions of his father. Her curiosity brings her to seek answers to many questions throughout the story. Not once in the book did her curiosity die down, instead it only grew. Like Marji, in the novel, Persepolis. Christopher Boone’s curiosity brings him to strive to find the answer to many mysterious questions in his life. “ I was doing some detective work trying to find out who killed Wellington” (48, Christopher Boone). Christopher’s curiosity towards who killed Wellington brought him to start a whole investigation on this murder case. In the end, his curiosity brought him to uncovered clues to who killed Wellington. Another part of the book where we see Christopher’s curiosity is when Christopher finds a letter addressed to him “ then I noticed that there were lots of other envelopes, and they were all addressed to me. And this was interesting and confusing.” (94, Christopher Boone) With his curiosity, Christopher decides to figure out the many unanswered questions behind the letters that he found. Just like Marji, Christopher had a lot of questions for the world around him. And because they had the curiosity to discover the world, they strived to figure out unanswered questions and solve mysteries. Without curiosity, we will become dull human beings striving for nothing. Without curiosity, we cannot become who we are today.

Even though these two characters have many in their personality, but also they have a lot of differences too. In the novel, Persepolis, Marji is more sociable and cares a lot about her friends and family. While in, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, Christopher Boone is quieter and doesn’t want to socialize that much. “ I invited my girlfriends over to say goodbye… Here. I’m giving you my most precious things, so you won’t forget me.. I never realized how much they loved me, and I understood how important they were to me” (Marji, 149). As shown in the quote, Marji cares about her friends a lot, even though her family is not mentioned in this quote, she also cares a lot of them. When around her friends and relatives, she is very sociable. On the other hand, Christopher Boone is not very sociable, doesn’t interact a lot and doesn’t have a strong interaction with his family. “ I don’t like it when people touch me. And I don’t like to surprised either. So I hit him… But father didn’t let go. So I hit him again.” (82-83,Christopher Boone). As you see in this quote, Christopher Boone doesn’t have the best relationship with his dad. Besides having a bad relationship with his father, he doesn’t have any friends, but his pet Toby. Christopher is unlike Marji, who is very talkative, Christopher is rather quiet and not very intractable. Even though these two characters have their similarities in their personalities, they also have many differences too.

Even though, Marji and Christopher Boone’s world set in different time periods, different countries and a different lifestyle, they have various similarities and differences in their personalities. Marji and Christopher are similar because of their curiosity towards the world and their strive to find out unanswered questions. Even though they have very similar personalities, they have quite a few differences too. Marji is very talkative, sociable and has a close relationship with her friends and family while Christopher Boone on the other hand, is not very sociable and has a weak relationship with his family. But despite all these differences, these two novels have the same message in the end. Curiosity is what makes us feel the need understand certain things. Curiosity is what makes us strive for answers. Curiosity is what makes one different from another. Curiosity is what makes us who we are.

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Journal Entry 3- Polymer Project

Perfection and Success are not something that is achievable overnight. It takes long hours of commitment and effort to achieve. To create a perfect polymer that will suit our consumers need took many hours of planning, testing and improvement after failure. After hours of frustrating failures at the lab table, my partner and I finally created the perfect polymer for our target audience. Our product ensures the safety of our consumers on the pitch, letting them enjoy the passion that they have for football without worrying about their safety.

Overall Procedure: Sarah and I analyzed the information from he different polymer bases from the slime test and agreed that either Gloop or Boogers would be the best base for our polymer. Using these two bases we added three different materials to these two bases, to create two different prototypes. In both prototypes, 30ml of PVA as added to the original slime formal of Gloop and Boogers. The PVA was then slowly mixed with the slime bases. The PVA is added to give a the polymer a stretchy characteristic. This lets the consumer adjust the length of the ankle protector to their desired size. After a polymer is created, 1g or Guar Gum is slowly sprinkled onto the polymer and then kneaded into the polymer. This is to make the polymer more durable and strong. The durability and the strength of the product will play a significant role in our product since when tackles happen, the football cleat comes in contact with the ankle with a lot of force. The polymer must be durable and strong and not break during a tackle. Finally, 1g of corn starch is scattered on the polymer and then kneaded into the polymer. The corn starch makes the polymer less sticky, meaning that when consumers use our product, the polymer would not stick their ankle and make a huge mess.

Polymer Prototype One (Barcelona): Gloop was used as the base polymer for this prototype. Sarah and I ran two different test to ensure the quality of this prototype. The first test was the Pull Dip Test. This test is to see how long the polymer can be pulled, before dipping in the middle. This will test the durability of the slime base. For the gloop base polymer, the product was stretched to a distance of 62cm before dipping in form. This shows us that gloop can be very strong and stretchy. The second test that was conducted was the football cleat drop test. A football cleat was dropped at a height of 30cm onto the polymer base.This will test the durability of the polymer. When coming in contact with the polymer, the football cleat bounced off the polymer and the product then returned to its original form in just seconds. (See Video Below) This shows us that not only is this prototype strong and stretchy, it is also durable at the same time.

