What is the Theme of Eleanor and Park?

1The magazine cover I created showed the theme of the book “Eleanor and Park” by Rainbow Rowell. The book had many themes but I narrowed them to two. The first theme is that no matter what you look like, what you’re going through, there will always be someone out there who loves you and cares about you. This theme was shown throughout the book because Eleanor, one of the protagonists in the book thought that no one would ever love or care about her because she’s chubby, has ugly and old cloth and crazy curly red hair, but Park, the other protagonist made Eleanor feel otherwise. {Spoil Alert!} He falls in love with her and changes her life forever. He was the one that always saved Eleanor from bad situations.

This brings us to the second theme, everyone is the way they are because of a reason. Eleanor was always wearing old cloth that didn’t fit and she was always angry, now we know why. The other kids shouldn’t of judged Eleanor before they knew her story. She was getting abused at home and bullied at school. Also if you’re constantly being abused, you need to let someone know, for example the school counselor or close friend and get out of the situation. Domestic abuse is a really big problem in the real world, and this book spreads the word about it. People need to do more things to prevent Domestic abuse. In the book, Eleanor’s entire family is constantly abused by her step dad Richie, the antagonist. {Spoil Alert!} At first Eleanor didn’t tell Park about Richie but eventually she did and Park was able to help Eleanor escape from her house and move in to her uncles. Even though Park’s family wasn’t able to get Eleanor’s entire family out of Richie’s house, they changed Eleanor’s life forever. She was never abused again at her uncle’s house.

I named my magazine Teen Vogue because this book is mostly targeted to teens. I put Vogue because Vogue magazines are a huge deal and I feel like these themes are very important! The people I picked for this magazine cover are what I imagine the actually people look like. Park seems like a very nice person but Eleanor is very stubborn and nice at times. I used Canva to make this magazine cover. On the cover it shows both of the themes. It includes 4 quotes, these four quotes helped me determine the theme of the book.

I can relate to Park; he reminds me a lot of myself. I’ve never known anyone who was abused but I do know if the person I loved was getting abused, I would do anything to help make their situation better. I think domestic abuse is a huge problem in our society, some people don’t really care about it but I think that everyone needs to pitch in and help stop domestic violence once and for all. I also think that everybody should be loved. Some people in our society only date other on their looks but I think that is a very bad thing to do. It’s like judging a book on its cover, I needed up loving this book but I would have never read if I didn’t read its blurb. I love how Park gave Eleanor a chance and I would do the exact same things. I’ve learnt that you should be kind to everyone, no matter what they look like and their attitude towards you from this book.


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