A damp smell hadst filled the room alongside with Neighbors, family, cater-cousins and strangers that were standing around the sleeping chamber, looking down at an innocent dying visage. “What is the matter Rosaline, speak to thy mother!” cries a poor and elderly mistress standing amongst the people. “What’s it all about my lady?” asks a by-fate passetherby. “Tis’ an unknown sorrow that leaves mine own Rosaline drowning in the sea of grief!”. The mistress continues to sob when at an hour suddenly a sir from the crowd shouts “Oh, behold the lady opens her eyes!”.


The mother finally peeks through her fingers to see her daughter slowly opening her eyes. “Oh, good god!” cried out the lady and did throw herself upon the young mistress. “Tell me! Tell me o Rosaline, what maketh thee so depressed?”. The mistress, quaint as an alpine stream, quivered her lips to mutter out “Romeo!” before passing out again.


“What is’t Romeo? Who is Romeo? Where is’t Romeo? Does anyone know?!” shouts the mother to the people. The crowd was wearing a look of anxiousness on its visage and was sharing worried glances. Finally, a sir mustered up the courage to speaketh up, “Romeo is the son of great lord Montague!”.


Darkness engraves the city of Verona as night occurs. People slowly start to leave the sleeping-chamber until there is no one except the mother and child. The candle on the table beside the bed also flickers out. Moon light finds its way into the room where Rosaline’s face, paler than ever, rests. Her mother continues to dive her head in her arms and weep until a soft hand lands on her shoulder. “Who takes the shame of sharing grief with such a poor woman?” asks the woman without looking at the person. “I am Shelly mine own mistress, a friend of Rosaline and I lay my own teeth that I know what sadness lengthens Rosaline’s hours!” says the stranger.


The old woman slowly gets to her feet, only to see that the person who claims to be “Shelly”, is a young woman, the same age as Rosaline but seems really poor with just a worn-out scarf on her head and a pair of simple clothes.  “Tell me! Tell me my child what is it?” she cries. Shelly replies with a soft nod and brings out a torn yellowish page and hands it over. “Tis’ what Rosaline wrote and gave me just before ending up in this long sleep.”, she said as the woman unfolded the paper. “Why? Tis’ my daughter’s hand!” she exclaimed as the paper revealed text written with red ink.


It read:


“Romeo o Romeo art thou Romeo,

Oh, why would you leave me in this trance,

In this deep sorrow with an endless cry,

How would thee know how it feels?

When a chest of lead meets a heart of gold,

How would thee know how it feels?

When the lords like you offer a golden heart,

Just for a mud and poor breast like mine,

You think I’m at fault when I say no,

But o Romeo you should know,

That I couldn’t marry you.

I had sworn on mine own life,

to keepeth mine own maidenhead alive,

But it was not well enow by thee.

You were so desperate about taking me to bed,

That you couldn’t see that I did offer love,

And you thought I was at fault to not like you.

I had to keep my long-kept word,

And as the fate got the best of us,

I’m sorry my Romeo,

But I had to say no!” 


A drop of sorrow hath fallen upon the paper as the mistress did look up at Shelly who is standing at the open, steel barred window looking out. She kept staring at her expecting for an answer and without another word, Shelly turned to her and spoke up, “None knows how it feels or maybe it can’t be expressed; it’s the thing that can connects but also destroys, it can give bliss but also sorrow”.


She paused for a moment, gulped and continued, “it is generally kind, but some people like Romeo disrespect it for an idiotic lust towards bedding maidens.” Rosaline’s mother already knew what she meant, but in tears, she still nodded and told her to continue.


“It is the animal that resides in the breast, which can be soft or even harsh, which can bind up the soul like chains or even let it fly like a dove”, the moonlight was shining through the window, her hand was gripping the steel bar, and finally with tears flowing down her cheeks, she turned and looked up at the full moon and said with a trembling voice, “They call it…. love”

4 Aspects Upon Which You Will Believe that Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is Worth a Shot

Have a look at 4 interesting facts and certain things which will make you believe that reading Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire is worth a shot:

Unexpected realities:

There are often instances in the book where the most unexpected things happen, whether it be in a positive sense to the Protagonist or in a negative one. Due to these the reader is left startled enough to be asking – “Really?” or “How”……….

Suspense/ Cliff hangers:

If talking about suspense and cliff hangers, the HP series has never backed off in giving us the emotional rides as to what lies ahead and sure enough Goblet of Fire never fails in keeping us clinging onto the book for more……..