Polymer Prototype Two (Arsenal): Boogers was used as the base polymer for this prototype. For the first test (Pull Dip Test), the boogers slime base polymer stretched to only 17cm before dipping in form. Compared with Prototype Barcelona, Prototype Arsenal isn’t as strong and stretchy as Prototype Barcelona. For the second test (Football Cleat Drop), the booger based polymer was significantly damaged when the Football Cleat came in contact with the polymer. The polymer had significant dents and cracks created by the impact of the dropped cleat. Compared the gloop based polymer, the booger based polymer wasn’t as durable as the gloop based polymer.

In the end, we decided that the Gloop Based Polymer as the best prototype to use as our final product. The prototype met all of our desired characteristics and at the same time met our design goals, making it the perfect prototype.

Example of Both Test Below-


(Football Drop Test: Prototype Barcelona)


(Strech Dip Test: Prototype Arsenal)


Journal Entry 2- Polymer Project

In earlier classes, my partner and I had to chance to discover and understand many different polymers, ranging from the rubbery Gloop to the floury and wet Oobleck. These polymers each have specific characteristics that make them unique in a certain way. Each of these polymers characteristics came into our consideration, most of them had a benefit towards our product. Below you can find the results of a few slime test done on each polymer; I decided to choose trials that are most relatable to our product, below you can find all the result of each test. For the fast poke test, Super Slime, Boogers, and Gloop all bounce back when poked at a high speed, but Oobleck flattens out inside of bouncing back. For the slow stretch test, Gloop stretches out nicely, and Boogers slowly drops when stretched. But both Oobleck and Super Slime rip in half when pulled slowly. After long consideration with my partner, we decided that Gloop and Boogers were the two most suitable for our product. First of all, Gloop and Boogers both bounce back when poked at high speeds. This is perfect for our product since during football tackles the football cleat comes in contact with the ankle at high speeds. If we use Gloop and Boogers then when the cleat comes in touch with the product it simply just bounces back. Also, we want to make our product stretchy. If our product is stretchy, then our consumers can quickly wrap it around their ankles without too much trouble. Gloop and Boogers are perfect for this since both are very stretchy, making it the perfect base for our polymer. To combine these two polymers characteristics together, we have created a simple procedure to follow. First, my partner and I will both make Gloop and Boogers; then we will test which one is more stretchy and which one is more durable under force. After determining the best base, depending on which one is more stretchy and durable. We will then add Guar Gum to make the base more elastic. Also, we will add Borax and PVA solution depending if the base is too stretchy or not stretchy enough. This will let our product be at the same time stretchy and durable under force, making it the perfect polymer to prevent football injuries. To test the stretchiness and the durability under force, we will be conducting two different test. To test the stretch, we will slowly pull the base polymer until there in a dip in the “string” of the polymer; this will decide which one is the strongest when pulled. To test the durability of the base polymer, we will drop a football cleat on the base at a certain height. This will simulate a soccer tackle, the base which the cleat sinks in the least is the most durable base. More improvements will be made to this polymer after future testing.

(See The Results of All the Slime Test below … Click to Expand)
slime-test (1)

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Journal Entry 1- Polymer Project (Design)

Determining a goal for our Polymer Project, which was also related to a medical cause in some way wasn’t the easiest thing to do. We had to consider many factors in our project, were we going to prevent an injury or help fix an injury? What kind of injury are we focusing on? What was our product going to do to fix this injury? and so on. After a long discussion with my partner, we finally reached a specific and achievable goal. The goal of our project is to prevent dislocated and snapped ankles during football tackles. Since tackles around the ankle area are very common in football and usually leads to severe injuries (Link to Watch Example Tackle). Our product is wrapped around the ankle area, so when tackled, instead of having the ankle being pushed to one side and then snapping, the product push back the force of the tackle limiting the damage of the tackle. For this product to be successful, it would have to meet the certain needs of the consumers. Our target audience for our product are athletes playing competitive games. Since tackles like these usually appear in competitive games only, when the game becomes intensive. Athletes will use our product to ensure their safety on the pitch. For the characteristics of the product, our product will be re-shapable, letting the athlete shape it for the perfect fit of its leg. Our product will also be stretchy and very durable. This allows the product to protect the ankle and not break, during a tackle. There will also be a cooling effect, like the effects of ice packs.But instead of having such being so one huge object stuck to you, our product is easy to carry around and not as clumsy as having ice packs strapped to your leg ; this also allows small injuries like bruises in the ankle to heal faster while being able to play and not subbed off. Our product ensures the safety of our consumer athletes by having certain characteristics that prevent ankle injuries. Although medical treatment now days can heal a broken ankle in a matter of months, having a broken ankle is not fun. Our product protects football players on the pitch to ensure when they walk off the pitch, they don’t walk off with a broken ankle.

– See Short Slideshow of the Worst Soccer Tackles in History to get an Idea of the seriousness of these injuries

The Greed Inside Us

The video above is a whiteboard animation of the poem Greed, by Irwin Mercer. The poem clearly describes how our society today is controlled purely by greed and how everything we do and say is controlled by our greediness. Below you can find the original poem.

Greed, by Irwin Mercer

When we were born with no possession,
the love received was our concession,
no worries, no fears, no troubles, no fuss.
In mother’s arms we put our trust.

But as we grew, we looked and craved,
and all too soon became enslaved.
The more we saw, the more we wanted.
Our quest for more became undaunted.

And when we’re old with our treasures all heaped,
a sad example of what greed has reaped.
Our fists still clenched in a grasping motion,
till at our death, when our hands are opened.

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