Humanities Field Trip Reflection

On Thursday February 26th 2015  my class and 6-8 went on a field trip. After the long bus ride, we arrived at our first destination, the Yan Qing museum.

At the Yan Qing museum we saw a lot of artifacts from the past. I saw different kind of pots, coins, patterns and many more. I saw the shoes women in China wore in the early times. I feel really bad for the girls that had to squeeze there feet in the tiny shoes, it must of really hurt! I am really happy and privileged to be born in the 21st century. I enjoyed looking at the early buildings and houses that Chinese people lived in and the furniture they used. They are very unique and different from the houses and furniture we own.

Our next stop was the tombs. I saw skeletons of people buried with the the skeletons of animals. I think that the deeper the tomb is the more important the person inside the tomb is. Because I think  that they will burry people deeper so that they can have a more peaceful afterlife.

Our last stop was the cliff. We climbed up a bumpy mountain. We saw the little town below and a lot of different tombs. I saw a well that was pretty deep. The sky was very blue on Thursday, we could see the whole city, all the little houses and a lot of pretty flowers and trees.

Over all the field trip was fun and exiting. The skeletons really scared me though!



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