Mouth openers/ Climax:

Climax or mouth openers( I just made that up!) are what make us read the whole book. Usually climax always sit towards the end of a book which usually resolve the whole dramatic question everybody is reading the book for. Harry Potter and the Goblet Fire literally has a shocking turn and a mouth opener in each 10-15 page chapter and mainly this is what keeps the reader clinging on t


The fifth and the last one is visualising. What makes reading all the books fun or interesting is your ability to visualise the things happening in the story. HP and the Goblet of Fire takes it a bit further and gives you enough details of even the smallest of the things. A whole movie is going on inside your brain including even the smallest details as you read and what makes it even more fun is that it is up to the reader to direct this movie………..



Response to the novel, text to _________ connections.

Mindset: The novel Hunger Games is a pure work of adventure and science fiction. The protagonist is a 16 year old girl who is elected for a so called “game” termed Hunger Games where she is thrown into an arena of death where she is met by life threatening situations and is forced to either do or die. The major dramatic question is of course that will Katniss Everdeen(protagonist) win the Hunger Games.

Text to Self Connections: The novel showcases characters that just do stuff they are commanded to. I connect this idea with myself as I am often told to do things and I have to do it. The only difference is that the commands are not so rude and life threatening 😉 . The protagonist experiences a situation of “do or die” which I never feel so maybe that doesn’t connect with me and I personally have never come across such obstacles in life.

Text to Text Connections: As I was reading through the novel I suddenly realised that I have already read a book which is kind of similar to the idea used in this book. The serial novel Percy Jackson shows a strong connection with the idea used in the Hunger Games. Percy Jackson showcases a teen protagonist who often stumbles across life threatening instances which connects to the mindset of Hunger Games which is to “do or die”. Things that differ are that Percy Jackson is more into mythology and godly stuff but Hunger Games portrays adventure and science fiction.

Text to World Connections: The text in this novel also connects to the world through different ways. Firstly, there are still places in the world which follow certain rituals and practices which are related to the concept of Hunger Games and death. Lastly, people across the globe often find themselves in situations where they have no other choice rather than doing what they have been told and same was the case with the protagonist in the Hunger Games.


Episode plot

Pokemon Cerulean gym episode


The main plot of the episode is that Ash( the protagonist) seeks the Cascade badge in Cerulean City—but for some reason, Misty(one of the protagonist’s friend) doesn’t want to join them. When Ash and Brock(another friend) show up, the city is buzzing about a break-in that just took place—and are initially accused of the crime! But with the help of their own ID proofs they are released. After a while Brock separates from Ash and Pikachu because he had some work to do in the city. Ash and Pikachu arrive at the Cerulean City gym, which resembles an aquarium with an Olympic-sized swimming pool. They see a water show performed by the Sensational Cerulean City Synchronized Swimming Sisters. Later on, Ash learns that the sisters are actually the Gym Leaders. He challenges them, but they don’t feel like battling and instead offer him the Cascade Badge without a fight. It looks like Ash will have his Cascade Badge without breaking a sweat…but then a fourth Gym Leader steps up! And this mysterious gym leader is none other than Misty and it turns out that Misty is the fourth “sensational sister”! Misty did not want to come to the city and to the gym because she had promised her sisters that she would only return when she will become a Pokemon master!She boldly takes up the challenge and agrees to do a Pokemon battle with Ash .While the battle is ongoing Team Rocket(A gang of three robbers) break into the gym which stops the match and try to steal all the Pokemon inside the gym and in fact it was Team Rocket who stole this machine from the city store for capturing Pokemon.Ash and Pikachu somehow find a way and defeat Team Rocket. Now because the match had been stopped the three sensational sisters proudly give the Cascade badge to Ash because of his bravery and for saving all the Pokemon. Brock joins Ash, Pikachu and Misty as they leave Cerulean city after bidding farewell to the three sensational sisters and continue on their journey.


So basically the dramatic question in the episode was that whether Ash can get a badge at the city gym or not? If talking about the protagonist’s concrete desire, then it is to get a badge after winning in a trainer gym. A big obstacle in the protagonist’s goal was that Team Rocket breaks into the trainer gym while the battle is going on and tries to steal all the Pokemon but in the end Ash Defeats Team Rocket and wins the match which leads to him getting the badge he deeply desired and the conflicts are all resolved. There was no deus ex machin therefore the solution to the obstacles and Protagonist’s desire was too easy and did not involve any fate or godlike activity.




