Bulletproof Ideas

In the graphic novel, V For Vendetta, the character V was created from experimentation in Larkhill. He does not change throughout the story. In the beginning of the novel, he saves a girl named Evey. She was taken to V’s library where she becomes his assistant. They both have similar views, and Evey agrees to V’s plan of revolting against the government. However, she does not support killing or acts of violence. V is a ruthless, masked character based on vengeance and is unafraid of killing or being killed. Evey is very naive. She has views against the government, but she chooses to be happy even though her dark past disturbs her. V did not want to influence the public, but upon meeting Evey, he was affected to change his mind. “People shouldn’t be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people.” (Moore, V For Vendetta Page Number Varies*) This makes perfect sense as Abraham Lincoln once said himself, “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.” The character V does not change, but he did become an idea. And ideas are bulletproof. This book also inspired many people in our real lives. Many people support this idea, but not all of them have the same, exact point of view. This was a connection I could identify while connecting this story to our world.

V wanted not just revenge, but to also bring down their current authorities and everything they stood for. He is an anarchist who pursues freedom. The novel is interpreted in so many ways. Most readers see the general idea, but I see much more. Symbolism is also present in the novel. The V symbol for example, was painted on the walls by V. I believe that the symbol means independence and freedom. V’s true identity was never revealed throughout the story. I think that this was to show that V was an idea, not a specific man.

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The truth is like a black bouquet…

V for Vendetta Soundtracks

Stephen – Sincerely

“The truth is like a black bouquet,
Money’s got us all enslaved,
The bullets and the bombs we make, oh, no…
The world looks perfect from a plane,
Couple miles up and we all look the same…
Connect with that, then we should be enraged,
These fat cats want us lost in a maze,
They’re scared ‘cause we’re breaking the chain,
They’re scared ‘cause we’re ‘bout to escape…”

The lyrics are very meaningful in this track, and it describes a broken society. It can be used in a scene of the film when the Villain appears… The “fat cats” in the lyrics refer to the greedy 1% who control the 99% of the population, and they are afraid that the 99% will break free from their orders.


Stephen – Crossfire

“And he keeps waking up,
But it’s not to the sound of birds,
The tyranny, the violent streets,
Deprived of all that we’re blessed with…”

This track is similar to the previous track stated above. Its music video and the lyrics describe a blind society. The people who are blindfolded in the music video represent ignorance. People do their everyday tasks, their jobs without realizing what they are actually doing. People are afraid of change and sometimes, the truth even bothers them. The people whose blindfolds fall off represent “waking up.” They accept the truth and realize their present world.


EDEN – Wake Up

“Feeling like the edge of this world is near,
But you’ll feel better when you wake up…
‘Cause you see only what you want to,
Your tunnel vision haunts you,
And you can’t see what’s wrong…”

The title of the track can be interpreted differently. I believe that the track is about our current world, the problems we face today. It also depicts reality.


The Eden Project – XO

“Yea, she’s in love with the concept,
As if we’re all just how she imagined,
‘Cause we’re in love, I just don’t know it yet, huh,
Wee, tell me how am I supposed to see the magic…”

This track is mostly slow, it could be used in transitions.


Adventure Club – Dreams (feat. ELEA)

“Please take me back to a dream,
We’re miles away, a place that’s never seen,
Show me the wonders above,
‘Cause I don’t need your favor, just your love…”

The song emphasizes “dream.” The song category lies between future bass and dubstep. The drop is very soothing to listen, and it sets a scenario.


Jilbare x FUTURE MAGIC – Fire (feat. Izzy Salinel)
This track is very powerful and fast. It could be used during action scenes in the film.


Tobu, Wholm & Blume – Cool

This track contains no lyrics, but the melody is very positive, unlike the other tracks. In the book, there are rarely any happiness, but this song still could be used.


Tobu – Amplified

This track is also very different from the others. It sounds a bit like “spy music.” It can be used during action scenes.


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A Small Dream

Right before the resolution, the prisoners went through many hardships. Rations were very limited, and no one really cared to live or die. In the found poem I’ve created, I highlighted important words that describe the situation. “From this moment, there will be no distribution of bread and soup.” (Wiesel 63) People ate nothing for 6 days. People would dream of stale bread and rations more than anything. “We had eaten nothing for 6 days, except a bit of grass or some potato peelings found near the kitchen.” (63) The prisoner’s world was falling apart. No one mattered, and it was every man for himself.

In my found poem, the words make up the phrase, “My life no longer mattered. Days of idleness. I dream of soup. We were tormented in camp. We Jews dream of ration.”

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Living Through Death

The prisoners in this camp has been through death and Hell itself, but death is awaiting them a second time.

