Blog Post #10

May 11, 2018

This is my progress for this week. (I have also done adding water to the previous two drawings, but I left them at home, so I don’t have pictures for right now)

The process of drawing each one has taken way more time than what I have expected. I thought that I would be able to at least create one per class, but turned out I needed more time.I think the reason would be that I wanted to incorporate lots of colors into my elements, and I wanted to create many gradients in color (for later watering). These processes required me to be extremely careful and delicate, I was constantly erasing things and using different colors to create the depth of colors. Because at home I usually use straight water color paint, I didn’t know that using colored pencils would take such a long time and be this much harder. My expectation for my project now is trying to aim quality instead of quantity. I think I will finish the ones I’m working on right now, and go back to previous ones to make them more detailed. I will do ultimately for drawings, picking one solar term from each season (the most representative one).

(I’m working sometimes in the guided study room, sometimes in the cafeteria, and sometimes in the couches now. I often can’t find any place in the library that provides me enough space to work, and that is why I usually work elsewhere.)

Blog Post #8

April 17, 2018

For this past week I have been trying hard to catch up, because I’m really behind for my progress. I looked at all 24 solar terms again and thought some of them are a bit plain, or similar. Therefore I think that maybe along the process of drawing, I might just eliminate some and pick the ones that are more interesting. Here below are some drawings I have done (they might look a little bit rough, because this water colored pencil, after I add water they will look much better). There are four weeks of PP left and I’m arranging my time precisely to make sure I can get them done. 

Blog Post Update

March 28, 2018

Sorry for the late update, I have missed 4 classes of passion project due to sickness, and have fallen a little bit behind. Therefore, I have changed my plans a little bit; First, I decided to take some time to research about these solar terms, just to get a general understanding of them. Second, I think I will use water-color-pencils, which are colored pencils that can turn into water-color once water is added, instead of paint blocks of water-color. The reason to this decision is that I can’t find a place for me to lay all my materials (cup of water, paint, brushes, backing plate, etc.). If it’s just pencils, then I all I need is a table, which will make it so much easier. I can then manage a time, or at home, to water them. By now I have done all the researches and plans of what element I will put into each painting, and I will start the actual creating of these paintings next week.


PP #3 Plan for semester

February 8, 2018

Passion Project

January 31, 2018

What do you want to do this semester for Passion Project?

  • I want to do what I showed in the previous blog post, and I have decided to start with The 24 Solar Terms in the Chinese tradition.

Why is it important/significant?

  • I findThe 24 Solar Terms useful and interesting to learn, but now many Chinese children either don’t know about them or don’t care, or they briefly know them but doesn’t really understand why it is. Through research, I found out that there are many tradition, activities and stories behind these dates that are very bizarre and I would like to present them.

What will you learn?

  • I think the biggest thing I will learn is the method to show something imaginary, abstract through a single painting.

Do you need a specialized space to work?  Will you need materials/software?

  • I think it’s best for me to work in the art room, or somewhere where I can lay out my materials. I can bring all the materials maybe except for water color paper.

I want to create a collection of abstract water color painting. They themes could be based on color or content. (For example: the color blue (different shades of blue), seasons, the 24 solar terms, etc.)

Here are some pictures that I think is the style I want to go for:

Summer Reading

June 7, 2016


This summer, my goal is to finish at least three books by the start of school. If possible I would like them to be from different genres.




Ward, Brad. “Best Apps for Reading Books [2015].” Talk Android. N.p., 23 Sept. 2015. Web. 7 June 2016.

Explore China

June 6, 2016

Here is a magazine my group mates and I have created. In this magazine, you will get to explore about some of the most interesting cultures in China. There are five sections to this magazine. The first four are about four different minorities in China (Tujia, Bai, Manchu, Uyger). These minorities are located in very different part of China, and you will get to see their differences and similarities. We have also included a special section featuring Pingyao. In that section, you can learn about what to do there.

June 2, 2016

Above is our group’s infomercial.

At first when my team came up with the idea, we both thought it was not going to be achieved well; in fact, we did have some struggles through out the engineering process. At first, we had some problems putting ingredients into the mixture with the right steps; with the wrong steps, the polymers could not be formed the way it was supposed to be. Then we looked at the recipe extra carefully and found out our mistakes. After this, a strange thing happened. Even with the correct steps, the polymer still had trouble getting together, it couldn’t be well mixed, there was water left in the container. We tried poking it, string it and shaking the container, but none of these ways worked. When we were about to throw it away, I saw others squeezing the polymer with their hands. After trying the same, the polymer became what was expected to be like. I learned from these that you should always look at recipes carefully and always learn from others. Our polymer became a lot better after guar gum, and the reason why we decided to add guar gum was because we saw other groups using it, and learned from them. On the presentation day, I learned that the infomercial (what you see) could be very different from what they show you lively (what it is actually).