Finally Expanding! (Passion Project V3 Weekly Update #9)

Hey there fellas! This week’s *actual* blogpost is about updates that happened during throughout the week. Let’s take a look at all the major changes that the shop went through:

As you can see, the image above shows not that much change. After talking with PTA volunteers and product stocks, it seems that the smaller sticker sales (¥1 per sticker) have slowed down, and I haven’t had the need to replace the small stickers just yet. Also, there really is a lack of presence in the store throughout the day. After last week, we went through three different hoodies (people supposedly bought 3 hoodies). Although this is fantastic in the sense of product variety and demand, it is clear that the store needed a change in look and products. That when everything started to come together on Friday, when the Design People club met for the 4th time 

As mentioned in the previous week, Annie had been making her own drawings and experimenting them onto her own products. She drew the above 6 drawings (wow, I know right) and tested them out with her own postcard vendor. When she brought them to our next meeting, we were all stunned and decided to immediately put them out for sale. But before we did that, we wanted to decide our price, to which we labeled at ¥10 per postcard. Finally, I was able to set up the Dragon Design Pop-up Shop 2.0 inside the store, and my oh my was it lookin spicy. And very pink 😉I let the store run its course across the week, looking to see how the store would fare out. It seems like the postcards aren’t too popular with the elementary kids –but of course, what would little kids do with a postcard– and the stickers are selling bit-by-bit. It would be fantastic if we were to get a shelf of our own as soon as possible in order to make our shop look legit as possible, but we’d just have to wait. The technical aspects that I’d like to work on would be the pricing and the advertising of our store. First off, for the pricing, I’m trying to organize a collaborative worksheet.xlsx that is on the shared workfolder. What I was thinking was that every 2-3 weeks or so, we’d rack up a whole new range of products and such, keeping all the prices right there beside it, maybe even including possible deals or sales. Then after those weeks, we’d go in and “update” the store with the products and the new pricing sheet, keeping students, especially the elementary kids, on edge for the latest products :). For the advertising, all we really need to for a couple posters to talk about who we are or where our shelf is located, and what products are being sold; however the only thing holding us back would probably be the organization and the flow of our current products and when they would arrive and such.

Anyways, that’s all for this week! Thanks for reading.

Slow (Passion Project V3 Weekly Update #8)

Hey there… so yeah this blog post is like, a week late, and that’s because I had so much on my plate, especially with the talent show and all–which was a huge success btw ;). Anyways, let’s get straight into what little work I did for the week:

The image above was taken in the beginning of last week, to document the process of what has been going on the PTA DD store. Looking back, these past 2 weeks have been super duper slow in terms of product variety and such; however that will change in the following week ;). But I’m getting ahead of myself. As you can see, the store contains 5-6 different stickers, as well as one white fashion bug hoodie and two pink fashion bug hoodies. The most notable thing is that all the products are designed by me, which is a bit surprising due to the fact that the whole “Dragon Design” thing is supposed to be a team effort. Unbeknownst to many, a couple team core members were actually experimenting on their own, and began to order their own products to test whether they’d like it or not. One example would be Annie with her sticker set and postcards, which begin sales *next week*.

Speaking of experimenting, Ms. Lemley blessed us by taking Catherine’s graphic design and sending it into the Copy Office to make some stickers. Once they were printed and presented in front of the team, we ultimately decided that we’d be better off using outside vendors (HFH’s) that pre-cut the stickers rather than having us cut each individual one out. So, that’s one product aspect that we’ve been working on.

Ok so disclaimer: I cant quite rotate the image in the website, so just rotate your screen 90º clockwise to view the image. Also, one comment that I received said that the quality of the images was too low, but because this blog publisher is kinda sad, you have to actually click on the image to view it in the highest quality. Anyways, if you look at this photo taken at the end of the week and compare it to the other photo taken earlier, you might think that there isn’t much difference. Having said that, when I stopped by to interview the PTA cashier volunteers, they said that the stickers have been selling pretty well at ¥1 for 1, and on top of that, I replaced one pink hoodie that was supposedly sold (I think I saw who bought it), so that means that larger products are also being sold at some rate. That’s mostly it for this week, as I couldn’t do much in the first place 🙁

Thanks for reading, and read the next post if you’re wondering what happens to the store’s development!

Plans (Passion Project V3 Weekly Update #7)

Hey hey, semi-slow week today. Quick recap of this week and what to expect in this blog update:
– Small product design (stickers)
– Schematics for product designs
– PTA collaboration
– Item pricing

First off, with the small product designs, the designers have been having some slight complications with the schematics/finalization of the products. Because of the tight deadline for first products in the PTA store for *next Wednesday*, we’ve been rushing to get some organization and colouring of the designs to print onto stickers. Although I don’t possess final details of the products (individual members will submit into the 365 files), here are some screengrabs of what they were working on in the past week:

On the left, Catherine wrote some quick notes about how she wanted the dimensions of the sticker/enamel pin to be. With the centimeters of the height and dimension, she stated that she’d also think about a gold outline or such; I never got any update about that afterwards. On the right side, Reina wanted to make a quick sticker version of the royal cat she sketched out. Because the shape is so irregular, during the meeting we were discussing about any background, circular and whatnot, in order to make the sticker printing/cutting an easier task. Again, no update on that other than Jonathan re-vectoring the form and background shapes.

