Torn Apart between Longings

the bass, the river and sheila mant poem

This is a found poem I made from the fourth page of the story “The Bass, The River , And Sheila Mant” by  My poem shows the conflict in the story when the boy had to choose between the thing he loves the most and the person he loves the most. In the rising action the protagonist decided to ask Sheila out, but then Sheila told him that she didn’t like to fish, and fish is the protagonist’s favorite thing to do. He could feel the biggest bass he’s ever caught before, stuck on his line, but he could also see Sheila Mant in her beautiful white dress. The protagonist was torn between the decisions and he really didn’t know what to do. The resolution of the story was when he saw Sheila looking very gorgeous and decided to let the fish go. The artwork in the poem helps you visualize what is happening in the story.

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