Money can’t solve everything

Money can almost solve everything. Almost though, because money can’t control love and death. spoiler alert


The problem occurs when the father cheats on his current wife and leaves his son alone. The climax is when the main protagonist, the son, walks the route of selling alcohol. In the end, the son realizes that money can’t solve everything and does the last thing he could do to his father.


The man’s name is Lawrence Exeter, and his child is about to be born. He went to purchase some baby clothes on August 30th and on September 2nd, 1903, his baby was born in the Hollywood hospital. There was a smile on his face, a gentle one. He was a caring father. He would buy him toys, send him to schools, and a bicycle. Although something was strange. He went to the Columbia military academy but no one knows why. Could he be applying his son to the military academy when he is just 12 years old? When the boy turned 18, his dad bought him a car, a Hollywood Cadillac. The boy was filled with joy until he crashed a few days later which then he brought the car to the repair service. Then the boys joy came back alive. He made it to Stanford University and could now learn a tons of stuff of what he had dreamed for.


2 years later on June 1st, the father met a woman called Daisy Windsor down the street and had interest in her which lead him to spend an awful lot of money for the women. They went to France 8 days later and ate a meal there and came right back. February 13th, 1926, the father didn’t have much to do except to go and show up on the University Club Florists two times a year. Then he made a decision. A decision he should not make as a father.


He moved out with Ms. Daisy Windsor. They first went to Riviera Heights land to get a house and decorated it. They also went to shop diamonds and finally went on to the Hawaii steam ship. But soon the father felt bad for the son so the father gave the son 200,000 dollars and went on. A year later the son, Lawrence Exeter, Jr., used these checks. From his checks, we can see that he used his money very wastefully. All he used his money for was just shopping, until July 1, 1928. He spent his money in Bootery. Then he spends his money on this person called Tony Spagoni which is a gangster who sells alcohol. He then got his feet into the world of alcohol. He then sold it on the University Club Florist by giving that place money to keep it as a secret of him selling alcohol to their customers. He then spent his money on diamonds and girls. But soon he was caught by the government and did everything he could with money to get out of there. But that didn’t stop him from alcohol instead he found more people who sold alcohols such as Peter Ventizzi. 10 days later he found out that his father was close to death and again tried to solve everything with money. In the end it didn’t work out as he expected. He then did the last thing he could do to his own dad. That was to bury him and make him rest.

The Absolutely True Diary of the Reservation and the Rearden

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There’s no hope near you, everyone around you is hopeless, what do you do? Do you just sit there and wish that hope is going to come? No. If you cant find hope near you then move to somewhere else that has hope. and that’s exactly what Arnold does. in the book, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, Arnold is an Indian boy that leaves the reservation to find hope where the white people goes to school.

The trigger is pulled when Arnold finds out that he is going to “find more and more hope the farther and farther” he walks “away from sad, sad, sad reservation.” Arnold’s point of view on the world is revealed when he talks to his dad thinking that: “He was the loser Indian father of a loser Indian son living in a world built for winners.” Alexie writes: “My school and my tribe are so poor and sad that we have to study from the same dang books our parents studied from”. From this action, we can tell that he is very frustrated about his living environment as an Indian boy in the reservation. Arnold’s matter of fact tone is seen when he states: “I don’t know if hope is white. But I do know that hope for me is some mythical creature”.

ONE DAY 2017-Bike safety video

For my ONE DAY project i made a bike safety video. While filming my self I learned more about video cameras and how to use them. My successes were getting the right tools, equipment, and most of all I included everything it needed for bike safety. one thing i didn’t like about my video is that it was way too boring. Therefore, one thing that I would like to do differently next time is to add more humour to my video. That way it will be more entertaining and people will watch it more.

The Endless Wild Wall

The Endless Wild Wall


Did we come to the endless Wild Wall? Where is the Great Wall? Many of the Futures Academy students have wondered when they first arrived at the barracks. Let’s back up. The Futures Academy students arrived at ISB around 8:15 in the morning and they took off to “the Endless Wild Wall” with the living encyclopedia of the Wild Wall William Lindesay.

The three main events that the students did were the Sunrise Hike to the Great Wall, the Survival Lesson on How to Rescue People, and the Third Class Wall Hike. On the Sunrise Hike the students woke up at 2:30 in the morning to see and hear the owls howling and saw the sunlight on the way to the hike. Some of the students said, “what the heck is this hike?” while others said, “c’mon we can do this!” The mountain was so steep that some of the students felt their legs were about to explode, but the students kept on pushing themselves to do their best and kept on going. Then finally the students came to the top of the mountain with the amazing view of the sun rising right above them. “Wow! This is so beautiful! This hike was definitely worth hiking for,” one of the students said. Then the students were off to climb the Wild Wall with the help of Mr. Lindesay and his son Jimmy. The students had a specific job which was to pick up the trash the other people had left.

“Cosmetic problems can be solved quite quickly. But the cosmetic problem of picking up the trash in the Great Wall poses a deeper question. “The Great Wall is the national icon of the Chinese culture. If the Great Wall is trashed so badly, what would people say about Chinese culture?” Mr. Lindesay said. That was what Mr. Lindesay thought. The students really pushed themselves to pick up a lot of trash and the students really did pick up a lot of trash. The students really felt good after picking up the trash of the Wild Wall. Mr. Lindesay also told us a story of how a great Chinese commander called Qi Ji Guang (戚繼光) deigned the towers of the Great Wall and the settings of the Great Wall.

Next day, the students made a climb up a different mountain to see the different classes of the Wild Wall. On the climb the students had a rest on a bunch of rocks and suddenly Mr. Lindesay said “students the rocks your sitting on is the Great Wall of China” and all the students were shocked that this was the Wild Wall. Mr. Lindesay then told us a legend of a wall falling down. The students learned that the wall weren’t the same all the way through it was different and so on the students walked again to a different class of the walls.

On the same day the students had another activity which was to build a stretcher to save people. The students had another steep climb and reached a field. The students first had a home made sandwich lunch and had a lesson of how to use a Swiss Army knife and Mr. Lindesay also talked about an experience that he had. Mr. Lindesay split the students in 6 different groups and each had either a farmer or an instructor of how to do it. Each groups stretcher looked different and some weren’t as successful than others. With the farmers and the instructor’s help the students had a good experience of how to use a Swiss Army knife to save peoples lives.

On this trip the students learned a variety of things such as helping the environment saving peoples life and the facts that we never knew before we came to the Endless Wild Wall.


I will vote for Ethan, Leafe and Angela.

First of all Ethan is nice, Angela is a good leader and Leafe’s creativity is awesome.

Secondly I think Leafe’s creativity will make the village better like build a tower.

Finally Ethan is the best Governor I think so far.





real Minecraft village

Today I dyed my leather tunic to yellow. I brought like 200 cobble stone to the chest and I also helped building the town hall…….But  I died. My job is a soldier for our village. Leon said I have to pay him a lot for making me a iron armor. my goal is to protect our village. PS the government is going to pay minecraft money.