My first catchall

I can use this catchall to put my iPad, headphone, or some books in. Also i can hag on my ID card, my key. Also on the side of my catchall, i stick my skeduel. And the tape is use for stop make my catchall moving .

My biggest success was cutting wood. Because someone stood my wood that I cut. And the Skills that I learned or developed were using drill to drilling. Overall, I think this product was unsuccessful because i want to put more stuff, but there’s less time, and someone still my stuff. This is why i think my product is unsuccessful.

My hunanaties Goals

I think that i need to work on my attitude towards challenges because i have noticed that when i am given a challenge, my attitude is not always positive. To achieve my goal, i will look at the positives of the challenge such as what i will learn and how it will help me. I will make sure that i am achieving my goal by going towards challenges when i have the choice.

Make It: Define and Inquire.

I had learned how to used the makey makey board. My audience is the parents and the older students. A problem I have is that there are not enough games that is challenging enough. I was inspired by a friend in america to make this game. It is challanging to make the scripts for the dragon.


Blog post 4

Smush Push Final Design by jason.ling

Grace-Journal 2

Polymer Project Journal 2 Notes-2

Student Led-Conference 2017-2018

This year, we used the L21 Wheel and basically this wheel has all the components that the school uses to evaluate us, in terms of individual growth; but this wheel also helps us to identify our strengths and weaknesses. And this is exactly the case because today I will be presenting an overview of my time in Eighth-grade academically-speaking of course, but even though we’re looking on my stay in Eighth-grade we will still be specifically focusing on the second trimester for most subjects.


The L21 Wheel.

L21 Skill: Leadership and Responsibility 


  • As an individual, I have clearly demonstrated Leadership throughout the ISB  academic year.
  • Throughout the school year, I have exemplified in the aspect “Responsibility”.



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L21 Skill: Innovation and Creativity


  • I have worked on my innovative and creative skills this year.
  • This year I have progressed in my academic creative life.


  • Yearbook Design
  • Humanities Poem
  • Design Technology (Harper)


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L21 Skill: Critical Thinking


  • This year I have continued to struggle with critical thinking.
  • This year I have shown a good understanding of what Critical Thinking is and I have shown it clearly.


  • Math tests
  • NIH Presentation
  • Humanities poem


(Vocal Text)



My Last One Day in Middle School

I chose this project because my group members and I was interested in the choreography and the group of the song that we chose. My team members were Christina, Zoe, and Sarah.

During the mentoring times that we were given, we learned our choreography and practiced multiple times. For one day, we practiced our dance and made sure we knew what we were doing. After clarifying our dance number, we practiced many times until we memorized the dance very well.


Since our project was to learn the choreography and perform it, we made many changes the the dance as well since there was a move that we couldn’t do. In the choreography, the three of us had to hold one of our member up after she jumping up to us. We tried many times but it was still very hard since we couldn’t carry the weight of her jumping up. After that we tried to carry her up from the floor. We were able to do so but it was only successful some of the times. The music timing was also not enough for us to carry her up and even though we tried many times meeting up ourselves, we still weren’t able to use the move. Therefore, we changed the move into the member leaning back and free falling then us three would push and bounce her back up.



[Future – OneDay 2018] BTS DNA Dance Cover

The reason why I chose dancing for my One Day Project is because I want to practice and receive feedback to improve my dancing. I also wanted to express my interests. Choosing dance as my One Day project also allows me to practice in front of an an audience, which we’re rarely able to do. We chose a dance, in which already knew the cheorography well. This saved us time from making or learning a new dance. Our group had to redo the formations of the dance, as we did not have enough people in our team. The process had some ups and downs, but it all came together in the end.

We didn’t exactly follow the storyboard that we created. However, the video turned out nicely. Near the end, we decided to perform live, because of other teachers and student’s opinions. One Day seemed so short, and we had to rush the editing process because we did not record enough scenes for the video at different locations.

I’m proud off how much we’ve accomplished today. I achieved my original goal of improving my dance skills, and I’m sure that my two other group members also achieved this goal. One thing we should do differently next time is to record all the scenes before One Day. I thought the day would give us more than enough time to edit the video, so we could also record the scenes that we were missing. However, I overestimated the amount of time we had, therefore putting all of us into a rush to complete the video. Right after our rehearsal/practice for our dance, we were told by others that we should perform live instead of presenting the video. We kept everything last-minute and next time I wish to not procrastinate too much. The last day was very stress-worthy, as Ada called in last-minute and told us that she was sick and could not attend to the performance.



One Day Paper Quilling

For my one day project me and Audrey make a paper quilled peacock. We had a problem with the peacock not sticking to the paper so we decided to add more glue to the paper so it can stick better.

My car design process

Rollar coaster design


Goal: I want to build a fast and durable car. I will make a strong car by sticking the axle on the car. And I will make a car that has medium weight and small in size, so I will have a lot of gravitational energy and reduce the amount of friction


1st paragraph Design process and how you built your car


design process:

The car will be small and medium weight

I made a car that was made by plastic. It is kind of like an F1.

I added a few pieces of wood

I added a water bottle

I fixed it and added something new while taking out the water bottle


2nd paragraph problems and challenges

The car was too light and it can’t get over the ramp.

Because of the butterfly effect, how I can’t redo the exact run, this causes me to not be able to go over the ramp again

My car was destroyed


3rd paragraph how would you improve your design

I will add more weight since Ke=m x v squared/2

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