Polymer Journal #3

For our project, the main goal was to make a polymer that will prevent people from hurting themselves when they accidently hit the corner of a table. Vanessa and I wanted our polymer to be sticky, stretchy, moldable, very soft, and thick. We needed it to be soft and thick so that when people accidently hit it they are hitting a huge thick blob of soft slime and it doesn’t hurt. If the polymer was hard and thin, it would defeat the goal and not provide any protectiveness at all. We need the polymer to be moldable and stretchy so that it is able to form around the corner of a table firmly. Lastly, we need the Polymer to be sticky, so that it can stay and not fall off.

For our first prototype, we used the Stretchtastic recipe with corn starch, guar gum and borax. We decided to use the Stretchtastic recipe for every prototype because we liked the characteristics of it. It is stretchy, soft and moldable. We added corn starch, guar gum and borax to the first prototype because corn starch helps increase thickness, guar gum adds elastic properties, and borax because we accidently made our polymer a little too sticky and it helps decrease stickiness. We tested the stickiness of the polymer by pressing our fingers into the polymer and then pulling them out , tested the softness by hitting our hands against the polymer and tested the stretchiness by stretching the slime with our hands and seeing how long it took for it to break. The first prototype was very soft and stretchy but not very sticky and it couldn’t mold around a corner very well. After the first prototype, we realized that if the slime was too sticky, it wouldn’t be able to mold easily because the polymer sticks together and doesn’t stretch well. So for our second prototype, we used the Stretchtastic recipe with guar gum. We used guar gum because it worked very well in prototype 1, and we wanted the recipe to be even more like elastic. We tested this polymer the same way as the first. The second prototype was very thick and moldable but not very soft, after a while it became fairly hard. We liked different characteristics of both polymers, so we decided to combine the good parts of both polymers together for our third prototype. img_3715
We used the Stretchtasitic recipe again with guar gum and corn starch. We added these materials since corn starch helped increase thickness a lot and guar gum made it easier for the polymer to stretch and stick on to furniture. The third prototype turned out to be very good! It contained most of the characteristics we wanted!




1st prototype ^


2nd Prototype^


3rd prototype^

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