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Humans of ISB

What is thing you desire most in life?

Of course that would just be for my son to have a good education and to study hard. I want him to achieve the best. I hope he has the best future. I’m a single mom so I had to raise him since he was young. Everything I do is for him, I just hope he can achieve the best. Even now when he is 14 years old and he is beginning high school, it is still me who sends him to school and picks him up after school. I’ve always been with him. Now that he is 初三 (middle school is 4 years), I really want him to do well in his studies. In his class which has around 37 students which is a lot bigger than the classes here, he’s grade are around the top 12. I can’t say its exceptionally good but its definitely not bad. I can’t really help him on his studies…I wish I could. I really hope one day he can learn English, but its a struggle since he’s English isn’t very good compared the students here. The environment he is in is all Chinese, which is very different from ISB. I just want him to have a good eduction and future.


In your life, what was the moment you struggled the most with?

I struggled a lot in middle school, bccause I really wanted to be in elementary school. Middle school was things started to become serious. It was kind of like you had to start getting your act together. I didn’t really want to do that, so there was this distance between me and the curriculum. That caused some difficulties for me –socially and academically. However, after a year I started to get used to it (middle school) and started to enjoy it.

What was the happiest moment in your life?

The happiest moment in my life, was always my family. More specifically when I had my child, because it brought enjoy