RJ English Short Story

Imagine yourself living in an atmosphere of star-crossed lovers and competitive families. What if you’re in Romeo and Juliet?

What if you’re trying to take Juliet from Romeo?

What if You’re a famous prince but was rejected by a princess?


“Hello, my name is Paris and Today, here I will marry Juliet with all my heart.” County Paris Exclaimed.

Juliet sits anxiously inside her enormous room, by herself, on the wooden made ground, icy and hard. She mumbles to herself like a ghost, but she’s not. She walks up to the door and kneels down the carpet, adjusting one ear next to the slip of the door, using the voice reflection to listen to her father speaking to Paris about the engaged marriage between the two.


“Yeah I know, Of course, I will definitely make Romeo Disappear. In just one month, I will bring the money to you and wish to bring your daughter back home. I will treat her very well, please trust me, Father. “Paris couldn’t hide his excitement on his face, showing just the creepy laugh and wiping up his evil laugh just in himself.


“I trust you, so make it work.” Lord Capulet says from the top.


(In this Scene, where Juliet is facing her minding obstacle of the marriage, however, she thinks she will still have a shot with Romeo, so, until her, she hangs on. Shakespeare also describes her as the lonely child, because she calls her father, the Lord Capulet. Since we all know what will happen to Juliet, this will be expressed as a dramatic Irony, where we know but the characters in the story don’t.)


After this typical marriage, father to “son” conversation, Juliet sat down with his face blowing harsh and painted red, without a single line of hope of getting to meet Romeo Again. She crumbled up to the corner of the room, bulging her own head to her knees, and cried until the sun gazed up in the A. M’s.


She has locked herself up for two days already, only water, next to her.


Finally, she has put down all of her stresses and concerns, she opened the door, and prepared her words for her father.


“My beloved father, I have rethought about everything you told me just before, I agree with the engagement, and I will marry him as soon as possible.” Juliet leaving her last words down for her father.


Lord Capulet sat down at the huge chair inside the house, looking up to the sky with crystalized windows, he smiled with malice on his left side of his face.


(Lord Capulet can also be addressed as the magnitude of this scene, his cruel cold-blooded heart can’t feel what Juliet really wants, but to make her good, in a miserable life.)


The next day when Paris has arrived again, Juliet opened the door and welcomed him in, with only one level of the face towards him. Immediately, Juliet has shouted, I agree to marry you, and you can take me home as soon as possible.


Paris ran out to his father, and have brought up the dowry to Lord Capulet, and this engagement has officially started to begin.


She said again, you can come back tomorrow, and I’ll be yours, to Paris.

(Without a good ending, Juliet says goodbye to Paris, showing how she would commit suicide, more than marrying him. Dramatic Irony also happens here. Juliet has exclaimed properly, how she would agree, but we all know that she will end up dying.


The Theme of this short story reflects how people act nowadays with love, due to parent conflicts and fake love. My short story begins with Juliet and Paris, they have the engagement, like other marrying couples do. Addressing act 1 scene 3 of Romeo and Juliet, rewriting the occasions and obstacles that they have faced. Paris and Juliet will be my main character in this short story, I also used dramatic irony throughout, with both round characters. I have the Inspiration of having parenthesis after a piece of conversation, this will also help me better organize how and what I have taken away from their conversation, also explaining the situation better. Since Juliet wouldn’t want to marry him in her deepest heart, she will confess at last what her wishes are.

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3 Archetypal elements exhibited in Cyrano

Archetypal // Cyrano

Archetypal: recurrent as a symbol or motif in literature, art, or mythology: an archetypal journey representing the quest for identity.

The Novel Cyrano is famous for its romance, and it is also a very popular read in the U.S for Teenagers, specifically in high school. Cyrano displays a series of Obstacles against his love, and as all the Romance book goes, it gets resolved. There is one important aspect that has changed tremendously over this book, the protagonist picked up this uncurable disease while he dated his love. The protagonist faked his character and lied to this anonymous woman to bed. The lie was hidden forever until his death.

  1. Lies
  2. Hidden letters
  3. Similarity to real life


Behind the lies that Cyrano made, he had made the women fall for him. at the very end of the story, by tasting the words you can imagine that the Cyrano now isn’t the Cyrano before.

The Letters that he sent to the girl, copying the hand-writing, the use of words, and the taste, even the I felt into his sweet words.

The third important point to make Archetypal so important is the similarity of the book to real life. When he wrote this book he really imagined that the protagonist is himself, which it really reflects of a lot of his personas. His talent in music and extraordinary nose make him so special in-front of everyone.


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Asia and the World Tutorial

This is a short video that I have created to inform the students going into high-school, there will be a unit about Chinese Dynasties and if you choose it, watch this and it will give you a broad understanding.

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(Text-To-World) How Young Couples Act Wrong

The novel Mr. Lynch’s Holiday by Catherine O Flynn reflects a well explain and repetitive issue presently happening in our world.

