Ordering (Passion Project V2 Weekly Update #9)

Heyo! Lotta stuff happening and a lot of stuff in the works!

Here’s the gallery as always:

The top two doodles were just small things that I did for fun, and I posted them onto my WeChat and instagram. Well, I didn’t really post the purple hair girl one, but that’s because I’d like to work more on that in the future. As for the bottom two, they are preparations for the upcoming Spring Fair where I’ll be accumulating part of my semester work into selling them as t-shirts and hoodies. Here are the designs:

So yea there are more designs this time around, and I’m certainly banking on the fact that people will buy the t-shirts more than the hoodies due to the high temperatures of summer 🙂

I’ve ordered all the sets (list below)





白杠T恤 (35)

So far, the pink hoodies have arrived, but the rest should all arrive by Thursday, May 17. Anyways, my plan for this Saturday is to sell out all that I have, and then try to have orders all set by the 20th, then get them out and have my Spring/Summer Catagory of clothing officially kickstarted.


Spring Break (Passion Project V2 Weekly Update #8)

Hey there reader! Let me be frank with you: I haven’t been very active in my drawings and whatnot compared to previous weeks and months. Here’s a gallery of what I’ve drawn these past days:

I had to remake my first comic due to… unforeseen reasons, but anyways, my 4th comic has been submitted to The Break for their next edition. The hoodies are officially arriving next Wednesday, so I’m pretty excited for that. Otherwise, I’ve been doodling a lot, not really committing to a lot of drawings

In regards to my final goal, I’ve slimmed it down to either expanding and running my business of clothing design, or I could try to create my own little animation/animatic which is a big step from just drawing simple cartoons.


So apparently I’m one blog post ahead, so I might as well add on to what I accomplished the week after what happened above:

After my comic was published, I received multiple comments on it from friends, as usual. I might as write some of the things I remember:

1. I remember my friend Jonathan telling me that this edition’s comic was his favorite. This is because of the humor/punchline being more relatable.

2. Someone said that the comic was a bit too pixelated; however, this is because of the formatting problems of the newspaper.

3. This comic was different from previous comics due to character design. In this new comic, the MC looks more realistic, which adds onto the humor of the punchline. This follows the same formula as a popular digital cartoonist, Randowis.

Practice Practice Practice (Passion Project V2 Weekly Update #7)

This week was a nice typical week. During class today, I practiced different animation techniques with different animation softwares. First I tried using Sketchbook Flipbook, which I had used previously in my other animatics. There’s nothing special about this software as it’s just an easier method of animating transparent panels. As for the other technique, I’ve used Adobe Photoshop CS6 to have a more complex and more layered panel animation. However, this way is more time-consuming and required a lot of organization. I did discover a little cheat way of animating a still photo by using puppet warp, which uses anchors and web links to alter and warp an object. Here’s an image of how it works:

As for the sketchbook flipbook, here’s another screenshot:


Even more stuff (Passion Project V2 Weekly Update #6)

Hey hey! So here’s the gist of what happened this week:

I worked closely with my vendor and most likely the hoodies/t-shirts will arrive either next week the week after that. I have around 10 orders so I think it’ll turn out great (updates in the neat future).

As for my animation and drawing, I’ve been dabbling again like usual. I’ve officially started working on my 2nd animatic, which is basically a 30 second rant based on how people say my art looks a lot like TheOdd1sOut, WHICH IT DOES NOT.

Anyways, besides the animatic, I’ve worked on the digital storyboard for my romance animatic/animation to work on in the future. I’ve thought about dropping the whole romance animatic, but then again, I’d be dropping a whole lot of work. I’ll need to think about this further. For the time being, I’m pretty content with practicing with animatics and generally working up my skills in animation and such.

In addition, I had a creative block this week so I drew whatever popped in my mind. For the doodle of the week, it’s basically a subconscious mash-up of two of my friends in my classic drawing style, with a new body-shape style. I really like it and I hope I can do more of this in the future. Commissions have been really fun to do as well; however they do take some time and dedication.

Here are some of the visual things that I did this week:




Other (Passion Project V2 Weekly Update #5)

Ok ok. I admit it. Maybe I could’ve used my time more effectively this week and all in terms on my animation and such, but I did make advancements in other areas.

The above image was something that I drew out of boredom, and it’s a hip and fresh doodle of my good buddy Will, who sits next to me every class. But the most important and notable thing that I did this week was to organize, pre-order, and purchase my next line of hoodies, this time being “Fashion-Bug”. I’m especially excited for the next couple of weeks.

YouTube tutorial from last week:

Work? (Passion Project V2 Weekly Update #4)

Hey hey hey! This week was especially special to me because my whole “style” could change due to a change of software. During the break before the week, I got very bored and drawing with Sketchbook seemed unappealing at the time. I did have Photoshop CS6 and CC 2017 installed on my laptop; however, I barely used to for anything other than editing the lighting of some photos.

