2017 the top 5 books I’ve read

By Eric Hunter

  1. The Darkest Hour

The Darkest Hour is a children’s fantasy novel, the sixth and last book in the original Warriors series by Erin Hunter, featuring the fictional character Firestar, a cat. The series centers around a group of wild cats living in four Clans, ThunderClan, RiverClan, WindClan, and ShadowClan. It was published on October 1, 2004, by HarperCollins Publishers.[1] The takes place in the forest as The Darkest Hour received critical acclaim. Hilary Williamson wrote: “The Darkest Hour is the best yet in this thrilling series of feline adventure, that also stresses the importance of caring and community”.[8] A reviewer for Booklist called The Darkest Hour “tension-filled.

2. A Dangerous Path

Part of the series of Warriors, the fifth book of the series. The story again takes place in a fictional forest populated by four groups of feral cats, ThunderClan, RiverClan, WindClan, and ShadowClan. Each Clan has their own territory in which they hunt for prey and protect from enemies such as rival Clans and wild animals. The story follows Fireheart and his adventures in ThunderClan.

The forest is based on New Forest, which is located in Southern England. Besides New Forest, Loch Lomond, the Scottish Highlands, and the forest of Dean also inspired the fictional locales in the novel

3. Secret among deep

Secret among deep is another children fantasy novel, it is the third book of the Warriors series. The plot is about Fireheart, a ThunderClan warrior, attempting to prevent his best friend Graystripe from falling in love with Silverstream, whom Graystripe is not allowed to fall in love with. Silverstream later dies giving birth to Graystripe’s kits. When RiverClan claims the kits, Graystripe makes the difficult decision to join RiverClan. Fireheart also becomes a deputy after Tigerclaw, the deputy, attempts to kill the leader, Bluestar. The main theme of the book is forbidden, love. Forest of Secrets takes place in a fictional forest based on many natural locations.

2.Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice also known as a fictional children fantasy novel:) its the second book of the Warriors series.

As I shorten the plot: Fire and Ice begins with Fireheart and Graystripe performing a traditional silent vigil after their promotion to warrior status in Into the Wild. In the first couple chapters, the book explains in the third person how Fireheart and Graystripe start to get comfortable with being warriors. ThunderClan thinks Ravenpaw is dead, but Fireheart reveals the truth to Bluestar not long before a Gathering is held.As their first task as warriors, Fireheart and Graystripe are assigned to find WindClan, which had been driven out by ShadowClan, and bring them home. They go to the WindClan camp and search for clues there. On the way, they see some RiverClan warriors hunting on WindClan territory. Graystripe finds the correct scent trail, and they follow it to a makeshift WindClan camp. Fireheart spots Barley’s farm little ways off the trail and the pair hurriedly leaves in fear of the dogs that live on the farm chasing them after they get let out


1.Into the Wild

“Into the Wild” is another children fantasy novel, it is the first ever book of Warrior series ever released. It was published in January 2003.

The book begins with a battle between ThunderClan and RiverClan over Sunningrocks, a strip of land. ThunderClan is outnumbered and their deputy, Redtail, calls a retreat. In ThunderClan territory, the medicine cat, Spottedleaf, receives a prophecy from the spirits of their ancestors, StarClan: “Fire alone can save our Clan.” The leader, Bluestar, muses that it is impossible because fire is feared by all the cats.





Archetypal Elements in The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian 


Quote; explanation

The Final Price                                    Interpretation of “Ordeal By Cheque”


Spoiler Alert:)))

Jr. Died

Days, before his baby was born, Lawrence Exeter was at the baby Shoppe preparing for his son. A few days later, Lawrence Exeter Jr. was brought into the world. Unfortunately, things went terribly wrong in the delivery room and his mother died giving birth to him. Coping with the hard times, Lawrence Sr. takes on the role of being a single father. A month later Sr. takes his son to Dr. David McCoy for a checkup. After a long day at “work” Sr. stops at the toy store and gets a few toys for his son before picking him up from his babysitter. Six years go by and Jr. gets entered into the Palisades school for boys by his father, he thinks it will be good for the boy. Being that Jr. is doing so well in his new school he was rewarded with a brand new bicycle. Lawrence Jrs.’s Childhood passed him by quickly. At the age of 17, Jr. entered the Colombia Military Academy. When Jr. turned 23 his father bought him a Cadillac. Recklessly driving, Jr. got in an accident speeding down the highway. He was not injured but his brand new Cadillac needed some work done. Despite the crash and the constant mistrust between father and son, Sr. agreed to send Jr. to Stanford University in 1921. Jr. wreaked so much havoc upon the University in the two years he was there that he was expelled and his father had to pay $25,000 in damages to Miss Daisy Windsor, the lovely administrator of the University.