This book thoroughly explains a complex family facing series of obstacles that they need to solve in order to draw a period and really begin the life behaving like other normal families. One reason why they can’t behave normally because the protagonist couldn’t leave his past behind, “They remained where they were, staring at the front door” (24). Due to the protagonist Eamonn, cannot forget his first love, which remains a series of problems for his wife nowadays, and here will be introducing the parents and brothers into the scene “trying their best” to resolve the “a headache”.

This book best reveals the world right now because many couples have issues with their past which leads to fights and last causing divorce or break up. However, in the reading, the conflict resolved in a nice way, “Afterward, in the car, Eamonn said that he was sorry. ‘what for?’ ‘this past fortnight.’ I’ve been pathetic. I know that, I’m sorry you had to see me like this.’.” at the ending of the story that the protagonist apologizes for being sad and slightly irresponsible of the times when they were dating, internally, he fights over with his conscious where he had weird and stupid ideas which might when put into action, cause another big problem. The world presently happens many cases similar to the problem that they had in the novel, but, the good news is that the story shows a warm and happy ending while the world still fighting for nothing huge.

This book explicitly teach the naïve couples to remain in unhappy and facing break up or divorce, things can get better, and don’t fight for useless topics, why not use time wisely on meaningful articles instead of focusing too much on teary duds.

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Cheques that leads to Death

Regrets after doing Stupid things?

Ever felt you can win the world?

Ever felt that money is invaluable?


To the Cheque,(Check) the scene takes place in the U.S. Calif. Hollywood. the main character Lawrence and Lawrence Jr. give out check during this time period where the check is like fashion that everybody uses. when at first it was Lawrence giving out checks to pay for his son, the story started. following it was all Lawrence who has paid for his son for his normal life. The check to the university, college. Then it was to Paris for vacation, where the money was mostly spent there. The time period was aug.03.1903 to July.16.1931. During that time period, people didn’t like to carry money around so cheque was really useful and fast. all the checks came from 1 bank, which is the Hollywood bank, and every time the check comes out the amount of money is large.

Lawrence was married and had Lawrence Jr. which was still young, they went to Paris to enjoy vacation and came back Lawrence Jr. came back for university. His dad gave him whatever he wants and hired this old lady called Tony to tutor him. due to his foolish behavior and attitude towards learning, he was failing college, but he still didn’t care. he went to have fun at the flower shop to make up for his girlfriend that Lawrence didn’t know. Lawrence takes her girlfriend to restaurants and gives out checks, his dad was careless. somehow he got into Stanford but was kicked out really fast. after then he begins to walk into real life and to work. he Grabbed his dads company away and got into a fight. they hirer bodyguards to protect them from his dad or Lawrence. The conflict between them never ended and it continued until they had no money to provide themselves with the most basic food supplies.

he couldn’t even write properly at the few last checks because he was starving and boom! Death slowly crept up to them.

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The Tell-Tale Heart: Second Person (POV)


Explaining My Thinking 

Down below is a revised copy of my writing that changes the point of view in the text. I changed The Tell-Tale Heart from a 1st person POV to the second person. I wanted to turn readers into active characters where it might interact with the protagonist. I wanted to see if it fits well with this section or not and it really fits well and organized. Really want to let the readers feel to be inside the story and take an action to better understand the story. I chose to use the second person because there are a lot of other characters or imaginary characters that can be pretended to get a better and different view. And to get a closer look, also to bring you, the reader more locked into the short story.


Rewrite for Second Person POV 

“Looking into his eyes, I see him smiling, with no fear. He welcomes us in and bade us well with manner. We asked, someone, have heard a shriek and reported to check. He denied, ‘the shriek, was one of my dreams.’ Then he added on, ‘the old man, I said, was absent in the country.’ He took us all to his house to search, impatiently, he said, ‘Search well.’ With a rushing and guilty temper. He led us, after a while, to the old man’s chamber. He showed us the treasure, secure, undisturbed.” Enthusiastically, he brought chairs into the room and desired us to rest here from their fatigue. While we see himself, in the wild audacity of a perfect triumph, he placed over the seat upon the very spot beneath which reposed the corpse of the victim that we never discovered. Instead, we were satisfied by his manners. But it felt like he was at singularly at ease. We all sat, and while he answered cheerily, we have gone off-topic to familiar things. But, ere long, we see him sweating more and too pale. His head started to ache, so he scratched, and he covered his ears to get rid of the fancied ringing. But we didn’t bother, so our chatter continued.


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The Absolutely true diary of a part-time Indian Focusing on Personality

Have you ever been bullied in school? Or have you ever tasted standing out in a bad way? The novel The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian is a book that strongly reflects about how the character behaves in the story.


In the novel, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, Sherman Alexie, shapes a round character. Junior, the protagonist, is a high-school student who can “lose fights to boy, girls, and kids half of his age.” Words like “Human punching bag, lose fights, and pussy;” has been tossed around during his school day to him. Alexie writes: “There’s no way to turn around, even if I wanted to.” When he wanted to switch school to try a new and different environment, since there were so many unfair languages used on him, schooling at a different place is the only hope for him. Deep inside him, eagerly wanting: “Famous and Rich.”