Anyways, to the point: I took a 20-minute lesson from YouTube and learned how to draw on Photoshop, which actually taught me a lot. Using my newfound knowledge I drew a couple cartoon characters and such, switching up my style. Here are the results:

Schedule (Passion Project V2 Weekly Update #3)

Ok. Maybe my plan for the entire semester is a bit crowded with all three of my goals, but here’s my foolproof plan on how to divvy up my time to maximize my focus on each “side-project”.

For my animated short, the more that I thought about it, the more I realized how much work I’d have to put in. When I worked on my first (well, technically second) animatic, I realized the amount of time it takes to just draw AND sync frames with audio. Thus, my mindset for the animation is… low priority. However, I am keen to continue with drawing my classic comics and work on comedic animatic shorts, which works hand in hand with updating my clothing line.

So now we get into what’s going to be new for this semester. The previous goals all worked smoothly together, so I feel like I can take on more responsibilities and such, especially when they don’t require a constant eye on. To create a more professional sense, I’d like to spend probably a week early on in the semester designing my own website (probably with Wix), and with the help of the school, link it to a purchased domain. If not, then I’ll try do it at home during my spare time, which shouldn’t require too much time.

As for the Product Creation club situation, preparations and conversations are needed with multiple people before I can actually apply to kick-start for it next year, so it shouldn’t interfere much with my main animatic goals for this semester. Speaking of animatics, to end this update off, here’s the animatic I spent a collective 7 hours working on:

Proposal (Passion Project V2 Weekly Update #2)

What do you want to do this semester for Passion Project?

I would like to create an animated short, a love story that takes place in an airport terminal, with a partner that used to go to ISB two years ago. She’s an amazing artist herself, and also an experienced animator.

On top of that, adding on to my previous Passion Project, I would like to continue expanding my brand and especially my design store. I was thinking of making an online store/website, which I can also use to promote my brand. I was also thinking of creating a club to include other people in creating their own products and sell them, like what I did last semester.

Why is it important/significant?

This project is significant to me because I’ve never done anything like this before. Not only is this a massive project for my skillset, but I have never really practiced or even thought of animation. This opportunity will push me to my creative and artistic limits, and also teach me new methods of drawing and animation.

When I went to SAS Puxi, my host family showed me a comic compilation created by their school’s Comic club. I thought that that was a brilliant idea, but I realized that comics aren’t really a big thing in our school. However, I do realize that many student have amazing product ideas that are never brought into reality, often due to not enough time and/or resources. With a club, this would provide student members time and an opportunity to delve into their creative minds and produce fantastic products to

What will you learn?

As I mentioned above,  from creating the animation, I will over time learn and develop new skills to help with drawing, sketching, and animation. Animation uses frames to move characters, and when I create an animation with 12fps, that would mean 3600 different frames for 5 minutes.

Do you need a specialized space to work?  Will you need materials/software?

For the animation, I already have the hardware and software needed to produce a 5-minute short, but as for the online store/website, .com domains cost $12 a year, and $14 monthly payments to keep websites up.

As promised, here are character designs and the storyboard for the animation:



A New Season (Passion Project V2 Weekly Update #1)

Hello hello! After a lovely Winter Break, I have returned to blogging about my Passion Project! Apparently, for this blog post, I’m NOT supposed to be planning anything, but rather looking for things that inspire me, but because I already planned this last semester, I have decided to make an animation. I’ve already drawn up character designs, storyboard, and scene animatics – all of which will be shared next week.

But for now, I’d say that inspirations for me are… YouTube videos. Almost every other day, I go on YouTube to see the latest storytime animation or animatic, and it’s just so cool to watch drawings come to life. Here are the links to some of my favorite creators:

Zalinki (https://www.youtube.com/user/Zalinki)

JaidenAnimations (https://www.youtube.com/user/JaidenAnimations)

Jakeneutron (https://www.youtube.com/user/Jakeneutron)

Berd (https://www.youtube.com/user/Berd)

However, for some explicable reason, I do have a distaste for story-time animators like Jaiden and Domics. I think maybe it’s because they’re so mainstream that they don’t seem like self-drawn indie artists anymore, but otherwise I enjoy their whole idea of block-frame animation. Zalinki and Berd are always a hoot to watch, mainly because it’s just humorous animation.

I know that I’m not supposed to be planning or anything, but I’m looking at goals at the end of the semester already: a couple trashy but humorous animatics, an animatic for my major animation that I’m working on with a partner located in South Africa, and continuing my last Passion Project from last year, which is upping my brand and releasing a new season of merchandise for the Spring and Summer season.

Reflection (Passion Project Weekly Update #14)

Hey readers! It’s been a really long semester with a lot of things going on, but it felt like it was going by so fast! I’d like to take this week’s final blog post update by answering some questions and reflecting upon what I’ve done this entire week!
How did you like participating in the Innovation Expo?
I enjoyed very much in participating in the 2017 Innovation Expo. The atmosphere was great, and the people who attended and came to my booth really supported my illustrations regardless of buying merchandise or not. I also had a couple of friends that appeared over the course of the day who helped me out not just by buying items, but also covering for me in my booth and help promote it outside of my station.

