weekly post #9

this week I attended one tutoring session. In this session, I have conducted an experiment to the students. This is my first time teaching the students, and it’s a good experience. I had more interactions with the students, and the students liked the experiment that I presented.

Through this experience, I realized that it’s important as a tutor to have more interactions with the student. I tutor needs to communicate with the students in order to earn their trust.

Weekly Post #8

This week I attended 2 tutoring sessions. The students were to finish their motion labs. I helped them on the science concepts, lab writing, and Logger Pro skills. Most students finish their work during class time, After this lab, students were able to use the motion detector and Logger Pro properly, also writing efficient lab reports.

From this lab I found that in order to let the students understand the science concepts, it is important to use the socratic methods. Most of the times when the tutor tries to explain a hard concept to a student by using sophisticated and long sentences, then fail. But when a tutor gives hints to the student and let the student “walk his/her way our”, then they will understand this concept and not forget the concepts.

Weekly Post #7

This week I attended 3 tutoring sessions. I have helped the students to finish their motion labs and have a better understanding of the scientific concepts. I have received positive feedbacks from the students, and they told me that they understood the concepts, which is pretty encouraging. I think the students worked better as a team.

From this week’s teaching I have learned that it’s important to use concise language when communicating with students. Students always understand simple and accurate language more than long and blurry language. Students didn’t understand my “long speech”, but they understood the few concise sentences. Using concise language is definitely one of the things I’m going to work on during the next tutoring sessions.

Weekly Blog #6

This week I went to one tutoring session. The science class have just started a new unit (force and motion), which is a unit I’m good at. In class they were required to do some online motion simulations. I did the simulations as well so it would be easier for me to help the students. I helped a few students on their worksheet, but I didn’t give them the answer straight away, I gave them hints for them to figure out the problems by theirselves.

One thing I learned this week is that it is a good idea to do the student’s work before teaching them. When students first asked me questions about the simulation I didn’t know what to do because I didn’t try the simulation . But after I played with the simulation I knew what to do so I can teach the students.

Mar 28-30 Blog

This week I didn’t attend any tutoring sessions because the Wednesday schedule between middle school and high school is different and the class has a test on Friday. However, there are still something to talk about. The thing is that I should didn’t discussed the schedule with Ms. Boardman before the tutoring session. That made me confused about whether I should go or not.

I have learned from this “lesson” that a good tutor should discuss the schedule with the teacher/student before the next tutoring sessions. By this way, both the tutor and the student understand when exactly the next session is.


Weekly Blog Mar19-Mar23

This week, I attended 2 tutoring sessions. Surprisingly, the students there are asking me for help! For the first time! I think the reason for that is that the students are more familiar to me. They are no longer shy, or hesitate to ask for help. As they asked fo help, I felt that I’m more “useful” in this class. I’m no longer the “idle” person sitting at the back of the classroom.

From this week’s tutoring, I have learned that a in order to become a good tutor, you need to be friends with the students. Mr. Dilts introduced me a method to become friends with the students – to chat about their lives and hobbies. I found that quite useful. I’ll use these strategies in my future tutoring.

Mar 12-Mar 16 Blog

I haven’t done many thing in tutor training this week because I only attended one tutoring session. But I still gained some insights on tutor training. I became more familiar with the students than ever before. Some of the students were hesitating in the the previous classes asked me for help. Because of that, I became more interactive with the students, therefore I became “busier” in classtime.

By this, I realize that keeping up good relationships with the student is the key to success in tutoring. Students won’t be friendly and familier to you at the first time, but as you communicate and get to know them more, you become friends with them and they are more willing to receive helps from you.

Mar 5-Mar 10 Blog

This week I went to the grade 7 science class to help out. Hey were starting on a new unit on the history of earth. I helped students to create their own timelines and small projects. I am still

I think that I need to get more interactions to students. Some students actually need help but they didn’t ask me. I need to find students who really need help.

Feb5 – Feb 14 Blog

I am continuing learning on the Crossroads Online tutor training course. I am almost finished. I learned a lot on understanding culture shock, how should I arrange classes, and further concepts on the role of tutors and students. I now have a sense of what a good tutor should be like. I had my first tutoring session on Wednesday on a Grade 7 science class. They are learning biology right now so I was a bit confused because I haven’t learned biology since grade 8. Some kids responded to my help, but some didn’t. Because it’s a subject that I’m not that good at, I find it hard to teach them about it. But luckily that class was their last class on that unit.

Before this two weeks I had no experience on teaching, but now I have. I understand that although teaching and tutoring look easy, they are quite challenging tasks. Through the online course, I also learned more on how to be a better tutor.