After having to talk to Miss Daisy so much about his son’s failures and damages, he soon became friendly with her and was even interested in seeing her. Sr. figured he should give it a shot because it had been 20 years since the birth of his son that had caused the loss of his wife. Finally, in 1923 he decided to take Miss Daisy on a trip to France and ended up buying a summer home there for the two of them. He left her there for three years, promising his return, business trip after business trip. He would occasionally send flowers and write letters to refuel their long distance love. July swung around and so did Sr. He swooped his lady from their apartment in France and they returned to her dream town, the place she’d always wanted to live. They were so in love that they bought a beautiful mansion and had it elegantly decorated. Already having their honeymoon planned out, Sr. asked for Miss Daisy’s hand in marriage. Of course, she said “yes”. Their honeymoon was wonderful, the grand hotel, the beautiful ocean, a carefree vacation with his new true love, but Sr. had some concerns about the house and his business. This was the reason for sending his son $200,000 to keep up with the house and business while he was away enjoying himself. Little did Sr. know that the reason for his son’s rebellion at the University was caused by his love for Miss Daisy. He was really showing off for her when he was acting up. That December, Sr. decided to give his business to his son, all he wanted was to live happily with his new wife. So he mailed his checkbook and bank account information for his son to use. It was so easy for him to access because they’d had a joint account all these years.


In February 1927, Jr. decided to correctly express his love for Miss Daisy by sending her chocolates. It was worth a shot, hey – it seemed to work for his dad with the flowers. Jr. just couldn’t win over Miss Daisy; she was too devoted to his father. This made him love her even more, the fact that she was so loyal. He wanted someone to be loyal to him too. Jr., obviously not good at expressing his love for a woman, decided to make her jealous by dating another woman. Poor Flossie Wentworth was the clueless victim. Jr. planned the wedding out perfectly; he would marry her in three years. Three years seemed to be the lucky number with love considering Miss Daisy waited for his father for three years. He bought her gown, some lingerie for their honeymoon, his tuxedo, shoes for both of them and some odd wedding decorations from a sports shop. Jr. wasn’t the thinking type of man.


It was a sad day in 1929 when Miss Flossie denied Jr.’s proposal. That was the wrong thing for her to say considering Jr. has had ties to the mafia all his life. He hired Tony Spagoni, his old best friend and partner in crime, to go “talk some sense” into Miss Flossie, and take her away for a while to make sure she understood what they wanted from her, to put her through the “full process”. A few days later after hearing of Tony’s slow start with the stubborn Miss Flossie, Jr. hired Tony for another task of talking some sense into Miss Daisy. If sense couldn’t be talked into her, Jr. wanted her dead. Of course Tony didn’t have a problem with this, this was how he made a living. In 1930, Miss Flossie somehow came around after she received some flowers with a “special note” attached and decided to marry Jr., but for a price. It may have cost him $50,000, but Jr. had his wife.



In 1931, Jr.’s aunt Marie sued Jr. for $175,000. Jr.’s business was going so well, and he was making so much money that his entire family knew it. The more money he made, it seemed the more they wanted from him. They would make up any excuse to get money from him, even if it meant suing, apparently. Jr. couldn’t trust any of his family members anymore, especially not his father. His father had shown much interest in Miss Flossie and Jr. couldn’t stand that. It was a horrible day when Jr. caught Miss Flossie and his father together. Jr. was too outraged to speak, and too confused to express any emotion, so he calmly walked out of the room and drove directly to his buddy Tony. He assigned Tony to kill Miss Flossie on July 1st, and his father on July 2nd. Tony accepted the money without a word, but was secretly infuriated that Jr. had paid him less and less for his services over the years. Tony knew how much money Jr. had. His own friend was stiffing him, and the Spagonis don’t stand for that. Since Jr. was his friend, Tony couldn’t talk to him, someone else had to do it. Peter Ventizzi was a cousin of Tony’s, and willing to do the job for a small price. Tony had a better reward for Peter, he would give him Miss Flossie. Tony wouldn’t kill such a lovely woman, it was unlike him. Tony couldn’t kill Sr. either, Sr. is the one man who taught Tony everything there is to know about this “business”. Sr. provided all the hideouts for distant “business trips” whenever needed. July 1st and 2nd came and Tony reported Miss Flossie and Sr. dead when Jr. asked. Tony said his cousin would pay Jr. a nice visit on the 3rd and informed him to dress his sharpest.