One issue that arose during the planning process is that the designers were unable to access the 365 shared access workfolder. Apparently they still have to send in a request to the workfolder owner, and I do not know if they have done that or not (Jonathan has). Otherwise, there is a deadline to submit details of their product (stickers) into the workfolders. Like mentioned earlier, products should be in shelves starting this Wednesday, with some of my old stickers leading the charge.

And finally, for the pricing, Jonathan and I thought up of prices for products and future products, based on previous selling price points. However, these plans are tentative as quality and effort will effect the price tags on certain products. An example would be hoodies selling for ¥140, and t-shirts selling for ¥70. Postcards could go for a cheap ¥5 for each one or two, and stickers are set at ¥1 each.

PTA and Expansion (Passion Project V3 Weekly Update #5)

Hi there! This week actually turned out to be quite the productive one (in a way). To summarize real quick, here’s a list of what happened:
1. Made a plan based upon the meeting with PTA
2. Created group chat with designers
3. Started to work on small designs

So number one. Referencing to the meeting I had with the PTA, and the email that I never got back from the Booster Club, Ms. Lemley and I decided that it’d be best if we were to go ahead with our plan to set up shop within the PTA store. When talking Hailing, the PTA manager, we learned a lot of useful things, but you could just read what went down in the last blog post. What was most important was the place where we could sell out products. So this right here is a picture of what the PTA store allowed us to use for shelf space. Apparently, the store is categorized in sections such as gifts, trinkets, school supplies, and tech. There were a couple shelves that, with some reorganization, would provide a lot of space for charity products. However, after some back and forth with the manager, she quickly explained that the products on the shelves were purposefully spread apart as to prevent mass crowding. She said during the beginning of the year, the notebook shelves would be constantly swarmed by middle schoolers, so therefore shelf space had to be given priority to the products. After some pondering however, my logic said that if there were students arriving en masse to the PTA store to but textbooks and whatnot because of “Back to School”, why couldn’t student products be sold on the large shelves in the middle of the year, where the binders and textbooks were just gathering dust? Ah but for the time being, it shouldn’t really matter, as right now I’m testing the waters with smaller student designed products, which don’t provide that big of a burden for the volunteer mothers working at the PTA store with minimum employee training. You see, this whole process is a matter of trust. Once we provide some system that is fairly easy to the mothers, they’ll realize that a line of charity products is just another bunch of new products to sell as always.Adding on to that, I have yet to get confirmation that the blue shelf in the image above can be changed into a display/storage for the student design. I talked with Ms. Lemley, and if we get the trust and greenlight from the PTA for the new shelf, the whole selling part of this project ordeal is “all set”. I was supposed to get measurement for the sizing and all, but I didn’t quite get the opportunity to do so, and I still need to reconfirm with Hailing about the cabinet thing anyways.

The second (and third) part of the project was gathering all my fellow student designers from the HS community. Now, these people that I chose have had some history that I know or heard of with design and also creating products. I also specifically wanted them because I know that they can work will within a group. As of now, the small 5-person team consists of me, Jonathan Yu, Reina Zheng, Catherine Lin, and Emma Liu. There are some other people that I wanted to join; however I think that this 5-person team should be enough to create a small catalog of mini-products to sell at the small shelf at the PTA store, just for starters.

I’ve already briefed them on what to do, and hopefully over the break we should have some ideas down and in the works, so we can get started as soon as possible. Here’s a snippet of the chat:

That’s all for this week. Hopefully I’ll return in two weeks time with some finalized designs to place in the PTA store, which I will be in contact with Hailing again. Regarding the Booster Club, I highly doubt that we’ll be working with them in the future, but we’ll see.

Conference (Passion Project V3 Weekly Update #4)

So I had the conference with the PTA store manager, so quick run-down of what I’ve got so far:

PTA Store:
– Provide a system to track products
– No tracking system within the PTA
– Charity items are being tracked
– Not many large products in the PTA store
– Mistakes are not documented
– No way to tell if sold, misplaced, stolen, etc.
– Small stock under staircase for PTA store
– Volunteers have minimum training in running stock and inventory
– Offers little shelf space for Charity items
– All money from charity goes back to charity
– Have a student or check in on the stocks
– No guarantees that all the money is sold

– Booster Club check their inventory
– Talk to Cherry about Booster Club
– Booster Club design club

I emailed Booster Club for more questions, but I’m still waiting for them to reply. In the meantime, I added some designers from my grade into a group chat so we can discuss how’d we like to see the club in the future. Right now it consists of me, Jonathan, and Reina; however we are also considering other people.

