Science Project

  •         Our polymer will help us give some rest to our hands (palms)
  • Our target market audience are young adults who use a laptop or a keyboard.
  • Some goals that will be met are- make the polymer actually comfortable,
  • We want our polymer to be not soft but moldable at the same time.


Journal 1

Our kind of polymer, and I got- something that can help our hands be comfortable my partner and me brainstormed some ides and we thought of one, which was a more comfortable wrist watch band. Then we tested and noticed that it is really difficult to make something that is that comfortable and stays the way it is. Our target market audience is young adults who use laptops. Later after testing a lot we found out how to make our polymer. It was soft not so sticky and moldable.


Journal 2

We had a lot tests- boogers with some cornstarch sprinkled on it to make it more smooth and non-sticky, unfortunately it was a little hard and we had make it soft too. Next we made gloop as it is pretty soft and we sprinkled some cornstarch, which made it pretty much what we wanted it to be but it was still pretty sticky until and unless you played with it for at least 15 min. So we made our last prototype which was gloop and boogers and again we sprinkled some corn starch.


Sound Track

1.Justin Bieber – Sorry

2.Justin Bieber – Love Yourself

3.Passenger – Let Her Go

4.One Direction – What Makes You Beautiful

5.Bruno Mars – Grenade

6.MAGIC! – Rude

7.One Direction – Steal My Girl

8.Bruno Mars – Just The Way You Are





Yann in the Red Necklace

The Red Necklace has a lot of interesting and different characters to include Yann Margoza (the protagonist), Toplain the wizard and Têtu the assistant.The character of Yann in The Red Necklace has been utilised by the author to show the difficulties faced by common people living in France during the French Revolution. I would like to focus on Yann. He was a young orphan who was known as a gift, as he could read what other people were thinking about by throwing his voice (telepathic powers). Later on in the book he attains telekinetic powers i.e. he could move things with his mind . Sally Gardner has done a great job in creating the character Yann. The character Yann was made perfect to fit in with the story and keep the reader interested till the end. For instance, at one point in the book the author had made an interesting scene in which Yann was disturbed by blooded heads. Later in the the book he lost his master Toplain and temporarily lost Têtu and so lost his ability to read people’s mind.


In Chapter 4, Yann has a disturbing vision while he was performing with Toplain. In his mind he saw Louis de Jonquieres holding his blood soaked head under his arm and he heard Pierrot say “I see you all drowning in blood.” Pg 40. This disturbed him a lot. This premonition shows the suffering that the people of France were about to go through during the French Revolution.


Having learned telekinesis when Yann returns to Paris, through the conversation he had with Têtu, the suffering of the people of France is shown by the author; “things are very bad indeed, and getting worse each day. The National Guard have started doing nightly raids to smoke out aristocrats, or priests who haven’t sworn allegiance to the Revolution, breaking down doors, pulling up floorboards. The jails are full to bursting.”Pg 236


After Yann escapes to England following the murder of Toplain, he got hit by the shock of losing Toplain, also temporarily losing Têtu and living in a totally different society. This resulted in him losing his ability to read minds by throwing his voice. Here the author has shown the suffering of the people in France through the eyes of Yann.


The book ‘The Red Necklace’ has the French Revolution in it’s background. In this book the author uses a combination of love, magic and human relations to create an interesting story. The character of Yann in The Red Necklace has been utilised by the author to show the difficulties faced by common people living in France during the French Revolution.