Controlled by ghosts?


The main theme of the book Looking for Alaska by John Green is that there is more to life than can be experienced through one. When something bad happens to one of our loved ones, whether it’s our family or friends, good or bad, even if we might never know what really happened, we must just hope for the best. {spoil alert} After Alaska passed away, at first Miles couldn’t live his life properly, he hated Alaska for making his life so painful. He thought that it was his fault she died, he spent day and night trying to find out the real reason she passed away and what she thought about right before she died. Only later did he realize that he’ll never be able to find out the answers to all of his questions, he won’t know if she loved him, hated him or was mad at him, but he knew that she has forgiven him just like he has forgiven her for leaving. After that he stopped letting Alaska control his life, he knew that he would meet more people out there, that are just as nice as her.


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One thought on “Controlled by ghosts?

  1. I really like how professional your cover looks! I feel like your blank and minimalistic colour theme really fitted the numbing and empty feeling to the book. Your cover really makes me want to read the book! I also really like the way you put in, “Then…. Everything changes forever” (Cher). It shadows a plot twist without completely giving it away. I feel like the whole life and after-death concept is really similar to the one in All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven. In the beginning of the book, the main character’s sister dies and she’s left wondering why it was her instead who was killed. Later on (SPOILER ALERT), her boyfriend chooses to kill himself and she’s left with so many unanswered questions. She didn’t allow his memory to haunt her like her sister’s did and made a very wise choice to move on but also to not forget him. Personally, what do you think the best way to cope with losing the people you love is?

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