Polymer Project Post #4


Today was the final day of our Polymer Project. I’m very proud of the work that my team did, and of how our polymer successfully met the standards of our original goal. We went through many different prototypes, and of many that weren’t even close to fitting. After many different trials, we found a close-fitting polymer. It was stretchy, sticky to glass, and moulded well. Through our failed models, we learned that too much liquid starch rendered the polymer useless, as it prevented the polymer from sticking to itself. What I learned from the “Dream On” presentation today was that you have to be clear, concise, and attention grabbing when you present any product. Even though my team didn’t win the most votes, I was still happy because the thing that is the most important is learning and having fun.


What’s more heartbreaking than seeing two people brought together by fate being ripped apart? The passing of fate is how the bullets of a gun whiz pass the target, grazing but never truly impaling the point. It’s how Cupid missed his bull’s-eye. And we, as people, are standing at an intersection, the splitting of time. “Across the universe,” written by Beth Revis, is a book that takes place in the vast darkness of the universe. Main character, Amy is frozen, preserved in ice, destined to be reanimated in 300 years. She wakes- she is the victim of an attempted murder- left out to unfreeze and die, after only 250 years. In the midst of confusion, she tries to pull herself together, but she can’t, for she is in the middle of a warzone. She is in a war between lies and the truth.

Another book that also takes place in the vastness of the universe, “Glow,” written by Amy Kathleen Ryan, is also about another young girl caught in the middle of a war- a war also built up on lies. The physical, social and emotional contexts of these two books are very similar.

The foundations of the plot for both of these books are built on lies- and an uneasy mood sets the stage for these two tales. “ “What was he saying?” Lena asked. I only caught one word. He said ‘liars.’ (Ryan 5)” Many wars are built up on lies. Lies stack up and build and build until the walls crumble- and the world bursts into pieces. “Soon the feeling among the crew had changed from excitement to restlessness and finally to fear. (Ryan 4)” Fear and a feeling of uneasiness seeps into the pages of both these books. “Pain. Cold so cold it burns, but not with a burning that cauterizes, no, a burning that razes, decimates. Pain. (Revis 77)”

The main girl characters on both of these ships suffer from claustrophobia- being confined in the metal walls of a ship- and an endless darkness surrounding them. “God-speed isn’t small, it was the largest ship ever built when it was launched two and a half centuries ago- but it’s not so huge that we don’t all feel the weight of the walls crushing us. (14 Revis)”“I shut my eyes and take a deep breath, but all I smell is metal. The life I’d once known is forever gone. (Revis 397)” It’s about the conflict that they face, and how the twisted fate of people warps and morphs love into something unbearable. “Get me out of here,” he’d said, pleading, a hand on one of the cold bars between them. She’d looked at him for a long time before finally saying through a long, exhaled breath, “I can’t do that.” (Ryan 4)

The mood and setting of these two stories are very similar, but ultimately, the place these two plots are the most similar, is how the story is about the twisted fate of two people who could never love.


There is a fine line between hate and love. Love and hatred are very powerful emotions. They are possibly the strongest motives you could find. The theme (Check out my other blog post, Simplicity.) of this book, “Across The Universe,” by Beth Revis, was built on the final climax of this story- when Elder approached Amy with the truth. We thought it was the time for calm waves- but a storm erupted. “I finally screech, because I cannot take his nervous silence. “I’m the one who unplugged you.” I feel my heart thud-once, hard- and then it’s like a rushing of blood and emotion from my body and I am empty inside… (390-392 Revis)” The feeling of anger- a mood-swing of something erupting, masking the ability to think as lava wipes out the city of reasoning in your world; and then you hit the ground again as the truth tugs at you with scratchy fingers. I took a snapshot of this feeling- and translated it into words.

I Hate You (Monologue inspired by Eileen Manassian)

I hate you

I hate you for crushing my dreams

Taking away my future

Not even having a second thought

About what I wanted


I hate you

For confining me in this metal tomb

Taking away my chances

Imprisoning me


I hate you

Because I care about you

And even though you regret it

You’re still happy

That you unplugged me


And I hate you

But I love you

Because you’re the only one

Who told me the truth,

On this wretched ship.


*Spoiler Alert*

FullSizeRender 29

Everyone has a different view of life. People work differently. But such human nature can cause secrets to be kept- and onboard a deep-space ship like the one in “Across The Universe” by Beth Revis, they can be exceptionally dangerous. In the redesign of the cover of this book, I made the cover very plain and simple; just like there is a simple solution to secrets- the truth. This is a very important part of the story. In the end of the book, the final bomb that the author drops is how it was actually Elder who pulled Amy out of her frozen coffin, thus killing her dreams. “I want to ask why. Except- there is no why. I can see it in his face. He didn’t mean to hurt me… there is no why, just like there is no going back. “But I had to tell you the truth.” That stops me… This whole ship has been held together with metal and lies, everyone either deceived or a deceiver. Except for Elder. (393-394 Revis)” Lies will always hurt more than the truth. Be careful to not overthink things. More often than not, there is a simple solution. My book cover is a simple reminder to not overdo things.