In the story, Night, by Elie Wiesel, a Jewish boy and his father were dragged into a concentration camp during the Holocaust. At the camp, the people ate minimally, but they no longer feared. This is a person vs society conflict because the Jewish boy is facing the concentration camps ran by Hitler. The prisoners were the only supernatural beings on the planet. They were introduced to heavy labor, harsh conditions, and minimal food. People were no longer able to cry because their tears have been drained from their eyes from mourning. The conditions were dreadful. They no longer had the desire to live nor the desire to die. The concentration camp was like a graveyard full of living corpses who arose from the dead. Elie did not have the desire to even seek revenge. He wanted to remain close to his father, but that did not last either.

Elie drastically changed throughout the story. Although he lost many of his friends, he decided not to give up life. He believed that God has abandoned him, abandoned mankind. When he first arrived at the camp, he was just an average Jewish boy with a fairly religious family. His father told him that it wasn’t going to be as bad it seems, and the war is almost over. Only both knew the truth. When Elie figured that they burned people in the Crematoria who were frail and useless, he wanted to stay as far from that furnace as possible. He was afraid of Selection which was pretty much synonymous with “death sentence.” Eventually, it has come to a point where it was every man for himself. Son turned on fathers, and fathers left sons.

-> http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/images/Holocaust/wieselbunk.jpg
-> http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-qYcyC0GhNpI/UECK7lEAMDI/AAAAAAAAA98/1feqsWWKclU/s1600/6656319800216911464.jpg

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A Bothersome Problem

In the graphic novel, Persepolis, a girl during the Iranian revolution called Marji wanted to take part in the action. Her character and behavior was not very positive, but throughout the revolution, she chose her sides and had courage. She mimicked her parent’s actions when she was young. Although she was smart and curious, there’s a negative side of her.

She gets herself into trouble and is also rude and dishonest. An example of this is when she lied to her mother. She was furious when she found out. “And you just lied again! The school called and you said you had grammar this afternoon!” (Satrapi 113) A troublemaker indeed. Another example was when she was in the streets wearing a fairly modern and avant-garde style, and she was caught for not wearing proper clothing and veiling. “I wear this because I play basketball!” (113) she lied again. Even though her dishonesty was in her character, “Deep down I was very religious but as a family, we were very modern…” (6) she said.

Marji was mostly disliked by others, but she was very courageous and brave. Other people even thought she was mental for wanting to be a prophet. She demonstrated on Black Friday and saw violence in Iran. Also, she was shocked when Iraq bombed Iran. “We need to bomb Baghdad!” (82) she shouted. The next day, Iran actually did bomb back. “Well, there’s your proof that our army is still strong!” (83) Her parents did not believe at first.

Although Marji was disliked by many, had a negative side of her, she was always smart and intelligent throughout the story. *SPOILERS ALERT* She said her goodbyes and went to boarding school at the end.

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My Life in Iran


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Why was the Iranian revolution so important?

The Iranian revolution was important because it changed Iran forever by becoming an Islamic country instead of a westernized one. Since Iran was under full control of the shah, a man called Khomeini led the Iranians on their way to overthrow him. He formed a religious country and Iran became more independent.

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>Sergei: My Life<


I am Sergei.

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Expected Death

In the story, Soldier’s Hearts by Gary Paulsen, Charley wanted to become a soldier and fight in the Civil War. Charley was with the Union and did not expect the “rebels” to be that powerful. He was wrong. He enlisted in the army, so he could earn some money for his family. Although he was caring, he also was a fighter and a brave soldier.

On the way to the battlefield, Charley had met many people who cheered him on and supported him. He thought the war would end before he even made it there. “Form a line of battle,” the officer said. So he did, like a good boy and fired at the rebels, dropping them. “Fixed bayonets!” He followed the orders and charged at the rebels. He learned to be a brutal fighter and killed them, getting blood all over him.

Charley have seen his own friends die before him. It was against the rule to stop fighting even if your brother died. Charley learned to not get attached to anyone, so it would be less painful when people die on the battlefield. He fought through many battles and waited for death to take him. [SPOILER ALERT] At the last battle, he was shot and died. He knew all along that death would eventually come. It was the soldier’s hearts.

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One Day

I started out on my One Day project with Mell. We collaborated on a melodic dubstep track. I was in a dark room with water speakers and light shows. The experience was amazing since the setup was so beautiful. I learned to use more creativity and developed my own styles for my tracks than to use other people’s ideas. However, 5 hours is not enough time to finish the track completely. If I were to do this again, I would finish the first half of the track at home and the rest during One Day. I also spent some time with my launchpad. I practiced the project file “Closer.” It was fun collaborating with Mell in a dark room filled with light shows, and I hope there will be another One Day.

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