How did you come up with the idea to sell your own illustrations?
In the beginning, original merchandise was something that I did not even consider. This whole Innovation Expo was based upon my Passion Project that I started this semester. When I first decided to join Passionate Project, my plan was to create a series of comics detailing about school life in ISB. However, just a few days into the actual course, I decided that my parameters really constricted me in terms of creativity. I quickly switched towards just comics and illustrations in general, plotting to complete a compilation book by the end of the semester. Unfortunately, I realized that I could not finish this in time, and just dabbled around, until one day my mother surprised me with an orange t-shirt with my pumpkin fall design printed in the middle. I thought that this was especially cute, and thought that I could possibly make a career out of this. I teamed up with a good friend of mine named Jonathan, and together we designed a white t-shirt that deliberately spoofed off of Supreme with the term ‘Surprise’. I sold most of the few shirts that I printed out, and Ms. Lemley suggested that perhaps that this was the direction that I should go for. In conclusion, I used my last two months of the semester to draw shirt and hoodie designs to print and sell.
What was the outcome of the total PP? How many illustrations did you make? What was successful merchandise?
The whole project for me was a total rollercoaster. I changed the entire idea of my final product of the semester at least 3 times. Originally, I wanted to create a comic compilation filled with all of my illustrations, so I set a goal of 100 comics by the end of the semester. Unfortunately, at the time I didn’t realize that 100 comics was utterly impossible, so in the end I had around 50 comics/drawings, half of my initial goal. But that’s okay as my final goal was to sell original merchandise, and I’ve completed that by attended the Innovation Expo. So far, by including sales from the past couple weeks, the hoodies have been selling pretty well, and I haven’t even sold out all of my initial shirts yet.
What do you like about illustrating?
What I really like about illustrating is that you can literally dump anything in your mind onto the computer to see. I would say that it just helps with creativity and how it expands my boundaries of thinking, but it actually does more than that. Whenever I’m stressed, I like to hook up my tablet to my computer and release all of it onto the digital canvas. All of my emotions and stress are vented towards the screen, and it fuels my motivation to finish certain illustrations.

Where do you get your inspiration from? Who are you influenced by?
I started digital drawing on January 31st, 2017, but before that, I had a notebook that I carried around with me full of hand-drawn comics. I was inspired by the all the digital comics that I saw so often on my internet browsing sessions that I tried to do it myself. Artists like PigeonGazette, Randowis, JakeLikesOnions, Owlturd, and Joan Cornella really convinced me to get into comics. My initial thoughts were to establish my own art style. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to me, my first comics looked suspiciously similar to Cyanide and Happiness. Over times, I challenged myself to make big changes towards character design, eventually getting towards the style I have today. Shortly I established my latest style, I found this New Zealand based comic artist by the name of Li Chen. She draws her ‘Extraordinary Comics’ and has a similar style towards mine. I instantly fell in love with her art, and her single panel artworks are absolutely breathtaking. Oftentimes, I would try to shade my illustration like she would, but I’m still learning.
What feedback did you specifically seek/get from others?
Like I’ve stated before, I really enjoyed Li Chen, also known as ExoComics’s artworks. I enjoyed them so much that I really pushed myself and sent her an email attached with some of my best drawings, and ashed her on what I could improve. She replied back with a bunch of great tips like visual organization, but what she stated most was to practice and practice. Another tip I got was from a man who visited me during the Innovation Expo. He had a degree in Digital Design or something like that, and he explained to me that a good exercise for designing would be to practice multiple styles but still convey the same message.

Were you able to sell a lot of merchandise?
At first, business seemed to be pretty slow, and I honestly thought that this whole merchandise thing was a bad investment. However, after the Innovation Expo, my brand has been catching wind over the MS and HS student body, and I’ve been getting a lot of orders recently.

Why do you think it’s important to encourage innovation at school?

Without innovation, the mindset and creativity of ISB cannot progress. This is especially important for students as they’re an integral part towards the ISB community. Innovation would help students problem solve new and different solutions, both academic and physical, in and out of school.

Will you participate in the expo again?
Most definitely. I really do enjoy my Passion Project elective, and I believe that the Innovation Expo is a perfect opportunity to showcase my effort and products at the end of the first semester.

What do you want to do after high school?
This career and reputation that I’ve built this year so far is too big to just drop after graduation. As I’m still only a freshman, I still have 3 1/2 more years to go, and who knows where my skill-set and brand will be? I do believe that it’s still to early to decide what my career will be, but I can say for certain that digital drawing and design will be a personal hobby and side job for the rest of my life.
What did you struggle with/wish you could improve?
I don’t really think that I struggled with anything major over the entire course of the semester. Sure, there was the typical artist’s block now and again, but there was always something going on that would inspire me and also encourage me to draw something. My though process was a bit clunky in the beginning, but I’m extremely proud to say that my Passion Project was a complete success, and I’ve expanded my brand outside of just comics and illustrations to actual clothing design privately and publicly, as well as freelance design for outside clients.