On another note, I haven’t been prioritizing my drawings and whatnot, but for my design career right now, I just finished a massive month-long design project for the Swim Team, and now I’m working for the Cross Country team and Nightingale Charity Club. We’ll see what happens in the next week. Updates soon!

Calendar (Passion Project V3 Weekly Update #3)

^This is my calendar for the upcoming couple of weeks. Because of this new idea for the semester, I’m heading into uncharted territory. Now, my philosophy is not create an entire plan for something that I have no expertise in, but rather plan out one step, fulfill it, then see/plan what I can do in the future (i.e. step 2). So for my step one, I decided that I should work on the PTA aspect of the project. So this Wednesday, Sep 17, I’ll have a meeting with the PTA Head Manager about selling student products, new layout, and generally a bigger student aspect on the store.

Here’s a general list of my questions:

– What’s the possibility of selling student products?
– If so, can we have a designated area with display?
– If students are willing to create school merchandise, can there be some sort of way to allow them to be official additions to the Booster Club? (Might need to ask Booster Club)
– Can we change the layout of the PTA store, so that to maximize transparency?
– (Talk about profit and stock specifications)
– If at all possible, money can be donated?
– Students within the design team will create their own limited stock, then give to the PTA store to sell until out of stock or pulled
– Expanding the store? Stock cabinets near the stairwell.

That’s just about it for the plan for this week. Hopefully, the manager says yes and we’re authorized to sell products in the store. If not, maybe I can talk to some teacher or someone to designate an area around somewhere else to sell student designs.

On a side note, I drew a picture with someone wearing one of my merch hoodies 😉

Examples (Passion Project V3 Weekly Update #2)

Hey hey! This week I did some snooping around online and through my past, and I’ve got some examples or formats for clubs or mini-shops that Ms. Lemley gave or I found that I’d like to share:

ShopSCAD: ShopSCAD is from the Savannah College of Art & Design, where students themselves are able to apply and send their designs and products to the shop to sell. There are over 100 artists selling their own products, ranging from apparel, clothing, art pieces, and little gifts/trinkets. However, these usually range around the $600-$800 range, but apparently they’re still up there meaning some people are willing to purchase them.

Miniso: Miniso is a Japan-based dollar-store chain that is run very tight-shippedly. Normally Miniso stores are very cramped –however, they are able to make an effective system of shelving, storage, and pricing– and they attract customers. One thing that they’re known for is their low prices, which is also their main selling point. Also, their products match a common thing which is bright, pastel, soft, and other similar terms.

I was talking with Jonathan Yu, another fellow designer, earlier this week about how this club should work (more details next week), and one idea that I absolutely loved when it was brought up was that when the new section of the school is built (I’m talking about the Design section), we could have a little bit or room dedicated to selling new student products! However, it could be too late in the planning progress of the school.




Expansion (Passion Project V3 Weekly Update #1)

Hey there everybody! Season 3 of Passion Project is finally here, and I’m ready to dive right in to my project for this year. Last year, both semesters were mainly based upon design and drawing for online; however, this year I’m ready to branch out and start something new. Without further ado, here’s the plan:

This year I was thinking about setting up a club (currently named Dragon Designers) that allows students to collaborate together and create designs//products. If at all possible, we could also team up with the PTA and have a section within the PTA store where we could sell these products. On top of that, we could also have something that’s similar to Sententiae’s system where people don’t need to join the club, and just send their designs to the Designers for feedback.

Right now, I haven’t discussed with Ms. Lemley or any of the PTA team so far, but I have talked to a couple students and they seem interested, including Jonathan, whom I worked with during last year’s Spring Fair.

Can’t wait to work out the first details about it this coming week!

Ordering (Passion Project V2 Weekly Update #9)

Heyo! Lotta stuff happening and a lot of stuff in the works!

Here’s the gallery as always:

The top two doodles were just small things that I did for fun, and I posted them onto my WeChat and instagram. Well, I didn’t really post the purple hair girl one, but that’s because I’d like to work more on that in the future. As for the bottom two, they are preparations for the upcoming Spring Fair where I’ll be accumulating part of my semester work into selling them as t-shirts and hoodies. Here are the designs:

So yea there are more designs this time around, and I’m certainly banking on the fact that people will buy the t-shirts more than the hoodies due to the high temperatures of summer 🙂

I’ve ordered all the sets (list below)





白杠T恤 (35)

So far, the pink hoodies have arrived, but the rest should all arrive by Thursday, May 17. Anyways, my plan for this Saturday is to sell out all that I have, and then try to have orders all set by the 20th, then get them out and have my Spring/Summer Catagory of clothing officially kickstarted.