My Spring Break

Over this spring break I went to Turkey.

On the first few day we went to Istanbul. Istanbul is a very old country with a lot of history. I enjoyed visiting the Ottoman Empire’s palace The Dolmabahce Palace. We visited the palace that the Ottoman Empire built. The palace was gorgeous!  The palace had wooden floor and painted walls. Some were painted pink with flowers, some were drawings of women wearing beautiful dresses and many more.  The chandeliers were made out of natural crystal imported from France! The Ottoman Empire was so rich that even the stair case handles were made out of crystal! The king also got many gifts from other empires, for example he was gifted a whole bear’s skin plus head. He was also gifted elephant horns that are about a meter long!   Elephant trunks that are that long are really rare now! They carved the elephant trunks and added medal decorations on it to make it look good. This palace I’m talking about is the second palace the Ottoman  Empire built. The first one was not as modern and doesn’t that show others how rich they are so they built a new palace. The point of the second palace, The Dolmabahce Palace was so that other Empires could see how rich they are.

On the third day we took a plane to Pamukkale which is located in the Denizli Province in southwestern Turkey. Pamuk means cotton and kale means castle so in english it would be translated as the cotton castle. The mountain/castle has white rocks and has hot water flowing down. They don’t want it to get damaged so nobody can wear there shoes while enjoying the hot spring. The ground was a bit spiky but at the pools with hot water it always had sandy grounds. The view was great! On the castle you could see the little lake bellow it which had greenish blueish water that was gradually getting lighter. I could see the whole city!

Other then the Pamukkale and The Dolmabahce palace I also saw old empires that had just a bit of structure lift and other empires, but the one thing I really enjoyed from Turkey was the food. I had traditional Turkish roasted meat. The traditional Turkish wraps would have Turkish roasted meat, french fries, Jalapeño’s, pickles and cheese inside. They were the best wraps I’ve ever had! The Turkish roasted meat also tasted good by themselves. I would bite the wrap, bursting with flavors. The Turkish Delight is also fantastic! Turkish Delight is a kind of Turkish candy that is old and traditional. The candy is usually plain flavored (Just sweet.) or Made out of pomegranates, and many more. Usually Theres pistachios inside or other kind of nut or it;s just plain with nothing inside. When you bite in to the candy there will be a chewy effect and sort of sticky but not really.

When You get to go to Turkey you need to try there food and candy. You must go to a local flea market where you can buy Turkish Delight and enjoy turkish meat! Even Turkish salami tastes good! The salami has been seasoned so that it tastes wonderful. Also at turkish flea markets you should buy plates and bowls. Turkish pottery is really beautiful. Each picture on a plate has it’s own meaning. most of the time theres the famous turkish eye on the plates or jewelry. The plates are always colorful and interesting. They have different kind of flowers and religious things printed on them. Turkey is also a good place that manufactures silver, so you can buy good and pretty cheap jewelry, plates, silverware and many other stuff.

I had so much fun in Turkey you should really go there when you have time! You must see the sights, buy turkish food and visit the local flea markets to get pottery, silver stuff, jewelry and pottery!