 Short Story

At a baby store, Lawrence Exeter happily buys stuff for his upcoming baby and sure enough, two days later he finds himself standing in the Hollywood hospital and wrapped in his arms is Lawrence Exeter JR, as he  names him, and appoints himself the name of Lawrence Exeter SR. Lawrence Exeter JR is lucky because his father is very  an amazing childhood such as he went to amusement parks, a good school and then even got a car all for himself along with joining the best university. Surely he is very intelligent and good at studies because he gets a scholarship to France for further studies and so he happily does. He is still not that grown up, so will he lives in France, it is his father who does the payment for him for whatever he does. Lawrence Exeter SR appoints a personal tutor called Miss Daisy for his son in France to help him out in his studies there, but eventually Lawrence Exeter JR falls in love with Miss Daisy herself and thus buys her flowers and even takes her for a dinner outside. And once they are close, they buy a house for themselves at France and then merrily decorate it to the fullest. Some months later he gets her a diamond ring to propose her for engagement and she happily accepts him as her fiancé. And soon enough they get married and take a honeymoon trip to Hawaii. After seeing that his son is now married and is now responsible enough, Lawrence Exeter SR sends over a lot of money through a cheque for him to inherit from his father. For the next few days his father is taking the expenditure for his hotel and all but as soon as Lawrence JR receives the cheque he takes over the responsibility of paying money from himself. But soon enough he starts to use his money very lavishly like buying flowers very often and going shopping often too and thus spending a lot of money in it. One day he meets a guy called Tony Spagoni who introduces himself as a drug dealer and that he was willing to sell drugs to him at a cheap cost and strangely enough Lawrence accepts the offer and buys the drugs and gets an addiction. Later on he falls in love with a girl called Flossie and buys her diamonds and flowers and all. When his wife Daisy gets to know this, they both decide upon having a divorce and so they do. Lawrence JR then hires two of the best lawyers for the divorce. They fight it out in the court and the judge gives a verdict in favour of his wife and thus had to pay a huge amount to her as alimony. After all this he gets into depression and therefore gets an instinct that his end is no far now so he sends off his remaining money to his mother so that the money does not go waste. He sends the remaining few money to his previously owed lawyers and now that he knew that he was dead he spends off his money in buying more and more drugs until finally he dies a sad death from drug overdose in the hospital and now it is his father who signs the cheque for his body at the hospital sadly cutting of the letters “SR”from his sign and at the end he finds himself standing outside the mortuary, hands folded, looking down at the floor with nothing left except a glistening   tear rolling down his cheek.





3rd person limited POV: The room was as ark as it could be when the door to the room opened slightly, very slightly. As time passed the door slowly and noiselessly creaked open. The door was opening so steadily that it felt like it was nothing other than wind. Then, all of a sudden, a wired low sound came from the door which sounded like something rub against metal, and the sound that followed was from the bed to which anyone could have sworn was the sound of someone sitting upright and then spoke a terrified voice “Who’s there?”, it was the old man. Silence, absolute silence, neither did the man at the door do anything and nor did the old man move a muscle, the silence lasted an eternity in the darkness engrossed room.

My thinking: While changing the point of view what I kept in mind was that vocabulary should never be the same otherwise it seems as if you have just copied out the story word to word. The best part is that whenever you write such an reinterpretation, you can always write and highlight the small important details that were not more precise during the real story. Such as this line- “Silence, absolute silence, neither did the man at the door do anything and nor did the old man move a muscle, the silence lasted an eternity”. In the real story there is no highlighted description of the silence, but because I felt that it was missing I easily included that in my reinterpretation.

“Junior or Arnold”,a found poem




“I was multiplying hope by hope” (catchy enough??!!)

In the book, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian, Sherman Alexie creates a round protagonist that is a very coward type of a twelve year old kid(who’s name is Arnold Spirit but his friends call him junior)is scared of almost everything including his best friend rowdy, crazy isn’t it! Quotes like “I ended up having 42 teeth”, “I am the kind of idiot that got punched hard in the face” and “I am a loser” prove that junior is that type of a boy who easily gets bullied and shows that he is a boy who is scared of everyone and always finds hope for taking revenge but never is successful in doing so. Some other quotes that can be seen in the found poem are “I am running away”, “hope hope” and “I want to find something” showcase the protagonist’s feelings in which he is finding hope.The found poem  basically focuses on the young boy who is still struggling for finding some hope in his life. Therefore the title of the found poem says “Junior or Arnold?” because he is confused in himself that whether he is what he thinks he is or he is what his friends think he is(fancy right??!!)

——- Aryan Sinha.    (you can give me the credit, I made it myself)