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Recently Owen Jacob discovered a new kind of toy called the Hello Barbie.

Hello barbies is a new kind of Barbie made so that it can talk back to kids. The barbie can chat with you and also remember things. Kids can tell the Barbie there secrets and the Barbie will remember them. The Barbie contains a¬†Microphone that records children’s speech then sends it over to the toy company and the toy company tells the Barbie what to say next.

All though Hello Barbies may seem really cool, parents are complaining that there not safe. Other people are hearing the child’s secrets. Parents got really concerned because there children could of told the doll where they live, family secrets and many more. Other people would be hearing all this and they could easily use the information.

After hearing all the concerns Owen Jacobs told everyone that they were the only ones that would hear the recordings and the parents wanted to the toy company could send the audio recording to them. So that they could see what there kid has been up to  and keep an eye on them. But then this would be invading the kids privacy.

At the end they weren’t aloud to sell the doll because it was not safe enough

4 thoughts on “Newsella article Hello Barbies

  1. The news creeps me out. It’s just weird that a doll is listening to you and your secrets. If you say anything wrong or something, someone’s going to listen to it somewhere.
    Maybe improve your ending a little?
    Interesting article!

  2. Wow! That’s pretty creepy… It’s really a smart idea, but I definitely understand why people think it’s a little dodgy.

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