Polymer Project Post #3

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 8.37.17 AM

Each prototype that we made was similar; the only properties that were different, was the thickness, stickiness, and stretchiness of all of them. All of our polymers were made from a PVA glue base. We made many different prototypes from this ‘boogers’ base- consisting of glue and liquid starch. The prototype that really stood out for me was made from 1.5cm PVA glue, 4 squirts liquid starch, 2 squirts borax (to increase bounce), and 1 big spoon of guar gum (to add elastic properties). I based all of my other prototypes on this recipe, varying the different amounts of each ingredient I inputted into the prototype. In some of my prototypes, I also added cornstarch, to thicken the polymer. Our final prototype consisted of 1cm PVA glue, 15mL liquid starch, 2 spoons guar gum, and 3g cornstarch. We did not need to use borax. The polymer that we made, in result, was very effective in the texture and use of a cup grip.

Polymer Project Post #2


To develop the best prototypes we could possibly get, my group and I will need to develop different polymers in different ways. To cover all of these different choices of materials, we decided to each test our polymers in different ways. The material all of us will be using is borax. It is used in gloop and super slime to increase bounce and decrease stretch. This is helpful because in our polymer, we don’t need much of a stretch. All of us are also using guar gum; it adds rubbery properties, which is good for grip. We thought the best polymers that were helpful to us were gloop and boogers.

In the testing session, the polymer I made that worked really well was made with a glue base- about 2cm of glue, 5 squirts of liquid starch, 2 squirts of borax and 2 spoons of guar gum. Adding cornstarch was optional, but when the polymer needed thickening, we dipped it in a bit of cornstarch. For the polymer to work well, it will need to go through the fast-poke and slow-poke tests. During the fast poke test, it should stay the same shape after the poke, because we need it to hold its shape. If it stays the same shape, but is bouncy at the same time, it will be good for our project, if we want to prevent cup shattering as well. If the polymer bends, it will slow down the time of impact, causing a smaller force, thus protecting the cup. It will need to slowly change only during the slow-poke test because we need it to hold its shape. We have discovered the outline of the polymer already- we just need to tweak it to make it suit our purpose even more.

Polymer Project Post #1


The goal that my group picked was to design a grip for something. Our polymer will make something more comfortable and easy to hold. We are aiming for a cup grip- possibly a handhold grip of some sorts. We’re going to mold the polymer into a shape easy to grip. People of all ages will be able to use it, since the polymer can be molded for different purposes. Since the polymer has to hold its shape, the polymer has to be not sticky, because it can’t stick everywhere and lose its shape. It will also create a texture with more friction, which makes it less easy to drop the cup. When you use our polymer, you will never have to hear the sound of heartbreak again!


Teenage Heartbreak – Poem by Jess Terry

Just another case of teenage heartbreak,
all of a sudden he was gone,
and she was crying,
its time to get over romance,
its dead and gone

She’s in her room,
crying her eyes out
wishing she was dead,
He’s out on the town,
talking up his latest victim,
feeling on top of the world

Just another case of teenage heartbreak,
all of a sudden he was gone,
and she was crying,
it’s time to get over romance,
it’s dead and gone

He’s alone,
she used him just for fun,
Now he’s doubting the world,
She used him,
now she’s gone,
leaving for another town

Just another case of teenage heartbreak,
all of a sudden he was gone,
and she was crying,
it’s time to get over romance,
its dead and gone

Now she’s standing on the edge,
getting ready to jump,
He grabs her hand,
and tells her don’t,
He’s not worth it

(Dreams By: Langston Hughes)

Hold fast to dreams
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird
That cannot fly.
Hold fast to dreams
For when dreams go
Life is a barren field
Frozen with snow.

(Repeat a part of Teenage Heartbreak)

Now she’s standing on the edge,
getting ready to jump,
He grabs her hand,
and tells her don’t,
He’s not worth it

Just another case of Teenage heartbreak,
All of a sudden he was there,
holding her tight,
maybe romance
ain’t so dead and gone.




By: Tina Zong


The dead of night.


The fall into the dark.


Fire and ash.

Dust and decay.

Flesh and bone.

Monsters of men.


The darkest path,

The knife of never letting go.


A million suns,

Across the universe.

The end of infinity,

Seconds away.