This book shows rich evidence of how to persevere and hope can make a person stand up for himself and become a better person than before. Also, this book can show a lot of good writing focusing on the character and his or her personality.

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The Red Scarf Girl

The Red Scarf Girl

Dear Sostak and Schroeder,


            Our class is assigned to a book review which the prompt is based on the characterization. The book I am supposed to write about is The Red Scarf Girl.


In the book, The Red Scarf Girl has strongly demonstrated what detail or words helped you to understand the personality of a character. “But what if passes the audition and can’t pass the political background investigation?” above in this quote it clearly shows how word details can affect the main character which in this case, the main character, Ji-Li, she is forced to quit Drama because of his family issues.

“This is Ji-Li, principal long leaned forward proudly.” This quote from the Red Scarf girl expressly illustrates how family concerns or power can affect how the child is reacting in school. It is also connected to the first quote which her father is in great power, so the head of school has to throw some mercy to his girl.



Alex Zhu




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Cultural Revolution-Jay,Jacob, Alex

Url to website:http:http://isbtube.isb.bj.edu.cn/search/title/Chinese+cultural+revolution-+Jay%2C+Alex%2C+Jacob/description/Chinese+cultural+revolution-+Jay%2C+Alex%2C+Jacob/tags/Chinese+cultural+revolution-+Jay%2C+Alex%2C+Jacob/type/all/categoriesopt/0/channelsopt/0#!basicSearchForm

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Return of the Forgotten

Lisa Fielder


Connect with the conflict. Write a text-to-self response in which you connect with the protagonist’s struggle to overcome one of the conflicts listed in the definitions above. Who or what is the main character struggling against? Ask yourself if you’ve also struggled in the same way. Your first paragraph must explore one type of conflict in your independent novel and provide MLA formatted quotes to show your understanding of the type of conflict. Your second paragraph should be a much longer paragraph; in which you describe your own struggle to overcome the same type of conflict that the protagonist struggles to overcome. Include specific examples from your own life.


Would you rather be developing in a murky, gloomy tunnel, trapped, with hundreds and thousands of mice attached to you, or would you choose to be betrayed by your own family brother? MOUSEHEART Return to the Forgotten is one of the best illustrations of getting sold out by your family member. Titus, the leader and the elder of the mice suite, the father of Zucker, is the guardian of the family chain. He is the only member that can gain respect from everyone. His unfortunate son, Zucker, married Firren from the The Mice Family, and was betrayed by his wife, as she stole “something very precious from their family.” The betrayal of Firren took the gift away from the tunnel which can cause a lot of trouble. Will she be chased down or will she just be shield forever?


“He Knew that, from this moment forward, nothing would ever be the same.” (Fielder 8) The war horns has been blown between the couple, above in this quote, Zucker realized, there is no turning back, we have to bring the secret back otherwise the tunnel will never be as steady and restful as before. He began his search journey with his 4 children, secretly sneaking out during midnight. How will he act to situation? Continue on with his voyage, he expressly strives between love and desire. On one hand, he has a strong achievement with the family owner, however, loyalty between marriages are fixed to be weighty. The main character Frequently getting messages from family chief, intentionally mentioning not to be too amiable with his wife. Suffering from the tension between his family and the untrusted be-lover.


Speaking into the family glory, he had no choice but must to finish his father order. “what’s going on? Zucker demanded. Why are all of my children so frightened? It was then hopper realized what was wrong.” progressing in his travel, the four children have found the trace of Firren by using their nose and foot-prints. Searching one day after another, nothing has been updated. When the five of them are drove with desperation, surprisingly, Zucker seeking inside a shadowy gully drain. He suddenly tracked the foot-steps from Firren, finally, they have something caught. The drain leads to the core of The Mice Family. This clue leads to another complexed puzzle.


Reviewing from the top messages, Return of the Forgotten intentionally speaks of reclaiming the glory, fight over love or desire. Me myself personally have very similar careers, but in a much simpler way. Once in few years ago, I started playing hockey, as all you guys know, hockey is a brutal sport. At first, I was just a nub, however, I have overcome all the obstacles are practices to make what I am today. Similar to return to the forgotten, I play hockey before when I was young, but I also continued swimming, and my coach tells me, “you can only choose one.” I chose swimming. few years later at age of 9, I was drove with hockey addiction, and I told my mother “mom, I am giving up on swimming and reclaim hockey skills.” I have convinced my mother to switch swimming, and now, I can say I improved a lot and was selected by the Beijing Hockey team.


From all of above, the MOUSEHEART, Return of the Forgotten strongly demonstrates a well behaved character was betrayed from his closed family member, overcoming the difficulties and finally reaches his goal. From my experience, from the paragraph above, talks about my career similar to this, I have struggled the same way as the main character did in the book. Summing up, my career of life experiences the same struggle and difficulties as the main character worried in the book.








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