July 3rd, Peter walks intrusively into Jr.’s house to find Jr. armed with a knife, holding it up defensively. Once Peter explained who he was, Jr. seemed to welcome the intrusion and apologized. Peter calmly asked for more money for Tony’s services and Jr. agreed to write him a check. As Peter watched Jr. write him a measly check for $25, he thought that this man must be insane. That’s not real money, that’s pocket change. Jr.’s writing became unrecognizable and warped when he felt the cold, hard gun pressed to his temple. The last thing Jr. heard was, “Now you can be a lonely, cheap bastard in Hell,” and a gunshot that echoed throughout his large home. Tony informed Sr. of what happened to Jr., and Sr. didn’t even seem to care. All he could say was, “Eh, he was a dumb kid anyway, he had it coming to him. If I had to put up with him anymore I would have killed him myself. Job well done.” But Sr. had to cover up the death somehow. He was always a crazy kid, so saying he committed suicide wouldn’t be too farfetched. After the hospital did its autopsy and Dr. McCoy put in his thoughts, they fully believed it was suicide due to the angle the gun was held to his head. Sr. smirked and thought to himself, “Oh, the old mafia tricks.. Never failed us.” Jr. was buried on July 16th, 1931. His entire family and everyone who had ever associated with him attended the funeral. This funeral was not particularly sad, but it was full of tension and jealousy. When Peter Ventizzi caught Sr. admiring Miss Flossie, he signaled his buddies to look. Everyone knew what was going on, and the Spagonis and the Ventizzis knew exactly what to do.






Hook:   Is there any points to chase after your dream, if there is a very low probability of success? In the novel, the Absolutely True Diary of the Part Time Indian, written by Sherman Alexie creates a setting that affects junior to be a round character. Life in Spokane Indian reservation was extremely unfortunate. Its main settings took place of old town in India. The kid who’s named is junior, was born as a weirdo. He was born with no special talent, other than ugliness and have a low IQ. Once he met a variety of the courses his teacher Mr. P, persuaded to him that he shall leave India and look for a better life. He got big dreams that are too live in a better environment, with most smart white kids. Junior is a teenager, who got big dreams, even though he was born in an unconditional, poor, rusty society. He still wants to stand out and make a difference, he wants the people and the world to notice him. As a kid who was born with stupidity, and ugliness no one wants to talk to you, except his buddy, Rowdy.



MM Blog Post 2017


In this book Warriors, by Eric Hunter, a cat named Firestar was a might legend. He was brave, smart, he can out plays his enemies, speed up like wind, most important with him glowing under the sun is like a real living fire. It represents what kind of personality he was, all his family and friends. So I thought why not do a magazine cover about this dude who’s an great example for kids, he’s the person that people can lean on, also contains the 5 pillars:D  firestar-1

Today has gone horribly awful. Tsar Nicholas II is a horrible person, he’s greedy, he’s careless, he’s stupid. This morning when I woke up, my wife was complying about the supply running out quickly, I run out of job, because that all factories are all shut down. Even tho we still can have breakfast, but it wasn’t as good as before.



Tsar Nicholas is such an idiot, he got defeated by japan twice in a row, 1st is that the Russians find out a piece of land that they can find enough resources named(     ), then japan showed up to take the land as well. Obviously all the Russia had where just workers, tsar Nicholas didn’t thought that they would catch up with the Japanese’s here, so he order a group of navies called Baltic fleet which is located at the very north between japan and Russia. It tookd the navies days to shown up here but instead he got defeated again. Can you believe that?! And because of that, all the citizen and their family have to starve now, the poor people will suffer, the rich people can’t live long either. Soon all the citizen starts to have an a point to tsar Nicholas II bases on what he has done.

Personal Strength: *Participating in different kind of actives (trying new things)

*Ask for help when needed (Responsibility)

*Strong collaboration

Extra Strength:




*Table tennis



Areas of Improvements:

*Hand in work on time




Maggot Moon Resolution


The book ending was kinda confusing, Standish and hector’s relationship was really strong and weird, I mean they have those really strong friend realtioships, but at the end they kissed it gived my a hard time just trying to figuring out what happened speicfily. The book was sometimes inapporiate, what I mean is that there is swearing words. So my opinion is that instead the author using unnessicary words to express the story, they can just use more Metaphors to grab the reader’s attentation.

Thematic Statement


The author belives that the respobsibillity between two friends to help eachother is impotant.


“I won’t, not unless he can eat as well.” P.247


Standish and hector’s realtionships are strong. So he really cares his well-being. The quote demonstrard the realtionship between